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December 18, 2023

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Biden family’s alleged financial improprieties has to do with Hunter’s “sugar brother,” wealthy Hollywood attorney/producer Kevin Morris.

Early reports about Morris’ huge outlays to Hunter made it seem as though the two were longtime best friends.  We simply assumed this was the case; after all, who else but a best buddy would step in and pay millions of dollars to Hunter to resolve the back taxes from his “Burisma” years, foot the $20,000/month bill for a Malibu beach rental and who-knows-what other lavish expenses, and even continue to pay his top-drawer DC attorneys, who in general are known for charging rates upwards of $1,000 an hour?

It was Morris who even paid to fly Hunter by private jet to his daughter’s child-support hearing in Arkansas, where he pleaded lack of funds in an effort to get the monthly payments to his daughter reduced!  (Just a thought:  maybe Hunter’s sugar daddy would like this responsibility, too --- perhaps even visit her from time to time, as the little girl’s own daddy will have nothing to do with her, not to mention her grandparents.)

But Kevin Morris was no longtime friend of Hunter’s.  News reports have consistently said they met at a Democrat fundraiser for Biden’s 2020 campaign.  Allowing that some people just “click” and become friends quickly, the two still hardly knew each other.

They had been acquainted for about TWO MONTHS when Morris paid about $2 million to settle Hunter’s overdue taxes.  It’s like something out of the movies:  a fantasy about some mysterious stranger coming forward with a suitcase full of thousand-dollar bills.  If anybody needs a rich friend/benefactor/enabler, it’s Hunter.  He can spend it faster than even he can get it.

And, of course, that was just the start of the money flow.  Morris also bought Hunter’s artwork --- that’s a story unto itself --- and was put in control of Hunter’s 10 percent share of Chinese company BHR.  That appears to have been so the Bidens could technically declare that Hunter had divested himself of ownership in Chinese companies.

So, two whole months after meeting Hunter, Kevin Morris was there to prop up all things related to his life.  That’s what Missouri Rep. Jason Smith, who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee noted to Maria Bartiromo on FOX NEWS SUNDAY yesterday.  Until Morris met Hunter, he was known mainly as a very successful Hollywood attorney who was also a big Democrat donor, two things that typically go hand in hand in Hollywood.  Then suddenly he was paying for all the outrageous expenses of someone he barely knew.

“The question is,” Smith said, “why would Kevin Morris pay almost $5 million for tax filings and also to subsidize Hunter Biden’s lifestyle?  What is Kevin Morris getting from Hunter Biden or from Joe Biden?  These are things that we need to look into,” Smith said.

And his committee has been trying to do that.  (Ways and Means is the only committee that can take a first-look into an individual’s confidential tax information.)  In October, they issued a press release saying that according to the handwritten notes of an IRS whistleblower in 2022, Delaware Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf (David Weiss’ assistant) told them she was not “personally interested” in looking into a potential campaign finance violation centering on Morris paying Hunter’s tax bill in 2020.

And James Biden, Hunter’s uncle and Joe’s brother, told FBI investigators he “didn’t know why” Morris had paid Hunter’s taxes.

You’d think both Wolf and James Biden would’ve been interested in the answer to this fascinating question.

As Jason Smith said in the press release, “One of the biggest benefits to the Joe Biden presidential campaign in 2020 was Kevin Morris trying to cover the tracks of Hunter’s mounting legal troubles.  Moreover, the American people deserve to know why, when IRS investigators smelled a potential campaign finance violation and wanted to investigate the matter further, the Justice Department moved to shut down the investigation.”

(Lesley Wolf avoided answering most of the questions put to her in a congressional interview last week.  It was also revealed that weeks ago, she had very, very quietly left the “Justice” Department.)

But just when you think this administration has gone as far as it can to show it considers itself immune from scrutiny, it goes a little farther.  And this time, the story concerns Kevin Morris.  The Ways and Means Committee asked to interview him under oath, but as Chairman Smith told Maria, his committee was advised that Morris would be out of the country from Thanksgiving through the end of the year and therefore unavailable for interviews.

Here’s the November 15 press release from the House Oversight Committee about calling for Morris’ testimony.  It includes a link to their letter to Morris.

The statement that Morris would be out of the country turned out to be a lie.  A picture has turned up of Hunter Biden’s press statement at the Capitol, taken from the side, and can you guess who is standing right there, next to fellow Hunter-enabler California Rep. Eric Swalwell, the orchestrator of the event?  That’s right, it’s Kevin Morris!  He was right there on Capitol Hill while the committee waited in vain to hear Hunter’s testimony.

“That’s Kevin Morris’ picture, alongside Hunter Biden,” Smith said.  “He...came up repeatedly among the IRS whistleblowers that came before our committee.  [He’s] an individual that we need to bring forward and ask questions to.  We’ve been working with Kevin Morris’ attorney to bring him in, but they told us that he is out of the country on vacation between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.”

So Smith must have been quite surprised to see this picture of Morris.  Smith simply commented that “it sure doesn’t look like he’s out of the country.”

Smith reminded Maria that according to an email released by the IRS whistleblowers, Morris wrote to Hunter’s tax preparer three weeks before the 2020 Super Tuesday primaries, saying that they must pay off these returns “or there will be great political risk.”  And we know that the only political risk at that time was for candidate Joe Biden.  This is what caused the IRS whistleblowers to suspect campaign finance crimes, the area which Lesley Wolf refused to let them investigate.

Maria said, “That’s amazing that Hunter Biden could go defy a congressional subpoena, set up shop right in front of the steps of the Capitol, to a press conference with the guy who’s helped pay all this stuff out, and then...walk away.”  And she’s right:  it doesn’t get much more in-your-face than this.  Smith rightly pointed that if “you or I or any other American” did this, we’d be prosecuted.  This is the reason the IRS investigators blew the whistle on it.

“The fact that Hunter Biden was supposed to be in the halls of that building, going through a congressional subpoena, through depositions, and he defied that, by standing on the steps of the Capitol and doing a press conference, the fact that he’s the President’s son and he’s doing that is creating a very severe Constitutional crisis.”

Of Kevin Morris’ whereabouts, he absolutely has been dishonest, Smith said.  “This is just a pattern that we’ve been seeing for this entire investigation.”  As for the latest bit of hairsplitting in the defense of President Biden, saying that Joe wasn’t FINANCIALLY involved in his son’s business, Smith said, “Well, let me tell you, the emails and documentation we’ve been getting from the IRS whistleblowers prove otherwise.”

The IRS whistleblowers testified that “in their ten-plus years of investigations, they’ve never seen this kind of obstruction.”  So what now?  Smith says the fact that every single Republican voted in favor of the impeachment inquiry “shows that the evidence that’s been coming forward...highlights the need for continued investigation.  And that’s in fact what we’re going to do…[through] additional tools.”  They’re still waiting, not just for key testimony, but documents and tax records that are still being withheld.

Whatever these “additional tools” are that the House vote gives the committees, they had better pack some punch.  Congress should’ve acted fast and served Morris a subpoena right there in front of the Capitol.  And Hunter already was defying a subpoena; isn’t that when you bring out the handcuffs?

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