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January 2, 2023



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Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation.

2 He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved.

Psalm 62:1-2

2. Subpoena withdrawn

As it tumbles into the ash heap of history, the January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee, as one of its last acts, officially withdrew its subpoena of President Trump. The Kommittee is about to expire anyway, and it was painfully obvious that the subpoena was never anything but political theater, which is all this Kommittee was ever about. If they’d actually wanted Trump to speak, they wouldn’t have waited until October of 2022 to subpoena him. In fact, the last thing in the world they wanted was to have Trump tell them his side and what he thought of them with all the TV cameras on. You can tell how that would have gone from Trump’s response to them withdrawing the subpoena: 

Bonchie at also has some interesting comments on this story.

Maybe now, there can be a real investigation of the security blunders that day and who was actually responsible for them.

And while they’re at it, maybe they could finally take a serious look at this guy.


3. Biden admin official pushes for censorship of critics of “gender-affirming care”

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden’s top health official, Admiral Rachel Levine (I’ll refrain from overusing quotation marks in that title/name) drew flak for pushing the idea of censoring critics of “gender-affirming treatment for minors” (i.e., medical child abuse.) Levine claimed that “misinformation” (i.e., differences of opinion) about this is “dangerous,” and that the “positive value” of “gender-affirming care for youth and adults” is “not in dispute.”

In fact, not only is it in dispute (I’ve been openly disputing it for years now), but the dispute is widespread and growing, thank God. Here’s an article about other nations that already ban this barbaric, experimental and politically-motivated butchering of children, as well as nations like France and the UK that allowed themselves to be swayed by Levine-like propagandists but are now coming to their senses and reeling it back.


4. Next Twitter Files Dump

By Mike Huckabee

According to Elon Musk, it’s coming later this week, and it will involve Dr. Fauci. This promises to be such a big story that it will take all the combined resources of the mainstream news media to ignore it.

5. Prayers for a swift recovery

By Mike Huckabee

Two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner, best known for “The Hurt Locker” and as Hawkeye in the Marvel movies, is listed in critical but stable condition after suffering an accident while plowing snow near his family’s home in Reno, Nevada.

The Reno/Lake Tahoe area was hit with a huge winter storm on New Year’s Eve that knocked out power to 35,000 people. I hope you’ll join me in praying for Mr. Renner’s recovery and for all of those caught in the path of this blizzard.  

To be fair, every so often, a Hollywood liberal takes a red pill, and not just in a “Matrix” sequel.

PLUS: CNN misses the New Year

CNN is hardly the first place I turn for news, since they missed everything from the Russian Collusion hoax to Hunter Biden’s laptop. But I didn’t think that even CNN could manage to miss the arrival of 2023.

Yet another reason to visit Israel

It was announced that the Biblical site the Pool of Siloam, where Jesus healed the blind man, and the Pilgrimage Road, both located within the City of David, will soon be opened to the public for the first time in 2,000 years. There’s much more information at this link:

NO to John Brown

The rewriting of American history is going on constantly, and the latest is an attempt to rewrite the story of pre-Civil War radical and murderer John Brown to turn him into a hero of Evangelical Christians. Fortunately, Mark Tapscott at PJ Media has actually studied Brown’s life in depth, and he’s calling foul on this one.

Life In A Liberal Bubble

New York Times writers wear partisan blinders so thick that they wrote a report on the past year in late-night TV, lamented the departure of Trevor Noah from the low-rated “Daily Show” and the cancellation of unfunny leftist shrew Samantha Bee’s show that nobody watched, yet failed even to mention “Gutfeld!,” which is now the #1 show in late night.

This is why the Times has become the kind of newspaper that you can read front to back and finish more ignorant than when you started.

No indictment

After eight months of investigations over what amounted to some paperwork confusion, North Carolina’s Attorney General announced that former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and his wife won’t be indicted for voter fraud.

Good, now let’s investigate Arizona!

Just for fun, as even he admits

Kurt Schlichter’s predictions for 2023.


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  • Jerry

    01/03/2023 12:48 PM

    How many times how many issues did Donald Trump tell the MSM,congress, the people of other countries, about disabling effects such as energy supplies Europe is in a bad situation dealing with Putin Americans are in a bad situation because of people endorsing Biden how can Humans be so thoughtless when putting unhinged people in a power position I should see really wonderful public safety in Pennsylvania in the coming years a new senator in congress will be voting on law enforcement issues and the energy sector I am sure a great outcome for Pennsylvania is coming

  • Jerry

    01/03/2023 11:36 AM

    Viewing the actions of the GOP congress one can see the life long commitments these people have to one another not the the USA taxpayer. I am not a McCarthy fan however no legislation is going to pass in the next 2 years all thats going to happen is investigations that will never get to a court of law. How is the investigation John Durham is doing does anyone remember him and years of work? So why is the GOP trying to stop Mccarthy. Someone doesn't want the investigations to go on people in Congress may get exposed. a delay tactic will be used to get a House Leader. Fraud in the Congress may be exposed. The GOP only talks, action on behalf of the taxpayer most of the time goes against the taxpayer. How honorable would you be handling other peoples money???? Big money Huge corruption this Congress is a prime example.

  • Jerry

    01/03/2023 09:48 AM

    In my America most people are good the Government people are our biggest adversary the ones in Federal agencies and of course the White House itself. When morally corrupt people huddle with morally corrupt people your government becomes corrupt. Are any questions about the border being open or closed? The answer from the WH is corrupt are the energy concerns about the quality and amount of our oil being available from the country being told in honesty I say it is not the biden WH is begging other countries enemies of the US to sell us the dirtiest oil possible, on the economy Inflation is a major issue to the US citizen and biden says 7.5 % inflation is ok why because corrupt people in government can afford the increase in products or the taxpayer is picking up their bills. So honest people continue to enhance this behavior of its government officials as the people themselves vote for their own demise. Decade after decade the us citizen allows more and more corruption with each election with the Federal Government is no better than some of the communist or dictatorship government around the world. I am not sure this planet holds a continent that can start a new United States we the people are a good people we just are not that intelligent to know corruption is starring at us every day. Believe this corruption will destroy most of us. And Joe biden will laugh and mock at you while living a luxury life in the WH. Money well spent American taxpayer! I wish I could be your financial advisor!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kay Pinkham

    01/02/2023 09:32 PM

    I often think about what a different country we would have if you were our president - which I advocated for! However, I have come to see and be very thankful for the platforms The Lord has given you to break through the lies and insanity. Your reach has been far greater 'out of office'. Thank you for your work and witness.