September 20, 2016

By The Numbers: Eleven times President Obama stood before the world and badmouthed America in his final UN address. No wonder he’s going to miss these UN meetings:


You heard Obama congratulating himself at the UN on how much more secure the world is under his leadership vision, including his brilliant Iran nuclear deal (or more likely, you didn't hear it, if you're not a masochist). So how about chasing that down with a little stark reality? Here is a review of Jay Solomon's new book, "The Iran Wars." It chronicles years of efforts by the US government, of hard work and strategy to contain Iran's nuclear ambitions -- a difficult but effective effort that was working pretty well until a President came along who thought he knew more about Iran than all the experts. So he set about to dismantle that containment effort with the help of a minion who knew nothing about Middle East policy or history, but who had a unique knack for creating fictional narratives and echo chambers for gullible and uninformed young reporters.

Feeling more secure yet?


Nothing focuses the mind like the threat of impeachment.  IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is testifying today before the House Judiciary Committee about his previous arrogant testimony and his agency’s failure to comply with requests for documents in the investigation of the IRS targeting of conservative non-profits.  Liberals tried to use the suspicious lack of evidence that's required by law to be preserved as proof of innocence (an argument for which Hillary Clinton has given them plenty of practice).  But today, as the sole witness with a bright spotlight on him, Koskinen admitted that his previous statement under oath about the IRS preserving all the relevant documents was false, and the agency clearly failed to preserve those emails.  He did insist that he was just mistaken, not willfully misleading Congress.  That’s a pretty good excuse, but I’d suggest throwing in a few dozen “I don’t recalls.” That’s been known to work surprisingly well in Washington.



I’ve been asking for years how David Brock’s Media Matters for America is able to maintain its tax-exempt status as a nonpartisan nonprofit when Brock openly acts as a hatchetman for Hillary Clinton and MMFA directs its “fact-checking” efforts at Republicans.  Well, it appears that question was only scratching the surface of the creative accounting going on in Brock’s office.  Zero Hedge has been investigating, using public records that for some reason, the Obama IRS has simply ignored for years.  Take a look and prepare for the unique experience of having your mind blown by a report on nonprofit accounting procedures:


Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly treated terrorism as a multi-state threat and built a terrific terrorism prevention unit that kept New Yorkers safe for over a decade. Uber-liberal Bill DeBlasio, who somehow managed to get elected mayor without a single outstanding accomplishment on his resume, decided with zero evidence that Kelly’s unit was infringing on the rights of terror suspects and immediately started trying to rein in and disband it. Now, things are blowing up on both sides of the Hudson.

See, who says your vote doesn’t matter? Your very life might depend on it.


Have you heard about the latest “OUTRAGE!” outbreak on the left? No, it’s not over the fact that the FBI ignored a guy who was planning to bomb New York, even after his dad turned him in as a terrorist; or that one of the Presidential candidates exposed national security information to our enemies and faced no repercussions when similar charges have landed lesser mortals in prison. No, they’re frothing at the mouth over Skittles, the chewy, fruit-flavored candy. Or more precisely, over Donald Trump Jr. retweeting a meme about the dangers of letting in waves of unvetted immigrants, by noting that if you knew just a few Skittles in a bowl were deadly poisonous, you wouldn’t ingest any of them. This was met with the usual howls and Twitter tweets about how offensive it was for Trump Jr. to compare human beings to candy.

News flash: This particular comparison has been kicking around for decades. Liberals pointed out that Nazis used it in the ‘30s to argue about the dangers of even one Jew (leave it to liberals to always find a way to compare their opponents to Nazis). On the other hand, it was also used (with M&Ms) for feminists to justify suspicion of all men, even if only 10 percent of them are monsters. I myself used the example of a few poisoned peanuts in a bowl to describe the problem with allowing waves of migrants into Europe following the deadly attacks on Paris. It got me mocked by “The Daily Show,” even though comparing humans to objects is so common, there’s a name for it: an “analogy.” Even that old dead white guy William Shakespeare did it, comparing a woman to a summer’s day; although he did start out by asking if he should do that, to avoid triggering her.

See, Millennials, how much more you learn from reading my websites than you do by getting all your news from Comedy Central? But no hard feelings. Just to prove it, I may send Trevor Noah a bag of peanuts.

The good news is that even though so-called "progressive" taxes and regulations have driven many manufacturing jobs out of the country, liberals are singlehandedly insuring that America will remain the world’s leading producer of manufactured outrage.


Remember that shocking news report that the Department of Homeland Security mistakenly granted citizenship to 858 illegal immigrants who were supposed to be deported instead? Well, the good news is that the 858 figure turned out to be incorrect. The bad news: it’s actually about twice that.

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