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February 23, 2021

Having been in office just over a month…and what a record he’s rung up in just one month

…President Biden is undermining national security in a number of ways, from opening our borders to destroying our energy independence to kowtowing to nations like Iran and China. When it comes to military matters, he seems more concerned with attacking our own troops for their alleged “systemic racism,” transphobia and “extremism” in voting for Trump than in making sure they’re ready to defend the country.

Victor Davis Hanson has a sobering article at American Greatness, expressing concern that Biden is about to reverse another of President Trump’s great achievements for which he got no credit – keeping the US out of new wars – by signaling so much weakness that he’s encouraging aggression in our enemies. Hanson refers to this as “stumbling into war.”

I hope and pray this doesn’t happen, but if we do end up in a new war, I’m fairly certain it will occur because of Biden “stumbling into” it.

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