September 27, 2017

Did you know that ESPN has a website dedicated to “exploring the intersections of race, sports and culture”? Well, of course it does, not just because it makes marketing sense for a company with so many African-American viewers but because everything in our lives now intersects with race, whether we've had race on our minds or not (usually not). Truthfully, most of us aren’t thinking much about race unless we’ve looked at the facts of a given situation and see injustice there. Then we’d really like to find solutions.

But I get the impression lately that if we don’t have race on our minds 24/7, we had better get with the program. In a curious twist of logic, it seems we all risk being called racists if we aren’t race-conscious all the time.

I became curious about this site, called “The Undefeated,” after seeing a reference to it in a story about Jemele Hill, the ESPN personality who called President Trump a white supremacist and who has yet to apologize to him, though he has called for one for saying something dreadful about him that isn’t true. She did apologize to ESPN –- receiving not even a suspension when others have been fired for expressing their less-than-PC personal views –- but still seems confused about where her job description ends and her “rights as a person” begin.

“The Undefeated,” a primarily-sports website created specifically for African-Americans, was first announced in 2013 but took a long time to get off the ground. Here are some details on its development from the time of that announcement to May of 2016, just prior to its launch: 


President Trump deserves an apology from Hill for what she said. When did it suddenly become all right to throw around loaded terms like “white supremacist?”? A white supremacist is someone who thinks other races are inferior to the white race. Do some people actually believe this is an acceptable view among the vast, vast majority of white Americans in 2017? If you do, face it: you, like Bogie in CASABLANCA, were “misinformed.”

Doesn’t matter –- the issue of race has been brought into discussions that should have no “intersection” with them. To cite just one example, does anyone really think that white people want to keep terrorists out of this country because they’re not the right color? Is that why Donald Trump doesn't want them here? Really?

Sorry if I seem to be ranting, but after days of hearing about practically nothing except the ups-and-downs of NFL players on the field, I just wish there were something I could say to refocus attention on real issues that, if resolved, could make life better for all. This “protest” is doing just the opposite, which makes me wonder who’s pushing it behind the scenes and what their real goal is.



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  • Betty Allen

    10/18/2017 10:32 AM

    I have been alive long enough to remember President Roosevelt and i didn't believe human beings would sink so low as to disrespect a president like they do our President Trump. There is no respect for anyone anymore, i grew up respecting my elders, my teachers, my church and my country. I am still proud to have had the opportunity to live in america, but i think most of the population should have had some spankings before they developed their nasty way of speaking. Lastly our president is doing a good job in spite of all the negativity he has to deal with.

  • rosemary moncibais

    09/29/2017 09:32 PM

    She should apologize or be terminated.

  • Linda Cagle

    09/29/2017 04:34 PM

    Football players should just play football, and be grateful they live in a country where they make obscene amounts of money to play a sport. Standing up and showing support for your country is the least one should do. If you have a problem with this , there are ways of taking care of that other than not respecting our flag. In the end, all they will accomplish is to drive all the fans away from the games. Linda Cagle

  • Marilee Males

    09/29/2017 02:07 PM

    The meaning of this is total disrespect. Do you think that would have been tolerated with our former President? And with their own definition they are being "racist" by having their own exclusive site?

  • Carol Clark

    09/29/2017 01:03 PM

    Governor Huckabee, you have stated it right, all the way. Unfortunately , to the detriment of many Americans, we have had racial division shown in every aspect of life over the previous 8 years. It has seriously divided the US. I'm conservative and didn't whine and complain about the former President during 8 long years. I had many thoughts and opinions about him but kept them to myself so that I would not contribute to racial division. I could care less what the color of your skin is.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    09/29/2017 11:30 AM

    I agree with Kala (American Sniper wife); If ANY race wants to better their lives and their communities, they need to teach love and respect, not this hate and intolerance. I have found that there are a lot of ethnic groups out there who call white people everything but nice and yet they are the most INTOLERANT people I have ever met and the most RACIST....YES my skin is WHITE, but I am killing me because of my skin color or condemning someone else because they do not AGREE with YOU is NOT acceptable behavior, nor should we be teaching our children this...Public schools have long been on the outs and now the NFL. The latter due to spoiled rich adults who would rather protest instead of putting their money where their mouth is and help their communities and teach the youth, OF ALL RACES, to love each other and respect that everyone is different.

  • Patti V Draper

    09/29/2017 10:50 AM

    Governor, thankyou for your common sense, always. Second, why are they "linking arms" to show "solidarity" for WHAT? Do they even know? If so, why do they not make it clear to the used-to-be-fans? And third, who watches ESPN anymore? I watched one football game on that network and the announcing was TERRIBLE. It is a passe network trying to stay relevant. No one needs it anymore for their sports coverage as the netwroks have far better coverage and actual knowledgeable former players as their on air talent. Who needs ESPN?

  • James T Bryson

    09/29/2017 10:31 AM

    The NFL and ESPN have a huge $sign at the top of their decision matrix.

    They will not bend to logic, they will not bend to truth...they will genuflect only to $$$$.
    The choice is ours, make them listen or...keep pandering to their disrespect.

  • tom jeffs

    09/29/2017 10:05 AM

    unlike the NFL kneelers she is not removing my rights by espousing hers and so I just don't care what she thinks - - - - - - -

  • J Michael Malloy

    09/29/2017 09:18 AM

    In 2009 and again in 2013 ESPN broadcast live the inaugurations of President Obama. I had not remembered them doing that before and of course they did not broadcast the inauguration of President Trump. This told me all I needed to know about their "target" audience and what their political agenda is. Except for a few live sporting events, I now avoid their programming. From what I've read about their ratings, I'm not alone.

  • Robert Driskell

    09/28/2017 05:22 PM

    Thank you for your viewpoint. Please keep it up. I have a question: I have, up until now, been a Green Bay Packer fan. My question is: WHY are they linking arms, and WHY do they want their fans to link arms? If it's a sign of 'unity'; 'unity' against what, or 'unity' for what? The reasons for all these protests, etc. has become increasingly blurry (at least to me). Is it now simply a means to get one's face (and/or team) some publicity? I honestly do not know. I mean, most people agree that fairness and justice are good things; therefore, why the protests? I appreciate all you do. God bless you!!!!