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December 19, 2022

Friday, former President Trump weighed in on the contentious House Speaker’s race, throwing his endorsement to GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, who is being challenged by Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs with the backing of some conservatives.

Trump made the “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” argument, reminding Republicans of how they replaced John Boehner with Paul Ryan, who turned out to be “a disaster.” As noted at the link, I don’t think Trump was impugning Biggs so much as pointing out what I already have: if the conservative alternative doesn’t have enough support to win, then withholding their votes could force McCarthy to seek votes from moderate Democrats (losing future leverage for conservatives) or result in a more liberal “compromise” Speaker. The latter is unlikely, but it’s not worth tearing the Party apart to take a risk that has no foreseeable payoff.

Read the full article. Trump had a lot more to say on this issue, and the writer makes a good analogy to the 2022 Ohio Senate race as an example of the possible strategy behind Trump’s endorsement of McCarthy.

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