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August 2, 2021

There’s a key difference between how those on the right and the left view the economy and the role of the government. We’re experiencing the stark contrasts as the Biden administration carries out its policies that lean to the left—in some cases to the far left.

Here are some basic truths about how the economy works. The rule of supply and demand says that if the demand is higher than the supply, prices go up. So if a lot of people want a car or a house but there is a low inventory of cars and houses, the prices will go up. The more demand, the higher the price. That’s true for gasoline, groceries, or gravel. Conversely, if there is a huge supply and little demand, prices will plummet. This is true of labor as well. If there are lots of help wanted signs and job openings but not many workers willing to take the jobs, employers will have to bid up the wages and pay more. But they may try to function with fewer employees, which in the long run means fewer jobs.

Another truth is that taxes taken by the government mean less money for a family or a business. We need taxes to pay for essential services and functions, whether having a military, having airports, waterways, police departments, fire trucks, roads and highways, parks, or sewer systems. But whatever the government does for you, it takes FROM you to do it. If they do stuff you don’t want or need, it costs you in real money. That’s money you don’t keep to buy clothes for your teenager, buy food, pay your housing costs or utilities, or put gas in your car.

When prices go up but wages don’t, that’s inflation. Inflation is a silent tax on you. If the cost of your electricity, gasoline, food, building supplies, and the cost of labor goes up, you have less money left to do things you want to do and less money to buy things you want to buy. The decrease in what you can afford to buy leads to fewer things being sold, which means fewer things will be manufactured and transported which means some people who made, shipped, or sold those things will lose their jobs. Everyone gets hurt by inflation and we are seeing a uptick in inflation right now under the policies of the Biden administration and the Democrats in Congress. Those on the left believes that government should do more to redistribute the money in the economy by taking more from the people who have worked and giving it to those who either didn’t work or who didn’t earn as much as others. Sometimes government promises to “do things” for people for providing “FREE college or childcare.” But it isn’t free at all. The government will have to take more of your money to pay for it. And when taxes are higher, you have less money. And your employer has less money. You can’t buy things you want and your employer can’t increase your wages or benefits. And a store can’t afford to put more items on the shelf which means fewer things are ordered, fewer things are shipped, and fewer things are made. Get the picture? Good, because the folks on the left don’t seem to. They truly believe they can spend your money better than you can. If you actually believe that, you will love those who govern from the left. If you believe you’d spend your money better than the government would, then you’ll want to vote for people on the right.

It’s really not that complicated. How you vote will determine how you live. Elections do have consequences. And if you’ve bought gasoline, clothes, food or planned a vacation lately, I hope you’ve noticed the consequences!

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  • Steven Lechtenberg

    08/03/2021 08:06 PM

    Another fine read Governor. I agree that you live the way you vote. I am not looking for much change in the 2022 mid term elections. The republicants will probably gain control of the house and the senate is still a tool up. If you look at voting patterns across the country you will see that people in dumbocrat run states and cities continually vote for the same people who have ruined their states or cities. They are so programmed into me dumbocrat, you republicant that change is not impossible, but very hard to effect. Just look at the past 30 years of voting in Portland, Seattle, Oakland, Chicago, Detroit and so on. The voters their never will learn their lessons. Plus look at how divided and polarized the people are about their political affiliations. I doubt with the current atmosphere of distrust in this country that much will change, especially not for the better. The rollover republicants will not stand up to the steam roller dumbocrats. Remember the squeaky wheel gets greased first, who is the squeaky wheel right now

  • Linda Silver

    08/03/2021 05:50 PM

    I loved your explanation on economics. I think everyone on the left should read that since they're the ones that seem to want to give away everything for "free". It drives me crazy when they talk about free college. I made the choice not to go to college and have done very well by working hard for 40 years. I don't feel I should have to pay for other people to go to college when I chose not to even go myself mainly because I didn't want to spend the money not knowing what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

  • Thomas Eckel

    08/03/2021 12:58 PM

    I hope I'm not the only one to observe that 'You can lead a horse (jack***) to water, but you can't make it drink. Other more 'humane' ways are required to achieve the required results. So, we should stop talking and take action. Scuff dirt on the umpire's shoes.

  • Jay Johnson

    08/03/2021 12:08 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, this is a comment on what is happening with Christian businesses in states such as Colorado and Washington. First, I am not a lawyer, not an actor who plays a lawyer, in fact, I pretty much don't like lawyers. So my question is what happened to "equal protection under the law"? Doesn't the Constitution have an equal protection clause? Shouldn't most state Constitutions have the same? The rights of Christians and the rights of the A-Z+ crowd need to be equally protected on Constitutional grounds which should mean that the respective governments, and their appointed commissions, should not be involved in these types of lawsuits. In my viewpoint, the simple solution would be for the courts to assess "harm" and for the courts to man up and ask the obvious questions to the plaintiffs. Question #1 - "Are there any other bakers, florists, web designers, etc. within a reasonable area that would take your business request without question?" Answer is obviously, yes. Question #2 - "Then how are you "harmed" by this establishment refusing your business request?" Answer is they are not. This now exposes what the real mindset is, the targeting of businesses operated by people the plaintiff disagrees with. I believe that since "targeting" violates the 1st Amendment, the Civil Rights Act, (and probably a few others), that those initiating the targeting should be held accountable in the courts. Maybe this way these bogus lawsuits will become a thing of the past. I look forward to your opinion.

  • Maynard Holtz

    08/03/2021 11:18 AM

    Your web site and everything else. My wife and I really enjoy your one hour program on Sat. Nights. Keep up the good works you provide every week. Maynard & Shirley

  • Judi Hoffman

    08/03/2021 10:32 AM

    This is such a simple but truthful and effective way to describe inflation and what is going on in today’s administration. I wish more folks who voted democratic would read this and see how we all are being affected by the runway spending happening. Thank you for your insightful and inspirational daily letters.

  • Violet Pagliuca

    08/03/2021 09:05 AM

    Hello Mike Huckabee. We would like to tell you how "wonderful" we believe you are!!! We realize that you love the Lord and that you and your family are wonderful Christians. We do miss viewing your beautiful daughter when she used to speak on TV. That was a while ago. We just want to repeat that your lovely Christian children are the best!!! It would be so wonderful if they could be seen and heard on TV. Again, we used to enjoy seeing and listening to your daughter!!! You are a wonderful Christian family!!!!

    Pat and Violet Pagliuca

  • Danna A. Stevens

    08/03/2021 01:16 AM

    THANKS MIKE!! You would THINK, that all those college educated Dems, would be able to figure all of this out. Obviously, the only thing they care about is CONTROl and eliminating anyone who disagrees w/their socialist/Communist ideas. They are following EXACTLY, the Communist Manifesto of 1937! The first items includedf: removing guns; removing religion; destroying the home; destroying statues, etc-anything that we hold dear in our country-including patriotism, etc. We WILL end up in a civil war, OR our Lord will come back, but their aren't any other options for HIS followers. We have sat back and let this happen. BUT, HE and ONLY HE, can bring us through this-it's HIS choice as to HOW!

  • Jewell Reeves

    08/02/2021 09:32 PM

    Mike, I read an article that came out of the University of Ga during Pres Trump's term. It said the farther toward Conservatism the country goes the farther Left the Left will go.
    I believe it has proven true.

  • Gwinda Atwood

    08/02/2021 08:29 PM

    Actually it is how everybody votes, not just how you vote. I voted for Trump and, unfortunately, got Biden. Look at the mess we are in as a result.