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March 7, 2023

On the subject of criminal-coddling leftist DA’s (whose elections were usually backed by George Soros’ money), I have several stories today that illustrate what a horrible idea electing them was.

First, a Fox News digital investigation discovered that St. Louis DA Kim Gardner (who is under pressure to resign for letting her city turn into a “war zone”) collaborated with a Soros-backed group called the Vera Institute of Justice to inject an aggressive “racial equity” agenda into the prosecutors’ office. As a result, about 25,000 cases were dismissed, and most criminal cases in 2021 went unprosecuted, including felonies.

Next, in Austin, Texas, Soros-backed Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza is being accused by the parents of a young man killed in a gang crossfire shooting of putting the case on “the back burner” because it doesn’t fit in with his “progressive” agenda, like focusing on prosecuting an Army Sergeant who shot a BLM protester who pointed a gun at him.

Finally, some good news on this front: A Los Angeles jury awarded $1.5 million to prosecutor Shawn Randolph, who sued Soros-backed DA George Gascon for retaliating against her in the workplace because she spoke out against his crime-inflaming policies. The story quotes John Lewin, who worked in the DA's Major Crimes Division before being transferred to a lower level position, as calling Randolph a "hero," adding:

"When George Gascon tried to implement policies that are not only illegal, but which have resulted in the deaths and victimization of an untold number of innocent citizens, Shawn risked her career and her reputation to do what was right. George Gascon is derelict in his responsibility as District Attorney, and is a scourge to the community at large. This is the beginning of the end for him! His horrible reign of terror will not last past the next election!!"

From his mouth to God’s ears. In the meantime, Gascon is facing a dozen similar lawsuits from other prosecutors who dared to say that it’s his job to prosecute criminals, not release them over and over.

I hope they all have equal success in the courts, but I hope the taxpayers don’t have to pick up the bill for all those millions in damages. It should come from Gascon himself. And I know it would be almost impossible under the law, but I would love to see a massive class action lawsuit against George Soros for all the pain, monetary damages and death caused by the pro-criminal moles he’s helped to sneak into office in America’s cities.

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  • Amelia Little

    03/07/2023 10:23 PM

    I had mentioned that all damages awarded should be paid out by gascon personally (or, guess he could ask?beg? george to foot the bill) and CA taxpayers should not have to pay. Someone said, well, the city has insurance for this type of thing. Well, the insurance company might not have enough $$$ to pay out--and regardless, premiums paid by tax payers will go up--probably skyrocket. These criminal politicians, prosecuters, da's etc, are making big bucks--they should have to pay. Period. But, at least he's getting bombarded by lawsuits which will show it's his fault crime is so high--just if those who voted for him will open their eyes. But, being CA, I'm cynical enough to wonder if those who voted for him are actually eligible to vote.