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August 18, 2023

UPDATE: Congressman James Comer is my guest this weekend on Huckabee on TBN so you shouldn’t miss it. If you missed my interview with John Solomon on Just the News it’s available online.

By now, you’ve probably seen some of the stories in the news about aliases used by Joe Biden in some of his correspondence as Vice President.  The DC scribes in the media hope to “save” the President by saying that the presidential use of aliases wasn’t all that unusual.

But it’s not just the presidential use of aliases from time to time that’s concerning.  It’s the context of those aliases.  Under what circumstances was Joe Biden choosing to write under another name, and for what reasons?

As Kevin Downey, Jr.., writes for PJ MEDIA, when James Comer of Kentucky, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, demanded from the National Archives every email involving Joe Biden’s family and Ukraine, several unfamiliar names started popping up that turned out to be aliases for Joseph Robinette Biden, then Vice President of the United States.

“Robert L. Peters.”  “Robin Ware.”  “JRB Ware.”  (Of course, “JRB” stands for “Joseph Robinette Biden” --- I didn’t say they were GOOD aliases.)  These were all then-Vice President Biden.  This comes across like a possible attempt to subvert FOIA requests, as was Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server to conduct official State Department business.  We shall see.

The common denominator for these communications seems to have been Ukraine.  Example:  a schedule for the day was sent to “[email protected]” on May 26, 2016, to advise him that he had an 8:45 prep session for a 9AM phone call with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.  Recall that Poroshenko was the Ukrainian president whom Joe, Obama’s “point man” in Ukraine, pressured into firing lead prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who happened by pure coincidence to have been investigating Burisma Holdings.  Joe is on video bragging that he tied $1 billion in aid to the immediate firing of Shokin.  

Hunter Biden, who happened by pure coincidence to be on the board of Burisma Holdings, was cc’d on that email.  This was one of ten emails sent to Joe Biden (well, “Robert L. Peters”) by assistant John Flynn that Hunter was copied on.  At the time, both Hunter and his business partner Devon Archer were on Burisma’s board, to the tune of $83,333.  Each.

Downey notes that $83,333 is exactly one-third of a monthly nut of $250,000.  He’s looking into who might be receiving that other third, so stay tuned.

The website “” no longer exists; it was shut down in 2020 after being flagged as “problematic” by DNS (Domain Name Security) in 2020.  Now, Comer wants all emails involving Joe (under his various aliases), Hunter, Devon Archer, and additional Hunter business partner Eric Schwerin, who was responsible for financial disbursements.  UNREDACTED.  He wants all National Archives documents in which:

--- then-VP Joe Biden used a pseudonym

--- Huner Biden, Eric Schwerin or Devon Archer is copied

--  All drafts of then-VP Biden’s speech delivered to the Ukrainian Rada (their parliament) in December 2015.

--- Unrestricted special access under the PRA to Case Number 2023- to 2022-F, entitled “Email Message To and/or From Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden related to Burisma and Ukraine,  (This includes some of the daily schedule emails, currently redacted.)

“If there was any overlap between Joe Biden’s official VP duties and his son’s activities in Ukraine,” Comer said, “Americans deserve to know.”

According to the NEW YORK POST, Comer is also anticipating other content that took place under pseudonyms, including possible communications regarding China.  The deadline for the National Archives to comply is coming up: August 31.

Downey also notes a WhatsApp text sent from one Hunter business partner, James Gilliar, to (yes) another Hunter business partner, Tony Bobulinski, on May 20, 2017, that said, “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face.  I know u know that but they are paranoid.”

The French site Le Crisis has been working on what will be an eight-part documentary (four parts are complete) called “UkraineGate,” about the various allegations concerning the Bidens in Ukraine.  (This entire series looks to be a must-see; perhaps you saw the recent video we posted of Viktor Shokin talking about what happened there.)

Don’t look for it on Facebook, though; they have declined to allow it to be posted.

Here’s REDSTATE’s take, very straightforward…

Comer released a statement on Thursday saying, “Joe Biden has stated there was ‘an absolute wall’ between his family’s foreign business schemes and his duties as Vice President, but evidence reveals that access was wide open for his family’s influence peddling.  We already have evidence of then-Vice President Biden speaking, dining and having coffee with his son’s foreign business associates.”

“We also know that Hunter Biden and his associates were informed of then-Vice President Biden’s official government duties in countries where they had a financial interest.  The National Archives must provide these unredacted records to further our investigation into the Biden family’s corruption.”

This story is just now picking up steam.  For more information, specifically tying in that speech of Biden’s in Ukraine, be sure and see Sean Hannity’s opening segment from Thursday night...

...and his must-see segment with James Comer…

No one surpasses John Solomon for his ability to hone in on the most important information, and he has a couple of new reports on Comer’s search for these communications.  Solomon explains that Comer’s demand for all these messages came after the committee unearthed that daily schedule sent from John Flynn, Biden’s personal assistant, to “Robert L. Peters” and copied to Hunter --- ONLY to Hunter --- at his email address for Rosemont Seneca Partners.

Solomon has been looking for the past two years (!) at how Joe Biden’s personal email accounts were used while he was Vice President “to forward government information or discuss foreign business with his son.”  Some of the letters were personal but others were about business and politics, with Hunter even wanting to talk to his dad about a potential Treasury appointee.  This is a deeper dive but highly recommended reading…

And here’s more from Solomon about the evolving story from the White House about Joe’s involvement in Hunter’s business.  He lists five claims Biden and his defenders have made that “conflict with current evidence”…

REALCLEAR POLITICS points out that using pseudonyms was “a practice not uncommon among cabinet secretaries at the time.”  But the use of pseudonyms, in itself, is not at issue.  What is of concern is the context of that practice as used by Joe Biden with his Burisma-board son.  Where is that “absolute wall” Joe has talked about?

When questions were raised about pseudonyms during the Obama administration, then-White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made light of it, saying those emails were still archived and could still be obtained through congressional inquiries and FOIA requests.  (One would think, though, that this practice might at the very least put a kink in the works by adding in extra steps to retrieve those documents.)  He said it was “about having a public email address, as well as one for internal, you know, workings.”  I would stress that in the current situation, it really is important to find out what those, you know, ‘workings’ were.

RCP does at least acknowledge that the messages “raise questions about why the President’s son, whom the White House describes as a ‘private citizen,’ was looped into an hour-by-hour White House schedule.”

Here’s the full press release from the House Oversight Committee, which includes the text of their letter to Archivist Dr. Colleen Shogan…


RELATED READING:  On Tuesday, attorneys for IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley released a full fact-check debunking claims made on CNN and CBS NEWS by Hunter attorney Abbe Lowell about the Hunter case.  We learn from this that Democrat powerhouse lawyer Abbe Lowell will just say anything.  Shapley’s attorneys call it “Abbe Lowell Claims vs. Reality.”  Well worth your time...

And here’s something fascinating:  Hunter and business partner Eric Schwerin used PR firms to quietly edit the Wikipedia entries for both Hunter and Burisma.  Fake accounts were reportedly used to gradually edit unflattering details and add positive spin, such as Hunter’s association with the World Food Programme.  They even added “minor mistakes” to make the edits look more realistic.  I think Wikipedia is going to need a PR firm of its own after this story, because there’s just no way to trust its information.

If you can stand any more Hunter news, the case against him in Delaware has been dropped, as expected after the plea deal fell through… it could be re-filed elsewhere.  Judge Maryellen Noreika approved the DOJ’s motion to re-file the case somewhere other than Delaware, such as California or DC, where he’s bound to get the kid-glove treatment.  Nice break for Hunter, huh?

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