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July 18, 2021

Things that might get me banned for reporting: A study in Israel found that out of 7,700 new cases of COVID in the latest wave, 72 (less than 1%) were people who had the disease and got reinfected. About 3,000, or 40%, were people who had been vaccinated (it’s not clear which vaccine they got.)

When you factor in that 835,792 Israelis have had COVID and recovered and nearly 5.1 million have been vaccinated, that means that vaccinated people were 6.72 times more likely to get infected than people with natural immunity.

Of course, this still means that only a little over three thousand out of nearly 6 million people who were either vaccinated or previously infected got it, so that’s still awfully low. But it doesn’t sound like a very solid argument for forcing people who’ve already had it to get vaccinated.

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  • Gary

    07/18/2021 06:05 PM

    Statistics can be bent to show whatever they desire. This added another dimension to what most stories proclaim. What I would like to see someday is a breakdown of age groups, comorbidity groups, past health issue groups, even those that religiously maintain clean hand washing. Not everyone does. All one needs for confirmation is to observe a public restroom. Somehow it seems different strains and spikes seem to mystically appear at peak social times (start of school, sports season, Olympics, holiday season, etc). The purpose control? Stories change and individuals in the government seem to stray from the truth through either omission or commission of statements.

    I take it seriously, by trusting in the Lord, taking multivitamins, extra C, D3, and zinc every morning, washing my hands at every available stop (which I have always done) as well as a first thing upon returning home, and disinfecting my car with Lysol. I have never had the flu, never taken a flu shot, and not intending to. It is good to be aware of occurring events and tasks appropriate precautions. One side comment: This may ban me, although I am not so sure but what this may well intertwine with biblical prophecy. How can they say they are concerned about my health and let tens of thousands simply run across our borders and shipped all over. Seems like an oxymoron to me. God bless you for sharing the truth.