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September 3, 2022



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And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV

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A good guy with a gun

In Detroit, a 19-year-old male has been charged with three counts of first degree murder and other crimes after his attempt to kill a fourth victim was thwarted by a neighbor with a gun.

In New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul declared, "This whole concept that a good guy with a gun will stop the bad guys with a gun, it doesn't hold up,” so “that theory is over” in New York, as she signs clearly unconstitutional new laws barring law-abiding gun owners from carrying weapons for self-defense in virtually every public space in New York. Or as bad guys now call them, “free range shooting galleries.”

So congratulations to Gov. Hochul, who can now run for reelection on the slogan, “I made New York more dangerous than Detroit!”


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A complete inventory

The DOJ released a more complete inventory of the items they seized during the raid of former President Trump’s home, and it’s looking less and less like a search for dangerous nuclear secrets and more and more like a fraternity scavenger hunt. Among the items seized were over 1,000 documents that didn’t even have “classified” markings (remember, even if they did, it’s meaningless because Trump had absolute power to declassify anything he wanted), as well as items described as “Article of clothing/gift item” (how was that germane to protecting America’s vital secrets?); hundreds of magazine, newspaper and other media clippings; and 43 empty file folders labeled “classified” and 28 labeled “Return to Staff Secretary/Military Aide.”

In what may be the most hilarious manifestation of Trump Derangement Syndrome yet, Trump-haters are going wild yet again, insisting that what will finally send Trump to the electric chair are…those empty file folders. Follow me on this: Judging from the labels, there must’ve once been something important in them, right? And there isn’t NOW! So obviously, Trump must have snuck folders full of top secrets out of the White House, removed their contents and…uh…sold them to Russia or something! Then he kept the "incriminating" empty folders around's thrifty!

Bonchie at has some entertaining mockery of this latest ridiculous narrative, pointing out that Trump did not personally pack up all those boxes (note to New York prosecutors: he also doesn’t personally make out his company’s income tax forms.) Whoever did probably just packed in a hurry and didn’t notice that among the stacks of material were a handful of formerly used and now-empty file folders. They must've assumed that it would be sorted out later because what kind of idiotic dictator would stage an FBI raid on a former President to seize empty file folders?

News flash: you can’t arrest someone based on theoretical evidence that might once hypothetically have been in a file folder that’s now empty. ("But there's a LABEL on it!!!")

It seems oddly appropriate that this is what they’re now reduced to pinning their “Get Trump” hopes on: file folders that are literally as empty as all the endless charges they’ve been launching against him for over five years now. Please, for the sake of America: get professional counseling.


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Biden’s horror movie

The White House tried defending President Biden’s scary speech Thursday (law professor Jonathan Turley said it looked as if he were speaking from Dante’s Inferno, which was a new one. He also pointed out that in addition to it being unseemly and offensive for Biden to use Marines as props in a purely political message, it’s also kinda illegal.)

But then Biden’s people must've realized from the gale force reactions that it was indefensible, so Biden is now pretending it never happened and insisting he never said MAGA Republicans were a threat to America…like, 32 times. Unfortunately for them, like all horror movies, it lives for eternity on film, even if hardly anyone saw it because CNN and MSNBC were the only networks that actually aired it.

Collusion at the top

In a bombshell report, we learned this week that dozens of Biden Administration officials across multiple federal agencies directly colluded with big tech companies to target and censor accounts during the pandemic – all in the name of “preventing misinformation,” of course. Well, Radar Online now has a specific, named example of one official and his target.

They report that in July 2021, the head of the White House COVID digital response team, Clarke Humphrey, emailed Instagram to request the removal of an account that parodied Dr. Anthony Fauci (“NOBODY makes fun of Fauci!,” I can hear them cry.)

Humphrey reportedly wrote, “Any way we can get this pulled down? It is not actually one of ours.” An unnamed Instagram official replied, “Yep, on it!” And almost immediately, that account was completely removed from Instagram.

I can certainly understand why they might believe that people would have a hard time telling the difference between the real Dr. Fauci and a parody of him. However, parodies are a protected form of free speech, and if the tech platforms were secretly being directed by government agencies, then they were not acting as private companies but as government entities that are subject to First Amendment free speech requirements. I sense a storm of lawsuits on the horizon.

A shocking first

In a shocking first, the Department of Veterans Affairs plans to direct VA clinics to start offering abortion services, even in states where they are outlawed. They claim that “VA employees, when working within the scope of their federal jobs, may provide needed services regardless of state restrictions.”

I have a feeling that quite a number of states will have objections to the proposition that federal agencies can freely ignore state laws. I’m beginning to wonder how many ways the federal government will come up with to deny that the Supreme Court specifically ruled that abortion is not in the Constitution and therefore, regulatory power over it rests with the states, not the federal government. I also wonder how many more times the SCOTUS will end up having to repeat that to them.

Newsom's inlaws give to Republicans

It’s said that if you want to know what someone is really like, look to the people who know him or her best. I assume California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s in-laws know him pretty well. Which might explain why, when he was destroying the California economy with freedom and business-crushing lockdowns, they moved out of San Francisco to Florida, where they now donate to Republicans such as Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley and gave $5,000 to a PAC called “Friends of Ron DeSantis.” 

Most of us assumed that Newsom’s recent laughable attacks on Gov. DeSantis and Florida, such as trying to depict DeSantis as a dictator and California as the real freedom state, were because he sees DeSantis as his likely rival in the 2024 Presidential election (Newsom wants to do for America what he’s done for California: bring blackouts, illegal immigrants, surging crime, insane homeless people, drug needles and human feces to the streets of places like Norman, Oklahoma, and Keokuk, Iowa.) But maybe there’s a more primal reason. He’s jealous that even his own in-laws like Ron DeSantis better.

He shouldn't take it too personally. As that linked article points out, maybe they would've also donated to a PAC called "Friends of Gavin Newsom," but there isn't one of those. 


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Comments 1-7 of 7

  • Mark

    09/05/2022 07:42 AM

    Regarding A shocking first, and the VA telling their clinics to go ahead with abortions, the States that have made abortion illegal should also state that any VA personnel who perform an abortion in their State will be arrested and charged with murder. That alone might stop them. If not, arrest them and let the courts decide. I think this might stop the nonsensical killing in pro life states.

  • Douglas Noel

    09/04/2022 02:55 PM

    Mike, pertaining to the story on the shootings in Detroit, Lari is my son-in-law's sister. Her five children have become the responsibility of my daughter, Lisa Gapa, and her husband, Jason Gapa, because the family refuse to help them or take any responsibility for them. The children are ages 21 with a child, 17 with a child but which is living with its mother, 5th grader, 3rd grader, and 4 year old that is not yet potty trained. Lisa and Jason have two children of their own, Jameson 4 years old and Jaden 2 years old, and have a strong Christian household, which is culture clash with these additions, bringing their 3 bedroom home to 10 people. All of Lari's children were living with her, the oldest two not taking any responsibility for themselves or helping out with the others. There's much more to this, but that gives you the basics. Please pray for them all. If the two oldest will go live with aunts (all of the relatives at this time are refusing to help) and the three youngest continue to stay with Lisa and Jason, barring any interference of the relatives and with cooperation and the Lord's help, this will be good for the three and they will come to know Christ, although they may have to sell their house and buy a larger one because MI law will only allow two children per bedroom. Without help from anyone else, Lisa and Jason have enrolled the 17 year old in Dearborn Hts public school (although the 17year olds father is demanding this be changed and she go back to Oak Park to finish high school and Lisa and Jason foot the bill; there are 4 different fathers for these 5 children including Lari's husband from whom she is not divorced and refuses to help out), enrolled the 4 year old in day care since the preschools will not accept him since he is not potty trained (the day care will potty train him but the cost is high), and the 5th grader in school. PLEASE pray the Lord's Will be done and guidance be provided Lisa and Jason so that Satan will not impede/invade their Christian family. God bless and thank you.

  • Mike Spears

    09/04/2022 11:04 AM

    Gov Huckabee: About the empty folders with classified markings - Since the FBI failed to conduct a detailed inventory of what was taken before they departed from Mar a Lago, and leave a copy of inventories with President Trump's attorneys, who is to say where these items came from? They could have been planted or the FBI could have removed the contents of the folders. If the FBI had wanted real solid proof of what was taken from Mar a Lago, they should have done a joint inventory with Trump's attorneys, including digital photos of ALL items. The FBI and DOJ no longer possess the "benefit of the doubt." They falsified evidence during the Trump Russia Probe.

  • Stephen Russell

    09/04/2022 09:42 AM

    Only 103 documents were "classified"
    Rest was stage show Raid

  • Robert E. Carter

    09/03/2022 07:29 PM

    Loved hearing about Newsom's (ex-Californian) adversaries in FL - good 2024 campaign material!

  • Paul Kern

    09/03/2022 05:53 PM

    I look forward to the next installment of " It Can't get nuttier than this, Or can it!"
    The demented president reminded me of one of Hitler's Nuremberg rallies. The signs of Alzheimer's and end stage dementia are present. The curtain has been pulled back and history reveals he is and was always a second rate racist attorney who only exists in a bubble of evil!!

  • Patrick Canan

    09/03/2022 05:44 PM

    There's a missing piece here. The issue is not whether the POTUS has the legal right to declassify. The issue is that there is a process to that declassification so that U.S. surveillance technology and foreign operatives are not inadvertently put at risk.
    Over the years you have cited many instances of legal, but counter-productive actions by Presidents.
    None of us is in a position to know, yet, whether President Trump's unannounced declassification and informal storage of Top Secret documents was dangerous. Perhaps those envelopes contained frivolous classifications by over-zealous agents but, just maybe, some are really important. Maybe their informal storage will result in the death of our informants. In any case, the papers are official records of the 45th POTUS, but are not his property. They are owned by the United States as a whole and belong in the National Archives.
    Consider using your access to encourage President Trump to explain to the nation why he declassified and removed these documents. That could help to clear the air.