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November 8, 2022

My predictions for tonight:

I’m not going to predict any specific races because I want every Republican to vote as if their ballot is the one that determines the outcome. Maybe it will be!

I do believe we will know tonight that the Republicans have won back the House and Senate and done very well in state and local races. But we also know the Democrats believe that any race they don’t win is an assault on democracy, so they won't take their losses lying down. Hilariously, many who’ve spent the past two years denying that election fraud exists are already trying to blame their expected losses on Republicans rigging the election. We also already have John Fetterman’s campaign in Pennsylvania running to the courts to try to force the counting of undated mail-in ballots that are clearly barred by state law (apparently, this suppresses the votes of people who are too poor to look at a calendar.)

And the Democrats just started gaslighting us to expect to wait days to know the outcomes of certain elections. They’re even using the same “red mirage” terminology they used in 2020 (the Republican appears to be far ahead, but that lead somehow evaporates the longer the count goes on.) Why, it’s almost as if the DNC sent out the Bat Signal to the media to push this narrative…

Fortunately, this time around, Republicans are better prepared. We have thousands of poll watchers who know better than to let Democrats lock them out, cover the windows and “count” ballots. The RNC has many lawyers in place in nearly half the states, ready to fight attempts to get partisan judges to nullify election integrity laws.

Showing once again why he’s so popular, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis warned that the Biden DOJ’s plan to put federal “election monitors” in polling places in several Florida counties is illegal under state law, they have offered no statutory authority or any reasons for such intrusions, and if they show up at Florida polls, they’ll be removed.

By the way, why, exactly, should it take days or weeks to count the votes? Back when voters punched paper ballots, we usually knew who won by the next morning. Election results in other nations are known within a few hours. Now we have electronic voting machines and ballot counters that we are assured are infallible and unhackable, but it takes weeks? As Greta Van Sustern tweeted, if we buy gas with a debit card, the money is removed from our bank accounts instantly, “but we can’t figure out how to vote and count ballots?”

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