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March 7, 2024

A gaggle of anti-Israel protesters harassed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outside a movie theater Monday night, demanding that she call Israel’s anti-Hamas operation in Gaza a “genocide” (Notes: It’s not a genocide, but what Hamas did to Israel on October 7th was. The casualty figures they’re quoting come from Hamas-controlled sources. And no innocent Palestinians would have died in Gaza if Hamas had released their hostages and surrendered instead of using them as human shields.)

Some conservatives are taking satisfaction from seeing the “harass people in public” strategy that leftists encouraged toward conservatives turn on them and bite them. But I’m not among them. This is unacceptable when it’s done to conservatives, and it’s no better when it’s aimed at liberals. Nobody should be harassed by threatening mobs for their political views.

It’s time to dial down the heat on these political confrontations. And if the people doing it just can’t control themselves, maybe giving them a few days to think about what they’ve done in a nice, cool jail cell would convince them to behave like civilized adults.

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