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November 14, 2022



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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

Matthew 28:19

Silver linings

For those needing a little solace, James Pinkerton at offers two silver linings of the 2022 midterms:

One of Pinkerton’s silver linings is that the Dems, who dodged an expected and well-deserved shellacking, are already exhibiting symptoms of “the victory disease.” Having escaped the consequences of their across-the-board failures, they’re already arrogantly insisting they will make no changes at all to their radical agenda. Biden dismisses his 41% approval rating by claiming that Americans are just too ignorant to understand all the great things he’s doing. Nancy Pelosi echoed that and insisted he should run again in 2024 (at age 80 then, he’ll still seem like a spring chicken to Nancy, who’ll be 84.)  She said, “He has accomplished so much.” I agree; in fact, my writers and I chronicle things he’s “accomplished” every day.

By the way, Nancy is already waffling on her previous promise to Democrats to step down from leadership in 2022 if they'd just reelect her again last time, a promise that provoked much hearty laughter around these parts when she made it.

But a warning to Republicans: the loser disease can also be as fatal as the victory disease. It’s tempting to blame the usual suspects for this blindsiding loss: suspicious voting activities, relentlessly biased media coverage, young voters who’ve been indoctrinated with leftist idiocy in public schools and who naively sold their votes for a promise of student loan payoffs that will likely never come (see the paragraph above, kids, for a lesson in what Democrat election year promises are worth.)  

But we can’t just sit around munching on sour grapes. We have to learn from this election, figure out how the Democrats pulled off their “miracle,” and be ready to counter it next time.

One thing we have to come to terms with, one way or another, is what the Epoch Times calls the “White Wave” of mail-in ballot envelopes that blunted the red wave. Democrats have pushed and pushed for mail-in ballots, which are very insecure and conducive to fraud. Republicans tend to wait until Election Day while Dems push their people to vote for weeks. This year, we were overwhelmed by that. And putting aside any accusations of ballot fraud, the Dems have learned how to game mail-in ballots and early voting to a T. 

In Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz had 500,000 more votes on Election Day than John Fetterman, but it couldn’t overcome the 868,000 mail-in votes Fetterman got, quadruple those Oz received – many of them cast before the debate, as the Dems hid Fetterman’s obviously disqualifying health problems. And they know Republicans vote on Election Day, so was it really a coincidence that “technical issues” shut down voting in red districts in Arizona that day, and a judge refused to extend voting hours?

The GOP either has to find a way to replace vote-by-mail with something more secure (and good luck in blue states, where the people who use it to get elected are now running the elections) or get better than the Dems at using it, and fast. The same goes for early voting. It will do no good to complain about how unfair changes in the system are killing the GOP if they can’t do anything about them. They either have to learn to adapt or die.

The Party also has some soul-searching to do on a number of issues, like whether to continue rallying behind Trump when so many voters have (I believe unfairly, but it’s a fact) had their minds poisoned against ever voting for him or anyone he endorses. Kurt Schlichter has some comments on that today that you’ll definitely want to read:

We need to offer a positive agenda (pointing out that everything the Dems touch turns to manure obviously doesn’t work with some people, even though it’s true) and really work to promote what we'd do better. Thanks to media bias, far fewer people heard about the Republicans’ “Commitment to America” platform than heard that we were all semi-fascist extremists. We need to beef up our ground game and turnout efforts, because far too many Republicans and Christians continue to sit out vital elections.

We could also use a timeout on Republicans attacking other Republicans, or running candidates who do well in GOP primaries but can’t win in blue/purple state general elections. Sen. Josh Hawley is among those leaders calling for major reforms in the Party itself, in the wake of some very questionable decisions about funding by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who might not even be holding onto that title much longer.

It’s a lot to get done before 2024, but it’s better to get fired up and do the work than to sit around grumbling and sink into the tar pits. I want the symbol of my Party to continue being an elephant, not a dinosaur.

Newt Gingrich has some thoughts on this subject, too:


Biden Priorities In A Nutshell:

President Biden is in Bali for a G-20 summit, and in public comments alongside Chinese “President” Xi Jinping, he adopted a conciliatory tone and suggested that China and the US work together to address “climate change” and “food insecurity,” but he didn’t bring up human rights, which are virtually nonexistent in China.


Border update

I’ve written before about President Biden’s US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus, who was under fire for allegedly being more interested in petty office politics than border security and even falling asleep in meetings. Friday, he insisted he would not resign, and on Saturday, he resigned.

This is very convenient for Biden and DHS director Antonio Mayorkas, to have this guy to blame for our lack of border security. But remember: they chose a do-nothing employee to oversee border security because they want to do nothing about border security. I’ll believe Biden is serious about reversing the horrendous damage he’s done to national security when I see him demand Mayorkas’ resignation.

Until then, I consider this nothing but a show. And not even a good show, like that 1980’s Lee Majors series, what was it called again? Oh yes: “The Fall Guy.”


Next time, try Zoom

Here’s how you can tell there was another big UN “climate conference” where we were told we need to give up our cars, live in caves and eat bugs to reduce our “carbon footprints”:

Last week, about 33,000 people flew into a resort town in Egypt for the COP 27 climate summit, and many of them arrived on approximately 400 private jets. I'll believe they're serious about this when I see that a "climate confab" is being held on Zoom. 


Democrats can't take a joke

Dave Chappelle hosted “Saturday Night Live” and as expected, he made it funny again (at least during his historically long 15-minute monologue) and he told some jokes that got a lot of people screaming and trying to cancel him. This time, he’s being accused of anti-Semitism for telling JOKES about celebrities who are accused of anti-Semitism.

In his monologue, Chappelle said some negative things about Trump and Herschel Walker that I believe weren’t accurate, but he’s a comedian. I could claim to be offended, but I would never demand that he apologize and not be allowed to tell jokes that I disagree with. I suspect it’s because people on my side of the fence are able to laugh at themselves, while those over on the left secretly know how ridiculous they are and live in constant fear that if anyone is allowed to point it out, they’ll lose all their power. That’s why it needs to be pointed out regularly.

Just to prove my point, here’s liberal Sen. Ed Markey threatening to abuse the powers of his office to target Elon Musk’s businesses because Musk mocked him on Twitter. Bonus points: Markey used a misleading premise to justify his initial attack on Musk.



Here’s what many of our fellow Americans just voted for more of:

Last month, the misery index (combined rates of inflation and unemployment) was a crippling 11.45%. I guess the people who named it just don’t know what a great job Biden is doing.


Using Your Opponent’s Tactics Against Them:

A Venezuelan émigré student at Pennsylvania State University got the school to remove a Fidel Castro quote from the cultural center wall. He protested that Castro murdered, tortured and exiled his people, and exported the disaster, death and misery of socialism to Venezuela. He said the Castro quote “represents all the pain, suffering, and misery that my country is going through. And to see this on a campus building and cultural center is deeply painful, especially because of my love for Penn State.”

As much as I don’t like justifying censorship by claiming that words cause pain, I have to weigh that against the fact that college students are hearing far too many quotes from communist dictators already. So I’m fine with Fidel taking a hike. In fact, how about replacing it with the quote above about socialism from Erik Suarez? That’s the kind of “diversity” our students desperately need.


Returning the favor

Philadelphia helped give all of America a Senator John Fetterman, and Texas is about to return the favor by sending busloads of illegal border crossers to Philadelphia.


To “Huckabee” writer Laura Ainsworth, who in addition to being a top flight news researcher and comedy writer is also an award-winning retro jazz singer. Her fourth album “You Asked For It” (an album of classic songs requested by fans) comes out this Friday on Bandcamp. And the first single, her sultry lounge jazz remake of “Goldfinger,” was just named one of the “Best of the Best of 2022” by the international radio show and podcast, “Cocktail Nation.” It’s already available as a single on Amazon:



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