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April 2, 2024

Hunter Biden got some bad news on Monday, and sadly for him, it was not an April Fools Day joke. Although his attorney Abbe Lowell’s motions to throw out eight of the nine charges against him certainly read like an April Fools Day joke, the judge wasn’t in a mood to kid around and denied all eight.

I’m not going to go through all of them here because you can read the details of why each one was rejected at that link. Suffice to say that they were unlikely ever to succeed and were more like a Hail Mary Pass. They included such longshot arguments as that poor Hunter is the victim of selective and vindictive prosecution (when he thinks he should be the beneficiary of a selective lack of prosecution.) The judge noted that these claims were based on things such as conjecture, Internet news items and social media posts, none of which are evidence.

Monday also brought more legal news that was like an April Fools Day joke on New York’s Madame Defarge-like Attorney General, Letitia James. Former President Trump posted the reduced (but still outrageous) $175 million bond to appeal James’ bogus real estate fraud conviction, then took to Truth Social to blast both her and “corrupt” Judge Engoron, saying he should be disbarred and James impeached.

FYI: Truth Social is the social media platform that Trump started after liberals demanded that he be banned from Twitter, and which just went public, netting him $3.6 billion. You’d think that by now, they would have figured out that he’s rubber and they’re glue.

In other Trump legal news, the judge in New York DA Alvin Bragg’s house-of-cards hush money trial expanded the gag order he placed on Trump to ban him from saying anything about the judge's politically active daughter. Trump asserts that the gag order is unconstitutional and election interference, and his attorneys say they will make another court filing soon seeking this judge’s recusal from the case, which he previously refused to do. More details at this link:

The reason I don’t want to get too deep into the weeds with these legal stories is (A.) I’m not an attorney, and (B.) even Perry Mason would have a hard time explaining all the convoluted pre- and post-trial maneuvering that’s going on. These procedural issues are always complicated even in legitimate trials, but they’re virtually impenetrable when you’re talking about laws that have been twisted like pretzels and applied in ways that have never been brought into a courtroom before in order to “get Trump,” who is apparently the only American who has no constitutional rights.

Because of that, I suggest that if you don’t want to read any of the links above, that you read the latest column by actual trial attorney (not just TV legal bloviator) Kurt Schlichter, who explains how trials work in the real world – not that that has any bearing on how DC or NYC trials for Trump work, but he predicts that even if Trump is convicted, the appellate courts will overturn it because every last case against him is politically-motivated garbage.

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