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May 25, 2024

What do you call a snake who works for the government?  A civil serpent, haha.

Actually, our government has been full of snakes for quite some time, and they threw a hissy fit (get it?) at the prospect of Donald Trump coming to the White House.

What better than a couple of corny “dad” jokes to kick off a story about Hunter and his dad?  Evidence has just emerged that confirms these same slithery reptiles have been protecting the Biden family for years.

This comes from information recently turned over to the House Oversight Committee from the case brought against Hunter’s business partners for defrauding a Native American tribe, the one for which Devon Archer is currently serving prison time.  It’s a massive cache of documents:  3.3 million pages of emails, bank records, and corporate memos that FBI, IRS, and SEC agents subpoenaed in 2015 and 2016 during the criminal investigation into that fraudulent bond scheme.  It’s now part of the House impeachment inquiry.  But somebody got it to John Solomon at JUST THE NEWS.

As reported by Solomon and Steven Richards, “The younger Biden wasn't charged in that case, though several of his business partners were. But agents in that probe did gain extensive access to Hunter Biden's bank files, corporate records, and communications, including some that were not located on the first son's now infamous laptop that would be seized by the FBI in 2019 and become a subject of political controversy a year later.”

It could not be more obvious now that Hunter Biden was cashing in on his father’s name and official duties.  The information in these records substantiates the impeachment inquiry testimony of business partners Archer and Jason Galanis.

Hey, so what else is new?  We already know about the Bidens.  Hunter and Jim Biden have been profiting from their family name for years, with the blessing and (yes) participation of then-VP Joe Biden.  There’s so much evidence of that now, this new information is just icing on that stale cake.  But here’s why the story is so much bigger:  until now, we did not have this evidence that our own GOVERNMENT knew all about the Bidens at least as far back as 2015, several years before they got the laptop.

This long stretch of time, of course, would run into the 2020 campaign, when the intel community released that infamous letter orchestrated by now-Secretary of State Tony Blinken and signed by 51 former intel officials saying that Hunter’s laptop had the “classic earmarks” of Russian disinformation.  Our FBI knew good and well that the laptop and its contents were real, but lied to us to help Joe Biden win the election.  And they pushed social media to censor anyone who told the truth about it.


Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson said, “I was always suspicious that the FBI, the Department of Justice had walled Hunter off from that Indian fraud prosecution to protect him and protect Joe Biden.  I think that was maybe the first sign of corruption, way back in 2013.”  (Wonder what Devon Archer would say about this now.)

“The FBI apparently had some at least reasonably incriminating or suspicious evidence against Hunter, and they buried it, and they’ve kept it buried until it was just revealed right now.”

Read the JUST THE NEWS piece for more of the kind of emails we’ve previously seen from Hunter’s laptop, about trips on Air Force Two with Hunter in tow and visits with Chinese businessmen and government leaders, including President Xi.  (Hunter bragged in an email to Archer that his father was so enamored by the Chinese president that that “I think they are in love with each other,” and “...all most kissed on departure.”  That was in December 2013; Xi had become president of China earlier that year.  The Bidens officially registered their new business venture with Archer and Chinese businessman Jonathan Li 12 days after that meeting.

Oversight Chairman James Comer said, “The only reason Joe Biden wanted to kiss President Xi was because state-affiliated companies were about to line his family’s pockets with foreign wires and lucrative business opportunities.  This is another example of the same formula demonstrated through our Committee’s investigation into the Biden Family’s influence peddling operation: Hunter Biden sets up meetings with the foreign businessman, Joe Biden meets them at Hunter’s direction, and the Biden family receives substantial payments in return. Rinse and repeat.”

Miranda Devine, who broke the story of the Hunter laptop but saw it censored leading up to the 2020 election, has a new piece in the NEW YORK POST about the evolution of “laptop denial.”  Believe it or not, the laptop is about to be used as the “backbone,” as she put it, of Hunter’s prosecution for felony gun crimes that’s coming up in just over a week.

Special Counsel David Weiss is actually admitting that Hunter’s “laptop is real (it will be introduced as a trial exhibit) and it contains significant evidence of the defendant’s guilt.”  He plans to use the laptop, which prosecutors called “self-authenticating,” to show that Hunter was indeed a drug user when he lied on an official gun purchase form to say he was not.

Well, better late than never.  But why didn’t the den of pit vipers that is our DOJ just admit this in the first place?  We think that by now, everyone, with the possible exception of Bill Maher, has a pretty good idea why they didn’t.

But wait, there’s more.  (So much Hunter news, so little time!)  An otherwise innocuous court document reveals that Secret Service agents visited the Delaware gun store where Biden bought his .38 caliber handgun in October 2018.

This visit is something BLAZE NEWS reported just days before the 2020 election.  POLITICO confirmed it five months later, through sources with direct knowledge, saying that the Secret Service visited the gun store about two weeks after Hunter’s purchase and requested the paperwork for the transaction.

At the time this was reported, the Secret Service denied involvement.  But three years later, leading into Hunter’s trial, an FBI memo of the interview with this gun store owner tells of a visit they made to his store on October 24, 2018.  On the same day but in a separate visit, the Delaware State Police also paid a call.  (The Secret Service still denies this, but it would be a prosecutable crime for the store owner to lie to the FBI.)

So, what on earth was the Secret Service doing there?  This was at a time in Joe Biden’s career when his family was not receiving Secret Service protection.

Law professor Jonathan Turley has columns on two new stories about the Hunter case.  First, the House has confirmed that whistleblower records indicate that the DOJ was stopped BY THE CIA from questioning Hunter’s benefactor/”sugar brother” Kevin Morris as a witness in the Hunter Biden investigation.  What the…?!

So, is Morris a CIA asset?  What’s really going on in his association with Hunter?  And what is the CIA doing inserting itself in a domestic case?

Can you imagine the uproar if an investigation into someone giving millions to one of the Trump offspring were shut down with no reason given?  As Turley says, “It is a testament to the level of bias in the mainstream media that this story is not the sole focus of every media outlet in America.”

Turley’s second column deals with allegations by the House in a public report that Hunter committed perjury three times.  So, what is AG Merrick Garland going to do about it?

Turley notes that “the Justice Department spent considerable time and money to pursue false statements against figures like Michael Flynn over just one statement describing a meeting with Russian diplomats.”  (Side note:  For more on what they did to Flynn, be sure to see his outstanding new documentary film, FLYNN. Our review is here: ) 

And, of course, all the lawfare currently being thrown at President Trump is fodder for comparison, too.  If the DOJ weren’t full of snakes, Garland would refer the allegations of perjury against Hunter to a grand jury, just as we know he would if they were against any member of the Trump family.

Legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy has noticed major inconsistencies, too.  For example, Judge Juan Merchan let Trump’s prosecutors bring in all kinds of wildly inappropriate testimony, such as that from Stormy Daniels, who was there only to make Trump look bad and had nothing to offer relating to the charges.  But for Hunter’s upcoming trial, Judge Maryellen Norieka is keeping out a great deal of evidence that might be prejudicial to Hunter.



Related: Late Friday night, “special counsel” Jack Smith filed a request with the judge for a gag order to prevent Trump from talking about the bogus classified documents case he’s fighting. He must be jealous that Alvin Bragg has Judge Merchan to practically sit at the prosecutors’ table and hand out unconstitutional gag orders to prevent Trump from defending himself in the middle of a political campaign while Democrats publicly slander him.

In this case, Smith makes the familiar whiny liberal claim that criticizing the FBI for getting an authorization to use deadly force while raiding a former President’s family home might subject FBI agents to threats and danger from Trump's supporters. Boo-hoo. Do any Democrats give a second thought to the threat of violence against Trump that they're encouraging from their vast voting bloc of unhinged loonies when they call him a dictator, a threat to democracy and another Hitler? If not, they should Google the near-fatal shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise by a deluded Bernie Bro.

Fortunately for America (but unfortunately for Smith), he’s dealing with a judge who’s actually read the Constitution. So I seriously doubt she’s going to violate it and engage in election interference just because Jack Smith is scared that someone might get mad at him if his naked abuses of power are exposed.

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