August 13, 2018

In the ultra-close House special election in Ohio, someone “discovered” 588 votes that somehow failed to be counted, and that added a net increase of 190 votes to Democrat Danny O’Connor’s total, reducing Republican Troy Balderson’s lead to 1564. (There are still nearly 8500 provisional and absentee votes to count.) Have you noticed that whenever there’s a really close race, votes for Democrats start turning up in the most unexpected places, like finding Easter eggs someone hid last year? 

This gets O’Connor a little closer to being able to demand a recount. Recounts also tend to defy the laws of statistics.  I’ve often thought that a great trick for one of those “mathemagicians” who perform at kids’ parties would be to bring a box of ballots from a close swing district election.  Then show the audience how, every time you recount the exact same box of ballots, somehow, the Democrat mysteriously gains votes and the Republican loses votes.  It’s magic!

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