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November 8, 2022

My Election Day Message: 

If you are a Republican; an Independent; a non-radical Democrat with common sense; a Christian, Jew or Muslim who doesn’t want the state assaulting your religious beliefs; a parent who cares about what is put into your kids’ brains or locker rooms or what’s done to their bodies, and who doesn’t want to be called a domestic terrorist for your concern; an Hispanic or African-American who’s been called a “white supremacist” for not wanting criminal predators rekeased back into your neighborhood over and over; an Asian-American who’s being discriminated against because you studied too hard; a veteran or anyone who cares about our military and doesn’t like seeing it hollowed out by wokeness, or our heroes and allies slaughtered in Afghanistan due to sheer incompetence; the next of kin of a victim of the epidemic of fentanyl deaths caused by the open border; someone who’s worried about how to pay for a year’s worth of expenses with 11 months’ worth of salary due to inflation; someone whose livelihood was threatened for resisting an oversold vaccine that you didn’t trust or that violated your religious beliefs; someone who thinks the content of someone’s character is more important than the color of their skin; someone who doesn’t want to pay $7 a gallon for gas or else buy an expensive electric car that goes 70 miles on a 12-hour charge but only if the wind is blowing that day so there’s electricity; anyone who believes in secure borders or enforcing laws or respecting Constitutional rights; a free individual who doesn’t like arrogant billionaires telling you to own nothing, eat bugs, shut up and pretend to be happy about it; or if you simply reject lies, failure, government censorship and Third World–style political prosecutions and don’t want America to keep hurtling down the wrong path…

In short, if you really care about saving “our democracy”…

Then go vote these Democrats out of office RIGHT NOW!!! Don’t believe the polls and get complacent. Go send a message and swamp the margin of fraud in a red tsunami.

Remember, even though we always hear about “moderate, centrist Democrats” who don’t like the crazy far-left lurch of their party, when crunch time comes, they fall into lockstep. For instance, only one Democrat in the House and one in the Senate opposed a bill legalizing taxpayer-paid elective abortions right up to the moment of birth, which goes so far beyond Roe v. Wade that even the Justices who wrote Roe v. Wade would be horrified by it.

As I’ve said before, you can’t expect instant change. We’ll still have to get through what will surely be the most far-left, lunatic lame duck Congress in history. And we can’t replace Grandpa at the steering wheel until 2024. But at least we can put some patriotic adults into the front seat to slam on the brakes before he drives the car over a cliff or into a 7-11...again.

If you need even more reminders of what this election is about, then read Victoria Taft’s list of all the things that Democrats have done to…sorry, “for”…Americans over the past 22 months.

I hate to accuse anyone of deliberately trying to destroy America, but if that were their goal, what would they have done differently?



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