September 21, 2018

Kavanaugh's accuser not the only one trying to avoid testifying

These days, Christine Blasey Ford isn’t the only one who’s trying to avoid testifying.  While she dodges the Senate, Nellie Ohr dodges the House.  The former Fusion GPS employee and wife of former top-level Justice Department official Bruce Ohr has refused multiple requests to appear before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.  It seems as though the committees have been working on making this happen for an awfully long time.  Since she still won’t appear voluntarily, the committees are reportedly considering subpoenaing her.

“Considering?”  Come on, committees –- this has gone on too long.  Serve the subpoena.  Serve it on a shiny silver platter, with garnishes.

Bruce Ohr testified in late August.  Much of the questioning concerned his relationship with British ex-spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the highly imaginative and unverified “dossier” paid for, through channels, by Hillary’s campaign and the DNC and used fraudulently to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page.  If Bruce and Nellie wanted to coordinate their testimony, they've had plenty of time to work that out.

As reported by FOX News investigative reporter Catherine Herridge, former FBI general counsel James Baker has also refused to appear.  Like Nellie Ohr’s, his testimony will be compelled if it comes to that.  Looks as though that process server’s going to be a busy man.

It may also take some serious elbow-twisting to get the Justice Department to respond in a timely manner to President Trump’s call for declassification of documents relevant to the so-called Trump/Russia investigation.  (No surprise there.)  But Trey Gowdy says he’s read it all and that any delay is caused not by concern for national security, but because of the embarrassment it might cause the Justice Department and FBI.  “Embarrassment is not a reason to classify something,” he notes.

“A lot of it should be embarrassing to John Brennan,” he continues.  “And maybe therein lies why he is adamant that this information not be released.”

Can’t wait.  But until we get the unredacted documents, reporters such as John Solomon at THE HILL are working to uncover more in the way of texts and emails.  And it’s quite interesting to learn that the approach taken by Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and the rest of that motley crew wan’t always shared by others at the Bureau.  Apparently, there was concern that some had “partisan axes to grind,” and not everyone conveniently assumed that Russia was out to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election.

On January 3, 2017, in apparent reference to a conversation with then-Assistant Director Bill Priestap, Strzok wrote to Page (who was then legal assistant to deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe), “He, like us, is concerned with over sharing.  Doesn’t want Clapper giving CR cuts to WH.  All political, just shows our hand and potentially makes enemies.”

Though somewhat open to interpretation, this message hints at political disagreement and intrigue within the FBI.  According to Solomon, some investigators think that “CR” refers to “classified raw” intelligence, such as the Steele dossier and other intercepts.  This message was sent at a critical time, less than 72 hours before the intelligence community released its report saying that Russia “meddled” in the 2016 election.

There are more texts at the link below.  Not being Bureau-crats, we’ll have to puzzle over some of the jargon and abbreviations, but the most important take-away is that they were pondering the political risks and benefits of what was in their reports.

According to Solomon, one of Strzok’s texts from December of 2016 candidly states that that the FBI really couldn’t determine which of three possible motives had driven Russia’s attempts at interference.  “...The activity is one-sided and clear,” he wrote, “but we can’t say the sole and primary purpose was specifically intended to help someone, hurt someone else or undermine the process.  The reality is all three.”

Yet when Obama’s official intelligence report came out on January 6, the wording was certain:  “We also assess Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him.”  That was obviously the chosen narrative of Obama’s White House, even without the evidence, and Democrats have stuck to it now for almost two years, though we still have no established motive on Russia's part besides simply to “undermine the process.” 

Personally, I don’t think Hillary needed help from Russia or anybody else in contrasting herself unfavorably.  She was doing fine all by herself.  But I digress.

Anyway, we have this to chew on until the newly declassified documents start coming out, probably next week.  If they don’t appear, the President is going to have to get tough.  It’s no good allowing our own Justice Department to behave like Russia and “undermine the process.”



Sara A. Carter has looked at the same Strzok-Page text exchanges with her usual clear eye and offers additional insight.

Latest Kavanaugh Updates

Here are the latest updates on the disruption of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings that have turned what is supposed to be a serious process for selecting Supreme Court Justices into a combination kangaroo court and mindless reality TV show: 

There may be yet another weeklong delay, as his accuser keeps changing her terms.  She’s now demanding that only members of the committee can question her, no lawyers (there were also reports of her insisting that she be questioned only by people who believed her, but that doesn’t seem to be part of the latest demands); that Kavanaugh cannot be in the room at the time; and that Kavanaugh must be questioned first, before he has the opportunity to hear her testimony.

Wait, so he’s supposed to respond to her incredibly vague charge without even hearing what it is?  Someone dig up Franz Kafka; he’d come back to life just to turn this into a short story!  Have you ever seen a legal proceeding in your life in which the accused is expected to defend himself first, and then the prosecution witness gets to come up and say what he allegedly did?

I know this isn’t technically a trial, but for all intents and purposes, the media and the Democrats have turned it into one, and they’ve already found the defendant guilty.  Having dispensed with every other right of due process, they now want to burn his right to be read the charges and to see the evidence against him before the trial.

(For the record: Kavanaugh has already answered questions from the Judiciary Committee earlier this week and denied the allegation under oath, although Democrats who first demanded to question him refused to participate.  He also sent the committee a letter “categorically and unequivocally” denying the charge and saying he’s ready and willing to testify Monday with no preconditions.)

This cannot be hammered home forcefully enough: The left wants you to vote them back into power in November, and if you do, this is how they intend to run the government and the justice system that has the power to destroy your life. If you value your rights at all, then pitch a tent at the polls the night before if you must, and make sure you keep these childish, vengeful, deranged lunatics far, far away from any levers of power.


 Must read column

Today’s must-read column by Daniel Henniger in the Wall Street Journal is also a frightening account of what the Democrats have shown that they’ve become by the way they’ve handled the Kavanaugh situation.


Democrats burn themselves

In other developments, the Democrats’ scorched-Earth tactics against Kavanaugh are starting to singe themselves.  It turns out that several Democratic Senators, including leading anti-Kavanaugh voices Diane Feinstein and Maize Hirono, accepted campaign money from a PAC run by a fellow Democratic Senator who admitted to hitting his wife years ago.  And it didn’t just come out of thin air last week; it’s been common knowledge for years.

There also finally seems to be a backlash brewing over the Democrats’ hypocrisy in savaging Kavanaugh and hailing his accuser while they completely ignored the woman who has accused DNC official and Democratic Rep./Minnesota Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison of violent domestic abuse.

The woman, Ellison’s ex-girlfriend, told a harrowing story of abuse that the Democrats and the media (sorry for the redundancy) roundly ignored, accepting his denial at face value.  She claims the party has “smeared, threatened, and isolated” her.  But she refused to back down and has now released medical and therapist records and other documents to back up her claim, and some non-conservative media outlets are finally taking notice.

She blasted both parties for only caring about sexual abuse allegations if they advance their political goals.  I agree with her that that’s reprehensible, but it should be noted that there is a delicate balance that must be maintained.  Whether the accused was Roy Moore or Brett Kavanaugh on the right or Al Franken on the left, I’ve always maintained that the accuser has a right to be heard (not a right to be believed, but to make the accusation publicly without fear), and the accused has the right to respond.  If the accused is guilty, then I’ve called on them to step aside, no matter what their political views.  But if we throw away the basic rights of due process and return to the dark ages when an accusation (which can be just as self-serving, political or dishonest as a denial) is all that’s required to convict someone, then there’s no point in arguing over who will run the government because the America it governs will have ceased to exist.   


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"The Deep State"

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest videos from Project Veritas, this week, James O’Keefe’s undercover investigation team is exposing the “Deep State.”

So far, they’ve released videos of employees at the State Department, the Justice Department and the General Accountability Office, privately (they think) admitting that they are Democratic Socialists or even outright communists, more dedicated to their leftist activism than their jobs; and discussing how they use their work hours on the taxpayers’ dime to organize for socialist groups, defeat capitalism and slow down and block President Trump’s agenda.

Their bosses at those agencies claim that are taking steps to investigate.  In the meantime, have yourself a binge-watching party and catch up on all the sedition you might have missed so far:


 Drill, baby, drill

Add one more pearl of wisdom from the smartest President in history (“We can’t drill our way out of the problem” of soaring gas prices) to the list of nonsense proven flat wrong.  (ISIS is the JV team/It will take generations to defeat them, manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back, there’s no magic wand that will get GDP growth above 4%, etc.)  For the first time in over 40 years, America has overtaken Russia and Saudi Arabia as the largest oil producer in the world.

Result: the average price of a gallon of regular gas today is $2.84. 

Let’s look at that more closely.  Nearly 40 years ago in 1980, after the one term of another Democratic President, Jimmy Carter, who also let OPEC dominate oil production and dictate US energy policy, the average cost of a gallon of regular gas was $1.19.  Adjusted for inflation, that would be $4.02 a gallon today.  But today’s price is $2.84, or 84 cents in 1980 dollars.  So adjusted for inflation, a gallon of gas is now about two-thirds of what it cost in 1980.  It’s actually much cheaper than it was nearly 40 years ago.    

To make it even more delightfully schadenfreude-ish (look it up), do you know who was right about this?  Not the sagacious Barack Obama, but the “ignorant” Donald Trump.  And even before Trump: Sarah “Drill, baby, drill” Palin.




 Higher Education misses the mark

Remember the story from a couple of days ago about the University of Michigan professor who refused to give a letter of recommendation to a student who wanted to study abroad in Israel because he supports the Palestinian cause and thinks Israel is evil?  Well, here’s yet another example of the type of typical actions anyone with open eyes and mind have come to expect of the benevolent, civil rights-supporting Palestinian Authority:

The PA is about to start sending support payments to the family of a Palestinian who was arrested after he stabbed an Israeli-American man to death at a West Bank shopping mall.  The victim was the grandson of a Holocaust survivor and father of four, who even after being stabbed, managed to climb a fence in pursuit of his attacker, shoot and wound him, to stop him from harming anyone else.  The killer’s family will get $390 a month from the PA until he’s released.

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said that since 1994, US taxpayers have given more than $10 billion in aid to the Palestinians, and while he doesn’t downplay that most went to humanitarian aid, it’s “unconscionable” that the PA continues to spend any of the money to support the families of terrorist murderers and encourage more killing.  Fortunately, Israel collects taxes that support the Palestinians, and they’ve begun withholding the amounts that the PA pays to killers’ families under what they call the “Pay for Slay” law. 

To bring all this back home, when parents pay tuition at the University of Michigan, do they know their kids are being taught by a professor who actually thinks the Israelis are the bad guys in this situation?

And speaking of university officials who put indoctrination over education, Harvard announced that next month, the recipients of its W.E.B. Du Bois Medal, the university’s “highest honor in the field of African and African American studies,” will include overrated quarterback and National Anthem kneeler, Colin Kaepernick.  Harvard claims the winners “have all had an outsized impact for the better on our society, our nation, and even our world.” 

I suppose that’s true.  Thanks to Colin Kaepernick, millions of Americans once again have family dinners together, enjoy healthy outdoor activities, and read more books, all instead of watching NFL games on TV.


 New highs

I know the media have been distracted by more important things, but I think it might be worth pointing out that this week, jobless claims fell to a point not seen since 1969 – that’s the lowest in 49 years.  The news helped boost both the Dow and the SP500 to new record highs.


Terrorism related deaths fall

Even more noteworthy (and even more overlooked), the State Department reported that in 2017, terrorism deaths fell by 27% as new measures by the US and its allies liberated ISIS-held territories in Iraq and Syria, drilled down on ISIS and al-Qaeda across the Middle East, disrupted ISIS recruiting efforts and beefed up security and anti-terrorism measures worldwide.

Note to former President Obama:  You didn’t build any of that.


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 No evidence, records or witnesses

When CNN Interviews Take A Surprise Turn: CNN brought on former FBI assistant director Chris Swecker to ask him about the demand for an FBI investigation of the allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  If they were expecting him to bolster the accuser’s case, it didn’t go as planned.  Swecker practically recapped everything I wrote the day after this story broke, pointing that the FBI has no jurisdiction, and even if they did, it’s impossible to “investigate” a 36-year-old allegation with no evidence, records or witnesses. 

I assume that the left will take this confirmation of the impossibility of investigating the allegation as all the more reason why it should be believed without any investigation or evidence at all.  And remember: this all happened because they think they should be in charge of selecting all the judges who will judge you if you ever get accused of anything.  So run, don't walk, to the polls in November to vote Republican.



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  • Donna pope

    09/25/2018 12:45 AM

    The comment section for September 24 is not working! It has a Arlen Hurley name and her email implanted in where the address goes. Hope you will correct it. I sent you my thoughts and it appeared to process it , but did not .

  • carole braden

    09/24/2018 02:18 PM

    the new York times has turned into a viper and now bit Rosenstein.. do they ever fact check or have now turned into another national enquirer?

  • Diana Cripps

    09/23/2018 07:31 PM

    I agree with Megan Kelly is everyone is passing judgement on Judge Kavanaugh saying now he is guilty before even hearing his testimony. Four people who knew him said it never happen. Ms. Ford can't remember much. It grieves me for this man and family. Ms. Ford is getting death threats so is he! When Our Lord says take up your cross and follow me that's what judge Kavanaugh is doing. I hope he stays strong, during this next week. I pray for him and our President. Diana Cripps

  • Sally and Donald McFarland

    09/23/2018 02:58 PM

    My husband said to me this morning, "I think Huckabee should run for President after Trump's second term." I wholeheartedly agree.

  • Phyllis Eversole

    09/23/2018 01:31 PM

    There was a story here in FL about a young african american , who was accused of rape and spent 6 yrs. in prison. Then the accuser when on social media and said she lied. They let him out of prison. SHE lied! He lost 6 yrs out of his life, his reputation, and no telling what his family went through. Have you heard anything about this? Don't get me wrong, I know that men sexually assault women, I have family members that experienced it. They , as women, at that time would not have been believed. But, it works both ways and there has to be credible evidence that it happened. This is not true in the Kavanaugh case. I think it is a circus the Dems have contrived and I think they are coaching her on what to say. I do not believe she should be able to dictate what goes on. Just saying. Love your show and you letters. Thank you for your common sense and objectivity, and God bless you and all your family. God is still in control and the truth will come out.

  • Don Crumbley

    09/23/2018 12:46 AM

    Review the pre-scrubed "year books", out lining the "events of the years", for the privately funded Holton Girls School that Dr. Christine-Blasely-Ford attended during her formative high school years, and you will understand why Dr. Ford has memory issues. Holton Girls School should be held accountable for the environment the school created and allowed to flourish in the education of it's girl students, not the resultant "political clown show" that is front and center today in Judge Brett Kavanaugh nomination hearing for a seat on the Supreme Court.

  • Joyce Birch

    09/22/2018 06:46 PM

    The taxpayers are paying another bill, this time for a 3 ring circus. Senator Feinstein should be charged with obstruction. Get her out. It's been planned for months with Dr. Ford. Anyone would like to bet if/when Dr. Ford shows up, she'll file charges against the Judge in Maryland because there is no statue of limitations. So, upward & onward we go with the horrific mess.

  • Dolores Mc caslin

    09/22/2018 04:47 PM

    Why are the Republicans caving to the Dems. Kavanaugh is being treated like dirt!! Why would anyone want this office to defend the constitution of USA after this. Ford needs to show up or shut up. VOTE NOW Kavanaugh has been vetted how many times??? Republicans are going to lose because our leadership is caving

    God Bless America and those Senators who claim they are seeking truth. God is watching them

  • bverly eriks

    09/22/2018 03:53 PM

    As Former Chief Investigator for the House Select on Child Pornography, may I comment on Ford's allegations. First, it was not a crime according to Texas law....due to the ages of both parties, assuming it did occur. Therefore not prosecutable.
    And also as mother of four sons who were not promiscuous, I have a question or two for Ms. Ford, that any defense attorney should ask, "Were you on the top or the bottom?" and "How did you get there?" Because I am disgusted with women who put themselves in a position, i.e. involving in foreplay, or heavy 'smooching', or going to a hotel room late at night alone with a man, then shouting "Me,too".. thank you

  • Elaine K Portier

    09/22/2018 03:07 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee: I find the attack on Justice Kavanaugh really maddening. I find that the yearbooks being purged of info needed to comprehend the accusations against J Kavanaugh curious - as if the attack was premeditated and planned. Kudos to Senator Grassely and Senator McConnell for being strong and seeing through the tricks of the Left! Hooray for Justice Kavanaugh! Cheers to him on becoming our next Supreme Court Justice! Also, the pic of Debra Katz is so unbecoming - she looks like a demon! Thanks, EK Portier

  • David

    09/22/2018 02:51 PM

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders Rocks ??
    I say give Kavanaugh’s accuser 36 more yrs. to testify, plus the 3 mo. Feinstoned sat on the letter. VOTE NOW, get Kavanaugh on the Sup. Court. Accuser will be dropped by Dems quicker than Juanita Brodderick was?? God Bless

  • Frank Braun

    09/22/2018 01:07 PM

    The Democrats act as if there would be no remedy if Judge Kavanaugh were made justice Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court and it later turned out that he actually was guilty regarding Dr. Ford's accusations (which I strongly doubt are either true or provable but at best a figment of her imagination). Supreme court Justices can be impeached and I believe some have been impeached in the past. Apparently they can only contemplate that "relief" in regard to president Trump. Get on with the confirmation vote!

  • Katherine Marron

    09/22/2018 11:55 AM

    Hey Mike. Glad they are drilling for oil here and that we are producing well. That said, gas prices are still too high. At $2.84 a gallon, that is not cheap. There is no reason to be paying such high prices. Want to see them come down more than that.

  • Leo Mora

    09/22/2018 09:56 AM

    Could Dr. Christine Blasey Ford possibly be experiencing a mental disorder derivative described as confabulation? (ref.: Below is an excerpt of the link.

    Confabulation is a problematic memory phenomenon impacting some individuals involved in the mental health system. This phenomenon occurs when an individual creates or backfills a gap in their memory with a fictitious or imagined memory that may be partially based on real events, but taken out of chronological context (e.g., believing the memory occurred yesterday when in reality the memory took place many years prior).

    Confabulation is done without intent or motivation to deceive or lie. This can range from a slight distortion of an actual event to the nuanced generation of an intricate event. The causal origins of confabulation are unclear, but the combination of cognitive impairments of several disorders (e.g., fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, schizophrenia, traumatic brain injury, and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome) and a predisposition to suggestion could be integral in eliciting this phenomenon.

    Confabulation can also occur among individuals with no known history of neurocognitive impairment, resulting from being asked direct or leading questions during a diagnostic assessment or therapy session. In some instances, confabulated statements can lead to misdiagnosis and the creation of an ineffective treatment plan. As such, training and education related to the impact of confabulation on mental health populations is a priority.

  • Judith Sanfilippo

    09/22/2018 08:56 AM

    Mr. Huckabee,

    thank you so much for this thorough analysis.
    Just want you to know that it helps keep "us" informed. It is not easy to get reliable information. I trust you. (I voted for you way back when you were running for president in ...late 1980's???? think it was when the first Bush won the nomination and subsequently the race.
    I also VERY MUCH appreciate your wonderful daughter, Sarah. Please let her know some of us are glad she can stand her own ! That is not easy to do much of the time.

  • Larry Weldon

    09/22/2018 06:30 AM

    President Trump should use this in his rallies:
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 (ESV)
    2 A wise man’s heart inclines him to the right, but a fool’s heart to the left.

  • Linda Olds

    09/22/2018 06:04 AM

    Whatever emails or other evidence of bias on the left comes out (will we finally get unredacted papers that President Trump and members of Congress are requesting?), it seems that most of the the media ignores it. Those like Strzok smirk when they testify by saying that they don't remember are counting on that.

  • marvin w kruger

    09/22/2018 02:25 AM

    Thank you once again for all your clear and concise reporting on what is going on in OUR world. I don't reply often to your reports, but I look forward to reading them every eve. God bless you for them, and keep them coming.


  • Barbara Ferguson

    09/22/2018 12:23 AM

    I love your common sense approach to the news and to life in general. I read your e-mails and listen to the Huckabee show on Saturday night. I like to put my take on the news in rhyme. This doesn't have anything to do with what's in your newsletter today, but the most recent one I've written about illegal aliens. (Just for the record, our family--down to Mother's grandchildren by marriage or adoption--includes 5 races, and we all came from Adam and Eve, created in the image of God.
    Aliens Among Us

    Illegal alien, we don’t hate you,
    But your lack of respect for what you should do.
    Our ancestors came to the country legally,
    Learned the language, rules, and history.

    They worked hard and made a contribution
    To enhance this great institution.
    We aren’t prejudiced against your religion or race,
    But we are limited in the amount of space.

    Not enough money from taxes working men pay,
    For all our needs now, we can’t give more away.
    If you come for a better life, we’ll welcome you,
    But please come legally, don’t try to sneak through.

    Barbara Ferguson

  • William Smith

    09/22/2018 12:09 AM

    Isn't it ironic that the process the senate is using to select a supreme court justice doesn't follow due process, the rule of law, etc. Yet once selected he will be held to a standard along with nine others to ensure that due process and the rule of law is administered fairly and without prejudice equally for everyone. When will the Republicans quit cowering to the fanatical lawless democrats and get back to the well tested due process and rule of law themselves. Most previous selections followed a process which has always seem to work. This time they have seemingly thrown the process in the trash to placate the democrats. Continuing to move the deadline is like obama's line in the sand, it will never happen. So ultimately the obstructionist democrats will have achieved their goal, shut down the Trump administration. This causes people to lose even more trust and confidence in our government. Even though President Trump has done a great job for America, he cannot do it all without legislative and judicial branch support. Perhaps national term limits would help prevent some of the obstructionism continuously perpetuated by democrats and Republican alike.

  • Gladys Hizer

    09/22/2018 12:03 AM

    Wow, you have been busy today! As usual, you have done your homework and given an educated, humorous, thoughtful view of all that is going on in our world, Just want to point out one remark made by a Democrat on the Laura Ingraham show tonight. He said, the accuser in the Kavanaugh case, was 'the victim.' He can think that, but I think the victims are Kavanaugh and his family as well as the rest of us who thought that you were innocent until proven guilty.

  • Tom Buttram

    09/21/2018 11:35 PM

    I like Claire McCaskill! She recently declared that she was going to vote down on Bret Kavanaugh, even before the outcome of upcoming hearing. The reason I like Claire is because of her honesty, she flatly isn't going to give the judge an opportunity to clear his ragged name, but--the real truth is that she (and all the other libs) decided to vote down even before we heard the name of Bret Kavanaugh. You gotta love Claire. I would vote for Joe this fall before I would vote for her. (Joe is the name my grand-daughter gave my rescued Bull Mastiff.)

  • Dr Clay Skinner

    09/21/2018 11:34 PM

    If Republicans don't get Kavanaugh confirmed the base will walk away.

  • Arthur Asghar

    09/21/2018 11:14 PM

    You never seem to think about or write about the constant torture of Christians in Pakistan. Basically, Pakistan constitution relegates non-Muslims to second-class citizen status.

  • Dolores

    09/21/2018 10:39 PM

    Thanks for always agreeing with everything I think. We have a government where half of them are passing out pacifiers and conspiring against the other half. I can't help but think that there is only one party that anyone with an ounce of common sense could vote for. Republican all the way.