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June 4, 2024

After issuing a flurry of border orders that undid Trump’s border security measures and set off an unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens…and then claiming for three years that he was powerless to do anything about the border unless Congress passed the border bill that he wanted…President Biden reportedly will issue an executive order today tightening border security. You know, the type of order he told us he had no power to issue.

At this writing, it’s not clear what Biden’s orders will be, aside from making it harder to apply for asylum, but it’s certain that they won’t make anyone happy. Conservatives say that whatever he does, it’s too little too late after he’s already let in millions of unvetted illegal aliens who are committing crimes, exhausting public funds and possibly planning terrorist attacks.

“Progressives” in Congress are already whining about how “disappointing” this is: “[It] just plays into the idea that somehow harsh enforcement is going to work. That was Trump’s approach. We should be showing what the difference is.”

Oh, don’t worry! We’ve all seen what the difference is between Trump’s approach to border security and yours. That’s the main reason why a new Fox News poll finds that Trump leads Biden by 18 points on handling border security and immigration.

But what’s the real reason why Biden is suddenly taking action to fix the disaster he created on the border after years of claiming he had no power to do it? The New York Times likely didn’t mean to give the game away, but their headline placement editor got sloppy…

Related: Republican Senators are planning a press conference to respond to Biden finally figuring out that the border is a problem and it's his responsibility. That will be here, once the live stream begins:

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