January 16, 2018

Kentucky has become the first state to take advantage of the permission granted by President Trump and require some Medicaid recipients to have to work or take job training in exchange for free medical coverage. And contrary to what you might hear from Paul Krugman or other outraged liberals, the work requirement applies to able-bodied recipients only. The disabled, the elderly, those with severe medical issues, pregnant women and adults who care full-time for dependent children or adults are all exempt.

The alternative was to let the Medicaid fund go bankrupt because the cost of expanding membership under Obamacare without asking anything in return was unsustainable. And at the state level, you can't cover unsustainable spending by simply going into debt or printing more money. For details of the Kentucky changes and a list of other states that are likely to follow suit, check the link.


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  • Charlene Sanders

    02/05/2018 07:58 AM

    I cannot reveal how I know, but the fraud here in Arkansas in the Medicaid system alone is staggering. There are folks who will help 'guide' applicants around the pitfalls in successfully receiving benefits. Both my husband and I work at least 40 hours a week and to tell you the truth, it's sickening to witness it. I wish President Trump would introduce new legislation that would enable our state (and others!) to weed out the fraud. Only the truly disabled, infirm, the very aged and the most vulnerable among us should be receiving benefits and then I believe they should have to be re-evaluated every 6 months or at least every year. Taxpayers are tired of getting ripped off.

  • Sandy Taylor

    02/04/2018 08:55 PM

    This would be so refreshing to see happen in Kentucky.