June 8, 2019

To kick off your weekend in a celebratory mood, here’s some great news for fans of free speech and freedom of thought and expression in this era of censorious liberal tech giants.  Think of this story as getting an early start on your Fourth of July Independence Day celebration.



President Trump has put his tariffs on Mexico on indefinite hold.  So celebrate by making a big bowl of guacamole and leaning back for a new episode of “Huckabee” tonight on TBN.  You’ll meet an outstanding teacher who was fired by a private L.A. high school for expressing conservative beliefs on her own time, and a Huck’s Hero who’s putting both feet forward to stop sex trafficking.  David and Tamela Mann will talk about how they keep their marriage strong while juggling successful dual careers in music and acting. Best-selling author James Robbins will reveal the radical left’s plan to erase America’s future by purging us of our past.  On the lighter side, I’ll have some crazy news “In Case You Missed It,” plus hilarious comedy from “America’s Got Talent” finalist, Tom Cotter.  Then we’ll top it all off with music from multi-platinum country artist, Neal McCoy. 

All that and more awaits you tonight on”Huckabee” at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and the same times on Sunday, only on TBN. To find your local TBN channel and stream previous episodes online, visit https://www.tbn.org/programs/huckabee



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I mentioned recently that it must be tough to be in the media these days.  You can no longer simply report what happened in a news story, you first have to find some negative aspect about President Trump to emphasize and work backwards from there.  When the news is good and Trump appears to have been right, this is especially hard, although certainly not impossible.

For instance, this week Trump surprised everyone by announcing plans to put a 5% tariff on Mexican imports if Mexico didn’t help stop the flood of illegal migrants across Mexico and into the US.

The political and media establishments were predictably aghast.  Democrats railed, and even some Republicans rebelled. Trump was crazy, a moron, he didn’t understand how things work, Mexico would never cooperate, he was going to spark a trade war and destroy the economy, the tariff on avocados would add a whole nickel to the cost of a Chipotle burrito, and, and-- 

And then…it worked.

Mexico’s President, after some initial for-the-cameras Trump-bashing, quickly sought a meeting to negotiate.  Last night, Trump tweeted that a deal had already been signed. Mexico would commit 6,000 troops to help seal its own southern border and reform its asylum rules to help keep genuine asylum seekers there. There are more details that Trump said would be released soon.  In return, his threatened tariffs are now on indefinite hold


In short: Trump was right, his critics were wrong.  He got what he wanted.  His strategy that couldn’t possibly work, did.  He won. Bigly. One commentator said he’s the first President ever to get Mexico to take any serious action to stop illegal immigration. Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro humbly admitted he’d been 100% wrong and Trump was 100% right.


And how did the liberal media react?   Well, the New York Times suggested that Trump had capitulated to Mexico and backed down by accepting the deal and rescinding his tariff threat (never mind that the tariff was only threatened in order to get the deal, which he got.)  Meanwhile, CNN sniped that this was all just theater to distract from a weak May jobs report.  One CNN analyst sneered, "At the beginning of the week, how many people in Washington thought this is exactly where we would be on Friday night?"  And host Don Lemon replied, "I think everybody did."


Oh, really?  If they meant that everybody expected that no matter how big a win Trump pulled off, CNN would be claiming that Trump lost, then yeah: I think everybody did expect that.



Here’s a rare example of a double-layer Trump Derangement Syndrome story.  Bill Maher’s guests must surely be used to hearing some crazy stuff by now, but even they were agog when Maher suggested discussing what would happen if Trump killed his entire North Korean negotiating team.  This was based on a story claiming that Kim Jong-Un had executed his top negotiator for failing to reach a nuclear deal with Trump.

Not only was it insane to suggest that Trump would execute his negotiating team, but even the story about Kim had already been debunked as fake news, with his chief negotiator having been spotted near Kim at a concert a few days after it ran. 


On the bright side, while this might be crazy, unfounded conjecture, at least it’s more entertaining than the crazy, unfounded conjecture that the left usually passes off as Trump news.                    




Alec Baldwin announced that he is “so done” playing President Trump on “Saturday Night Live” and will hand the role off to someone else.  Good news for the many viewers who are “so done” with tuning in to “SNL” to watch weekly, unfunny vicious Trump bashing instead of comedy.


Trump himself already offered the best suggestion for a replacement: Darrell Hammond.  He’s one of the best impressionists on the planet, and he used to do a terrific Trump before Baldwin took over.  For the past few years, he’s been wasted in the job of announcing the opening credits. Like all great impressionists, Hammond captures the humanity of the person, then brings out his quirks for comic effect.  His Trump was much more believable because it seemed like a comic exaggeration of a real human being and not a one-dimensional hatchet job out of a propaganda cartoon.

Wait, I think I just realized why “SNL” replaced him…

In a related story, once again, the Babylon Bee shows “SNL” how political humor should be done…





Fun Video: The Democrats thought they were going to make the case for impeaching President Trump with a marathon out-loud reading of the Mueller report.  Most Americans ignored this latest novel way to waste legislators’ time and taxpayers’ money.  But it inspired the Washington Free Beacon to do a little editing and create something Trump’s enemies probably didn’t think about, since thinking about the consequences of their actions isn’t their strong suit.

Click here to see a telescoped video of some of Trump’s most vitriolic Congressional critics having to read out loud on camera the sections of the Mueller report that repeatedly state that no evidence was found that Trump or any of his staffers colluded with Russia and that evidence did not establish that Trump or his staffers attempted to obstruct the investigation.   


You know, they’re right.  This seemed like a dumb stunt, but it really has helped make it much clearer exactly what’s going on in Washington. 


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A big salute to the University of Alabama for reminding one of its donors that just because you donate some money, you don’t get to dictate morality to the state’s voters. If you sincerely believe in protecting innocent life in the womb, then that principle shouldn’t be for sale to the highest bidder.

Let’s hope the same lesson is delivered to the preening Hollywood hypocrites who think they can blackmail Georgians into accepting unfettered abortion by threatening to shoot movies and TV shows elsewhere, even as they continue to enrich themselves by doing business with such bastions of liberal values as China and Egypt. 




Before this 75th anniversary week of D-Day slips into history, here’s one more must-read article by Judge Vance Day, the COO and general counsel of Promise Keepers.  It’s a remembrance of his friend and mentor, Buck Compton, his heroism on D-Day and beyond, and the three important life lessons that Compton taught him. 




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  • Michelle Gilliland

    06/15/2019 07:31 PM

    Mike, a FB acquaintance posted a nasty article about Sarah from the Nation Magazine describing her many lies covering for Trump. Please tell me this is not true

  • Richard Howard

    06/10/2019 10:51 AM

    Mike - This is off the cuff and totally nonrelated to any of your topics, which, in most part, deal with and expose the 'Challenges' our Nation and the World faces today. He opened a New Door of Opportunity over the past two weeks. We (along with people like your friend Franklin G.), now have opportunity to reverse negative trends by 'Uniting' the Global Christian Community, in common accord, along with the 'United Nations' in support of their "17 Action Item, 2019 Sustainable Development Goals" as published on their Web Site. I accidentally read their "Agenda" while searching for Grant Money to help fund our "Global Quarry Projects". As I read their "17 Action Item Presentation" ... It's as if they were endorsing my 'Program of Work' which I have developed and refined over the past fifteen years. We address and are trying to implement 'Action Items' that relate to and deal with 14 of their 17 Action Items. They expose critical 'Needs of People' Globally, while we prepare to implement a coordinated, extremely positive "Rescue Mission' for those and many others, as we implement our "3Rs ... Rescue, Rehabilitate, Restore" Mission for both Humanity and our Environment. My ultimate goal is to have 'Global Quarry Projects' become "Conduits for Christ" as we Implement our Mission doing what Jesus did while on Earth. He continues the process through us and others who want to be part of our "3Rs Rescue Mission". By affiliating with UN (United Nations) Policymakers, Lord Willing, we gain credibility for what we do, as Christians, for the Multitudes. For 15 years I've worked to create and implement a rescue mission for "At Risk (Street) Kids" in our world. Not until two weeks ago did I get affirmation that what we are about might be of interest to others on the World Stage.

  • L M McClantoc

    06/09/2019 06:36 PM

    You used to end your comments with a scripture or a biblical thought. What happened? Why did you stop? Just wondering. I enjoyed them so much.

  • Marian E. Jacoby

    06/09/2019 03:50 PM

    Good evening, Mike, I've shared a bit of this before, but out of love for beautiful Melania, who could potentially steal the whole show for Trump, I do wish she would eliminate the large dark glasses and just smile some more. This isn't to criticize her because I think she is the most elegant, brilliant first lady ever. It's just that the glasses she wears appear to be a barrier between her and America. She only smiles briefly and then goes into a model-type facial expression. Again, it doesn't appear sincere. If she would just keep smiling and ditch the glasses, wow! She would be totally a winner with everyone. I love her regardless, but I'm looking to widen our base. Sometimes you have to consider image in our image-oriented society. Just my take... Have a great week. -M.

  • Robert Gruy

    06/09/2019 11:45 AM

    try to do a segment on Georgia Clark, a teacher in the Ft. Worth, TX school district who was fired for saying--"Mexicans should not enter the U.S. illegally". This was so traumatic several students needed counseling!

  • LTC(R) Tom Reiva

    06/09/2019 11:19 AM

    I watched my father-in-law deteriorate from Alzheimer's disease and every time I see Nancy Pelosi speak and stumble, I feel dementia has set in her weakened brain. She so needs to retire and go home to homeless camp filled California.

  • Amelia Little

    06/09/2019 11:03 AM

    Way back in the day, when I watched SNL, when is was a comedy program, one of my favorite characters was Dana Carvey's Church Lady. He did a good impersonation of G WH Bush--but was never nasty or even political.

    Have to laugh (although it is sad) at anti-Trumpers who are claiming he "failed" in his negotiations with Mexico. See--he backed down, there are no tariffs. Uh, there are no tariffs because there WAS a deal. The left was screaming about what increased tariffs would do to the US economy, and when the tariffs didn't materialized BECAUSE PRESIDENT TRUMP AND PRESIDENT OBRADOR MADE A DEAL, they are screaming because there WASN'T any increase!!! Really these people have to be beyond dense. Of course, President Trump, as a businessman, knows the "art of the deal" where politicians, especially life-long politicians have no clue. A google search pulled up 5 or 6 articles that headline Mexico had devised plans to stem the invasions "months before" President Trump made the tariff threat. That very well might be, but it seems that until the threat of increased tariffs--they weren't IMPLEMENTING their "plans."

    That really was a waste of democrats time to read the mueller report out loud. Probably the first time THEY had read the report through, and I'll bet the majority of their fellow congressmen of any party sat down and listened. Anyway, I just sit back and watch/read all the latest on the report--like, what wasn't included, and shading of the truth. More and more comes out every day, and you know the liberals (of all parties) have to keep changes of clothes handy for every time the duplicity is publicized.

  • Donna Brendle-Parrish

    06/09/2019 03:50 AM

    SNL WAS GREAT in the dazzzs of ole...Chevy Chase, Ronna, Belushi, and sooo many more - laaaaughable...the best of funny...before Jooooohnny Carson and David Letterman(before he 'went off deep end' with Kathy Griffin and Rosey and Alyssia Milano)!!!

  • Toni DeFronzo

    06/08/2019 11:58 PM

    Your show tonight was one of your best. The teacher was quite impressive. I so hope she becomes a part of the national education system and helps clean up the mess that our children are subjected to, under the current system.

    Also, “Brave New World” and “The Book Thief” need to be required reading, for all Americans.

  • Steve McDonnough

    06/08/2019 09:49 PM

    Oops. Should have proof read previois submissio. Here it is again.
    So President Trump announced he was going to impose Tariffs on Mexican goods exported to the U. S.
    The purpose of that being to use as barter to strike a deal with them.
    According to liberals and the MSM (synonyms) he is a dirty rotten dog for suggesting such an idea.
    Then the plan worked and a deal was struck with Mexico.
    So Trump is a dirty rotten dog because the plan worked and he got what he wanted.
    Now there's some logic for you!!!

  • Steve McDonnough

    06/08/2019 09:44 PM

    So President Trump announced he was going to impose Tariffs on Mexican goods exported to the U. S.
    The purpose of that bein to used as to barter to strike a deal with them.
    According to liberals and the MSM (synonyms) he is a dirty rotten dog for suggesting such an idea.
    Then the plan worked and a deal was struck with Mexico.
    So Trump is a dirty rotten dog because the plan worked and he got what he wanted.
    Now there's some logic for you!!!

  • Ronnie Brackett

    06/08/2019 07:58 PM

    Gun registration, regulation, permit, licences, are ALL INFRINGEMENTS TO OUR RIGHT AND FREEDOM TO OWN, CARRY, AND PROTECT OUR SELF'S OR FAMILY.
    It's none of the governments business how we protect ourselves or how many guns we own.
    The men who signed the Declaration of Independence were in fact OUT-LAWS...They were standing against a government that did not represent the peoples rights and freedoms....that's what is happening today!
    REMEMBER, HITLER DID THE SAME THING...He had all the Jews registrar their guns, then he took them away, and murdered millions.

  • Thomas W Price

    06/08/2019 07:49 PM

    Mike,if the gay pride flag can be flown on our embassy buildings around the world,why couldn't we declare a " celebrate Christianity month" and fly our flags on the same buildings?
    I know,the ACLU,and freedom from religion would have a hissy fit ,but hasn't LGBT become a religion?
    Please don't misunderstand, I'm not a gay basher or homophobic,I think everyone has the right to live and believe the way they want,and that goes for Christians as well,!!
    Just wondering in Montana.

  • gary stilwell

    06/08/2019 07:32 PM

    All of the previous is right on---
    Just got the blog about the passing of hilary's bro- Tony----the man is almost as corrupt as his sister--(read ALMOST) but not quite.--I'm sure this person will be vindicated of all his wrongdoing simply because the guy died----

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    06/08/2019 07:25 PM

    If we were faced with a world war today, would the young men of the country respond as the greatest generation did? The left has been working to eliminate all the things for which men fought and died in WWII - family, Church, patriotism and freedom. I know the men and women who have stepped up to serve in our armed forces will fight with the same vigor the greatest generation showed, but that is less than one percent of the force we would need for a world war. I pray God will continue to give us men - and women who love their country and will sacrifice to see her continue, but we are fighting an evil force which wants to teach our young men "you can be any kind of woman you want to be"! The 2020 election will be a bellweather for our nation's future.

  • Chuck Walter

    06/08/2019 06:46 PM

    Is Stalin back and presiding over Manafort’s proscution?