May 31, 2018

Remember when Sarah Palin was accused of being an accessory to the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, just because her PAC ran an ad that had target graphics on Congressional districts they were targeting for flipping to the GOP? I can’t wait to see if there will be equal outrage from Democrats and the media over the far-left Mad Dog PAC’s anti-Trump, pro-impeachment, anti-NRA ads targeting “treasonous” Republican Congress members, which urge voters to “take out” Rep. Steve Scalise.

As you might recall, Rep. Scalise was nearly killed after he was shot at a charity baseball practice by a fired-up Bernie Sanders supporter who reportedly went there in hopes of killing as many Republicans as possible. A spokeswoman for Rep. Scalise condemned the ad, saying, “This kind of extreme rhetoric has no place in our politics,” and suggesting that the appropriately-named PAC channel its anger into something more constructive.

This is just a top-of-my-head suggestion, but how about coming up with one positive reason to give Congress back to the Democrats, aside from “we hate-hate-hate Trump SOOOO much”? The election is now 160 days away, and if they have a platform other than “let’s go back to the stuff that wasn’t working,” they’ve yet to share it with us.

Say, you know how, according to the media and polls taken ‘way before anyone is paying attention, Texas is always on the verge of turning blue? I hope the people who are waiting for that to happen aren’t holding their breaths until they turn blue, because the latest Texas Senate poll shows that the great liberal hope, Beto O’Rourke, currently trails Ted Cruz by 11 points.


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