May 8, 2020

“If You Strike Me Down, I Shall Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine” Dept: Yesterday, I told you about Dallas hair salon owner Shelley Luther, who refused to lose her business and her employees’ jobs by continuing to comply with unreasonable and unconstitutional lockdown orders. She was fined $7000 and ordered to jail for a week by Judge Eric Moye. Moye, incredibly, made it clear that she might escape jail by apologizing and admitting she was being selfish. Luther replied that it was not selfish to want to feed her kids and save her business, and she took the jail sentence rather than grovel.

I made it this local story a lead story because it didn’t take psychic powers to predict what’s happened since. Luther overnight became the national symbol of a rising American revolt against high-handed elitists with secure paychecks who mock, lecture and scold people who desperately need to get back to work to save their businesses and homes and feed their families. Judge Moye is facing a blizzard of criticism for his obliviousness in jailing a mom for going to work while Dallas County has released about 1,000 actual criminals for fear they might contract the coronavirus in jail. (Although she's reportedly being kept in isolation for protection.)

It’s no surprise that Moye has no sympathy for Ms. Luther and her employees, since he has continued to draw his six-figure salary at taxpayer expense throughout this entire lockdown. As have Nancy Pelosi and all the House Democrats who refuse to come back to work in Washington and help President Trump deal with the crisis. My modest suggestion: every official who insists that people stay home should have to go without pay until they allow Americans to work again. That might instill a sense of urgency in them.

Unfortunately, state-level officials don’t have direct power over Moye, but they’ve made it abundantly clear what they think of his appalling ruling and how it has brought so much negative attention to Texas – a state where standing up to tyranny is built into the natives’ genetic code. Both Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton blasted Moye for his judicial overreach, and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick even volunteered to pay her fine and take her place in jail.

As of Thursday night, Luther was reportedly still in jail (she was taken directly to jail without even being released on appeal!), but her attorneys have filed for an intervention with the State Supreme Court. In the meantime, Luther is now a national heroine for millions of Americans who are fed up with elitist liberal officials lecturing them about being selfish for wanting to feed their families and not lose the businesses they’ve spent a lifetime building.

They see these bans being applied unequally, unfairly and with little regard for whether they actually prevent the spread of the virus. They understand the risks, but they aren’t children of a nanny state, they are adult American citizens who are responsible enough to make their own decisions about assuming risk and making smart choices to mitigate them, just as we try to avoid highway deaths by driving carefully, installing airbags and wearing seatbelts, not by cowering in our rooms for our entire lives.

To show how Luther’s stand has galvanized supporters the way the heroes of the Alamo inspired earlier generations of Texans, a GoFundMe page set up to pay her expenses and legal fees disabled donations after they leaped from $170,000 to over $500,000 in less than 24 hours. And her defiance of capricious authoritarianism is already spreading across the nation.

Officials like Texas Judges Moye and Clay Jenkins, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and others might think this crisis has greatly expanded their powers, but all it’s really done is give Americans a taste of the tyranny of petty tyrants and how quickly they'll exercise it if given half a chance, and they don’t like it at all. I suspect that Democrats who think this crisis will be a boon to them in November had better brace for another shocking Election Night'

To quote Hosea 8:7, “They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

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  • Edgardo F. Herrera

    05/10/2020 12:55 PM

    Many states have released convicts from jail to protect them from COVID-19. Leave to Democrat to sent productive job creators and great contributors to the economy to jail for the reason.

  • Amelia Little

    05/10/2020 12:16 PM

    I say, for businesses that wish to stay open, let them. There are plenty of people who want to continue to patronize the businesses, and, for those who are scared of their own shadows--Just. stay. home. For those trying to shame people for venturing out (many who venture out themselves) because we might infect the most vulnerable--help those most vulnerable you know stay inside--do their shopping for them, fetch their mail, etc etc etc.

    As for the barbers and hairdressers---there are elitist politicians who certainly deem it "essential" for them to use salon services, even the judge whose beard looks neatly trimmed (and bet he doesn't do it himself) who maintain that, because they are "in the public"--gotta have those press conferences to preach to the people, how about all the essential workers? You know, those in the medical profession, first responders, restaurant workers and deliverers of food, all those cleaning and stocking in the stores and checking customers out (I know there are many more,) those who also face the public everyday (close up and personal, not just being on tv.) Shouldn't THEY be allowed to have their hair or beards trimmed, even a good manicure to look decent for the public they serve? Bottom line is--this profession should have been included in the essential workers list.

    Was glad to read that Shelley Luther was released the day after she went to jail. I also read where TX politicians (at least GOP) are critical of the judge's decision. Meanwhile--the district judges in Dallas county----In a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, 12 civil district judges called Paxton's letter to Judge Eric Moyé "inappropriate and equally unwelcome." Maybe unwelcome to those who judge by feelings instead of constitution and who are anti-conservative, but betcha most TX citizens are applauding the State AG.

  • Lynn Hoyt

    05/09/2020 12:39 AM

    It is my hope that Shelley will use what ever part of that money is left after her own defense to help others in the same boat, but not getting the attention. I also pray, this horrible judge gets taken off the bench.

  • James Hammontree

    05/08/2020 09:45 PM

    Bill Lee, Tennessee's Republican governor, has locked most everything down and I am upset to the nth degree!

  • Joseph Buck

    05/08/2020 02:29 PM

    "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil..." Isa. 5

  • Dale Stump

    05/08/2020 02:06 PM

    Excellent article, thanks

  • Cynthia Griffis

    05/08/2020 12:24 PM

    Exactly right.......I donated to her Gofundme.......proud of her standing up. She took the bullet for all of us.

  • Carol Stearns

    05/08/2020 12:03 PM

    How about starting a crowd finder campaign for mike Flynn

  • Don

    05/08/2020 11:59 AM

    dimm/communist must be voted out or against at ALL levels of governing or judicial positions... these people are a treasonous, tyrant minded party.. judge moye is poster boy of tyrant at a local judge level...pelosi, schumer, schiff are poster for tyrants at national government level