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October 8, 2021

Sen. Bernie Sanders refused to sign a letter signed by fellow Senators, condemning the activists who harassed Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and filmed her inside a women’s restroom as they harangued her to vote for Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending orgy bill.

It’s no surprise to hear that Bernie is a-okay with any sort of tactics as long as they advance his socialist agenda. Generations of previous socialists were infamous for not letting people’s individual rights stand in the way of imposing their agenda by any means necessary.

I’d also like to add that in addition to knowing nothing about civility, manners or basic human decency, Bernie is (like all socialists) also ignorant of math.

Bernie railed on Twitter that two Senators “cannot be allowed to defeat what 48 Senators and 210 House members want.” Uh, Bernie? Those two Democrats plus the 50 Republicans who all oppose this bill add up to 52 against, 48 for. And there are 435 House members, so 210 is also a minority.

As the Redstate article points out, Bernie seems to think it’s the obligation of Democrat Senators to vote for what their party leaders want, even if the voters who elected them oppose it. And if it’s something he really wants, then it should pass even if a majority opposes it.

And what do “Democratic” socialists call this? “Protecting democracy!”

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  • James Hamilton

    10/09/2021 02:25 PM

    Biden is an incompetent idiot.

  • Jamie Ensley

    10/09/2021 10:29 AM

    I really do not know why Bernie should even be ask to sign that letter, he is not part of our congress, therefore he should not have a say in anything relating to congress---other than to his elected representatives from where he lives. But his comments do not surprise me, I stopped listening to that nut long ago.