Harris struggles

April 30, 2019 |

Struggling at a distant third in the Democratic Presidential polls, Sen. Kamala Harris looked around for something to demonize, and (like Prof. Harold Hill warning against a pool table in River City) to get Iowa voters worked up about.  And her desperate gaze fell upon that terrible threat to America…uh…McDonald’s!  Yeah, that’s it, McDonald’s!  Ya got trouble under those Golden Arches, luring in the shirttail young ones and exploiting them by not supporting a $15 minimum wage! 




I hate to put a damper on the parade before the 76 trombones show up, but McDonald’s has a long history of employing young people, teaching them valuable work skills, helping fund their educations and promoting them to positions of greater pay, benefits and responsibility.  I’ll bet a good number of the successful people you know started out working at McDonald’s.  Meanwhile, proponents of the $15 minimum wage have an ever-growing history of killing off restaurants and costing the people who worked there their jobs. 


Personally, I think if Ronald McDonald joined the Democratic race for President – and that news wouldn’t surprise me at all – he’d be the only clown in it so far that I could imagine voting for. 


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  • Dawn Street

    05/02/2019 12:40 PM

    My son and his wife worked at McDonald’s while going to college. If memory serves me well they were able to apply and received scholarships for school. She graduated magma cum lauded with a degree in accounting and is an accomplished public accountant (a respected professional in her field)! My son graduated magma cum laude (doesn’t say that on his degree because OU charges the graduate a $100 fee to put the deal on his diploma!) with an engineering degree. He is a respected in his field as well.

    McDonald’s provides them both with a good work experience and with managerial experience as well. It also serves our youngsters with an innovative educational opportunity while paying them while they learn. Experience is the best teacher!!!

  • Terry Ingle

    05/02/2019 11:27 AM

    That clown car is getting pretty crowded.