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January 3, 2023

It could be the calm before the storm for the “Biden Inc.” story, as told in at least 400 pages that the ‘Justice’ Department apparently has been withholding. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but at least they do sometimes turn.

Colorado attorney and Freedom Of Information Act expert David Evans sued the ‘Justice’ Department in March after it had failed to comply with his FOIA request for records on the Biden’s business dealings, and he has a hearing later this month. He’d asked for documents pertaining to “any relationship, communication, gift(s), and/or remuneration in any form” between President Joe Biden’s son Hunter and Joe’s brother James and anyone in China, Russia, and/or Ukraine.

Evans is aware of these pages because their existence was admitted in court. Since that admission, however, the DOJ has changed its tune and now says they can “neither confirm nor deny” that such records exist.

David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware who’s been investigating Hunter’s finances, is reportedly considering charging Hunter with money laundering, illegal foreign lobbying and tax crimes in relation to those foreign dealings. Here’s more about Weiss’s background and the case itself, as reported by the WASHINGTON EXAMINER in September. It’s also an excellent refresher on the individuals at the FBI who deep-sixed the laptop before the 2020 election.

Former AG William Barr has said that current AG Merrick Garland should grant the protections and powers of a special counsel to Weiss. Republican senators agreed, and wrote a letter to that effect. Earlier in the year, dozens of House members called on Garland to just appoint a special counsel. Of course, that was well before the election that has now put the GOP in control of the House.

Recall that Hunter is being defended by powerhouse Democrat law firm Latham & Watkins, which has a sort of revolving-door relationship with the DOJ. In fact, Nicholas McQuaid, who was appointed acting chief of the DOJ’s Criminal Division the very day Biden took office, had previously been a partner at Latham and had worked on cases with Chris Clark, who is Hunter’s attorney. As reported recently by the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, the DOJ had no comment on this and a spokesperson for Latham said McQuaid had had no involvement with the Hunter Biden case and would have none in the future. I mention the connection, though, just to show how chummy all these folks apparently are.

These 400-plus pages are not all the material that could be coming out soon. The National Archives is scheduled to release hundreds of internal documents from the Obama White House, dating to 2014 and containing information about Hunter’s dealings with corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma. There are 69 relevant images and 260 email messages that mention that company. Recall that Hunter was being paid $83,000 a month to sit on the Burisma board of directors because –- say it with me –- he was the son of the Vice President of the United States, and this VP for some reason had been made the “point man” for our country’s dealings with Ukraine.

I think we hardly need to know any more than that to see how shady this all was, especially given President Biden’s lies about involvement in his son’s business affairs. And there’s still a possibility we might not get to see those archival documents, because --- get ready --- President Biden might invoke EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE to keep them hidden until --- get ready again --- 2029. He has until the end of this month to veto their release.

Here’s the story as reported by the U.K. DAILY MAIL, whose reporters also deserve credit for determining the Hunter hard drive was real. They did a forensic examination and found it most certainly did NOT have the “classic earmarks” of Russian disinformation, as 51 former U.S. intelligence officials had falsely but conveniently claimed before the 2020 election.

Legal analyst Margot Cleveland had a very interesting column about the Hunter Biden case a couple of weeks ago that almost got lost over Christmas and in the deluge of Twitter news. In it, she looked at some possible indications regarding the seizure of Hunter’s SECOND laptop. We’ve never known what was on this second hard drive, and Cleveland suspects the FBI did some dirty work to keep it from prying eyes.

On February 13, 2020, two months after the FBI subpoenaed the laptop that had been abandoned in John Paul Mac Isaac’s shop, the Drug Enforcement Administration searched the office of celebrity psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow, who had previously treated Hunter, and took a laptop that Hunter had left with HIM. No charges were ever filed against Dr. Ablow, so...was the raid a pretext to get that laptop and return it safely to Hunter lawyer George Mesires (which they did)?

Cleveland considered the significance of this after the WASHINGTON POST ran an article called “Some Hunter Biden Allies Making Plans to Go After His Accusers,” about Hunter’s advisers recommending a much more aggressive stance in going after the new GOP House. Starting in September, they’ve been holding strategy sessions at the California home of Hunter’s friend and so-called “sugar brother” Kevin Morris. Morris is the wealthy entertainment lawyer who paid Hunter’s $2 million delinquent tax bill and his $20,000-a-month rent on a Malibu beach house.

Liberal activist David Brock of Media Matters has been involved in these sessions as well. He told WAPO that he planned to start a new group called (this is hilarious) “Facts First USA,” which he described as a “SWAT team” designed to “ensure that the media and public do not accept the false narratives that flow from congressional investigations.”

These advisers reportedly want to pursue defamation lawsuits against Hunter’s critics, such as “FOX NEWS, Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani.” They’ve also been digging into the backgrounds of Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski and, yes, even John Paul Mac Isaac.

In May, Morris floated a convoluted conspiracy theory that tied Dr. Ablow to Roger Stone and suggested there WAS no laptop dropped off at Mac Isaac’s shop at all, just the one left with Ablow, and that it had been cloned in a plot to damage the Bidens. Not kidding. Mac Isaac said this was “a loose effort to muddy the waters,” and Ablow said it was “a work of fiction.” Here’s what the NEW YORK POST’s Miranda Devine, who broke the original laptop story, wrote at the time about Morris’s attempt. Using a timeline, she easily dismantled Morris’s story. This is fascinating reading...

By the way, there’s a THIRD laptop somewhere. We know this because on the FIRST laptop, the one from Mac Isaac’s shop, Hunter is recorded saying it was stolen by Russian drug dealers.

Cleveland says Morris’s attempt to create another narrative just calls attention to the DEA raid on Ablow, when we now have whistleblower testimony that makes that action more suspect. (Note: we also have the “Twitter Files,” which show the lengths to which the government will go to hide the truth.) Here’s her excellent analysis…

And if you’d like to read the WASHINGTON POST story in full, here it is…

Related: Be sure to watch "Huckabee" on TBN this coming weekend when I will be interviewing John Paul Mac Isaac. 

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