The Emmy Awards

September 18, 2017 |

Along with most Americans, I had better things to do than watch the Emmy Awards last night (my dog needed a bath.) But according to the reviews, as expected, it was a tiresome leftwing Trump hatefest from the first minute of host Stephen Colbert's monologue on, pausing from anti-Trump diatribes only briefly to hand out awards to shows and performers who were the most anti-Trump (Alec Baldwin is a talented fellow, but is his one-note Trump impression on “SNL” really the most award-worthy comic performance of the year? To quote an old “SNL” catchphrase: “REALLY?”

I did read one good line from the show, though. Not surprisingly, it came from one of the few late night hosts who puts entertainment over politics, James Corden, who told his late night rival, Seth Meyers, “That thing you said about Trump being bad? So fresh!”

And it’s worth noting that Dolly Parton had the good taste to stay quiet and look shocked when her two far-left co-stars from “Nine to Five” pulled this tasteless stunt. CBS should send an advertising bill to Turner Classic Movies because they probably drove tens of millions of Americans to switch over to a movie from an era where stars kept their political opinions to themselves.



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