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December 9, 2021

Not long ago, I said that when it comes to elections going forward, our lawyers have to be better than their lawyers.

Mark Hemingway at RealClearInvestigations has a similar warning in a new article, titled “Harvard’s ‘Lawfare’ Programs are an Omen of Elections Not Decided at Polls --- but in Court.” Check out the poster boy at the top of his screen; it’s Marc Elias. Elias is probably the man most responsible for the fact that Joe Biden is sitting in the Oval Office right now thinking about ice cream.

How dare President Trump challenge the results of the 2020 election! Why, that’s tantamount to treason, the argument goes. Even encouraging states to conduct forensic audits is a threat to “our democracy,” as it implies problems and destroys trust in the system.

Never mind that the system --- in its current, essentially un-auditable state, does not deserve our trust.

And never mind that in the elections of 2000, 2004 and 2016, Democrats formally challenged the results of presidential elections that had been won by Republicans, in another classic case of “our rules for you, no rules for us.” As Hemingway points out, it was that series of challenges by the Democrats that led to the development of the network of leftist election litigators we have today. Of course, we first think of the Hillary- and DNC-connected firm Perkins Coie and attorneys Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann (currently under indictment), but according to former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams, there were about 30 groups that jumped into action after the pandemic hit to make fast changes in state election laws, mostly to expand mail-in voting while removing any safeguards. The percentage of Americans who voted by mail doubled between the 2016 and 2020 elections.

After Trump lost in 2020 and some conservative states started re-tightening their rules, these armies of “progressive” lawyers got busy again, filing challenges to keep them from changing back.

So, do voters get to decide who wins, or do courts get to filter their voices and decide for them? Increasingly, we see the strategy of “lawfare.” So it might come as no surprise that Harvard Law School is getting in on this big-time, preparing attorneys for the day when election outcomes are routinely decided in court. Adams calls this next phase “Let’s set up an elite training academy.”

In April, Harvard Law started the Election Law Clinic, which gives students credit for working on campaigns (why am I reminded of the students at Georgia Tech who helped create the fake Alfa Bank story?), as well as “hands-on litigation and advocacy work across a range of election law areas, with an initial focus on redistricting and voter-suppression cases.” It doesn’t sound as though they’ll be working on any conservative campaigns, but maybe they can still get Stacey Abrams declared the rightful governor of Georgia.

The director, Ruth Greenwood, sees many students wanting to go into election law and wants them to be able to “hit the ground running as election lawyers from day one.” Law professor Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit sees this flood of new election specialists as creating more demand for that kind of expertise and litigation. In other words, it’s going to get much worse. Election days used to be something to celebrate as part of being American, but they’re increasingly something to dread.

In recent months, we’ve done some deep dives into the websites of some of these new groups that showed how amazingly organized and incestuous they are, and Harvard’s Election Law Clinic is part of that. Greenwood is a former fellow of the DNC’s Voting Rights Institute and has also worked at the Campaign Legal Center.

As you can see, the CLC is funded in part by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, and also by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Ford Foundation and ActBlue. Greenwood describes the proposed legislation in H.R. 1 –- what we like to call the “Legalize Voter Fraud Act” –- as “the biggest step the federal government has taken to protect the right to vote since the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965.” It would be a big step, all right, in that it would unconstitutionally place elections under federal control. Adams has his own name for the bill; he calls it “a partisan weapon masquerading as a civil rights law.”

Here’s how radical and intrusive this group is: Harvard Election Law Center adviser Nicholas Stephanopoulos (not sure if he might be related to George), in a piece he wrote for Marc Elias’ group Democracy Docket, argued that Congress should refuse to seat a candidate who benefits from voter suppression under Article 1, Section 5 of the Constitution. He defines voter suppression as “policies that make it hard for people to register and vote.” We learned in 2020 how broadly they interpret that. They made it so easy to vote, any dead person can do it. And every vote by a dead person suppresses the vote of a live person who’s almost guaranteed to have voted Republican.

Another organization, Protect Democracy, is actually two: the 501(c)3 Protect Democracy Project, which is tax exempt and supposedly non-partisan hahahahaha, and the 501(c)4 United to Protect Democracy, which admits it is partisan. They list 70 employees on their website, but their address is a mailbox service they share with hundreds of organizations.

We wrote about the Protect Democracy Project when it gave a $300,000 check to Whistleblower Aid, which supported Eric Ciaramella, whose ginned-up complaint started Trump’s first impeachment.

Time Magazine wrote a piece last February about the alliance of these political groups with business titans like Mark Zuckerberg --- not to question their actions, but to praise them for “saving” the 2020 election. It was “an extraordinary shadow effort, dedicated not to winning the vote but to ensuring it would be free and fair, credible and uncorrupted.” (If you need to take a break to run and throw up, go ahead. We’ll wait.)

Feel better? Here’s the link to the full article, but I warn you, you’ll just have to throw up again.

The Protect Democracy Project also conveniently owns a software company, VoteShield, that monitors voter databases. I am not kidding. Hemingway’s article has details.

J. Christian Adams, who has his own organization, the Public Interest Legal Foundation, says there are far fewer groups on the right to hold the left accountable for mistakes and/or misdeeds. I’d say going to law school now seems pretty much like going to journalism school –- not to practice law or journalism, but to “fundamentally transform.”

For when you have time, I’ll link to the video and transcript of a great interview by the founder and CEO of American Majority, Ned Ryun, with another Hemingway, this time Mollie, about the 2020 election. Having written the book RIGGED, she can summarize so clearly what was done, especially by sponsors such as Mark Zuckerberg and the Center for Tech and Civic Life. Elias’ strategy, she says, is to “expand the sphere of litigation, depending on how an election turns out.”

And that’s why our lawyers have to be better than their lawyers.


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Comments 1-10 of 41

  • Cherle Humphrey

    12/13/2021 01:40 AM

    My comment is in regards to the report on the mistreatment of the J6 prisoners and why it is not a priority of the Supreme Court to investigate the unconditional treatment of these people and the corruption of the DC jail system. Is there no one willing to stand up against this unlawful imprisonment? Something needs to be done!

  • Carmen Council

    12/12/2021 04:13 PM

    Mike, could you confirm or deny in one of your newsletters that the Build Back Better Bill contains a provision to make homeschooling illegal? I was aware that the Bill would federalize all preschools, but I had not heard about the homeschooling part. Thanks for your help.

  • Ann Becker

    12/11/2021 09:47 AM

    I am commenting on the Harvard's new class. As time goes by and I see obvious corruption in our government, I wonder how can I stop it? Well my answer is I can't. Then I think, does my vote really count? Yes I will go to the polls again but if I see the corruption I have witnessed from this last election, it will be my last trip to the polls. Our NC governor just vetoed a bill that would put a stop to businesses donating money to pay the workers for a job well done! WTH????

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    12/10/2021 04:10 PM

    These articles are very well and good reading. But I have been looking for results. The conservative side has shown us no results as to how is involved, who has been charged, just some low level workers so far, and most importantly how the conservative side can ensure far elections in the future.
    So far every result I see has favored the RIG THE VOTE SIDE. When are our lawyers ever going to present anything of substance for the people and the courts to move on???

  • Arlene Christopherson

    12/10/2021 03:21 PM

    I heard about Karen Kingston, whistleblower, that the Covid-19 shots are putting Artificial Intelligence into our bodies. Dr. David Martin is saying the same thing. Dr.Patrick Gentempo had a nine-part series of interviews with many doctors that are speaking out against the shots. The series was called " COVID Revealed".

  • Edwin Raby

    12/10/2021 03:21 PM

    I would like to see the National Voting Day designated as a National Holiday. That would cut down the phony need for mail in voting.

  • Rebecca Krautlarger

    12/10/2021 01:26 PM

    I rarely used Facebook. Recently, I decided to log in but my computer prompted me for update downloads first. When I tried to log in to FB, I received a message explaining that since I was logging on from a new computer, I would have to download a front and back photo of my state issued ID. Ironic that if I were voting, I wouldn't need an ID in many states, in part, because of the millions Zuckerburg contributed to election theft. I opted to forego FB permanently and not provide ID but I will gladly show it to vote.

  • Frances Rockey

    12/10/2021 01:21 PM

    I receive your morning, evening, and Sunday news letters. They often have repeats. I don’t see an option to change your email request except stop them totally which I do not want to do. Which one should I get, if and when I’m given the option to change?

  • William J. Solari

    12/10/2021 12:28 PM

    Thank you for your emails exposing the Socialist Democrats' corruption, the Deep State anti-American actions, and the good stories about great things for America. I am especially interested in any follow-up on the very sad disturbing actions by the Salvation Army in America.

  • Mike T Tracy

    12/10/2021 08:46 AM

    Why is it that with a black population of around 13% that nearly 100% of TV commercials now employ blacks? Don't get me wrong, I am not against this obvious over-reacted "woke" display of the advertisers for the sake of those employed. But, it's is so over-blown that it looks artificial and will not help with the relationship between the races, in fact it could have the opposite effect. Showing mixed race couples is another trick that advertisers are now trying to show that they have no racist feelings at all! It all seems so artificial, what are the advertisers trying to prove? Even my grandson noticed, and he is 11. He was counting the all the commercials that had black people in them and was coming up with about 99%. It certainly is not helping the BLM cause.