June 11, 2019

The clashes between the First Amendment right to religious expression and the SCOTUS’ newly-created right to same-sex marriage are suddenly back in the news.

In Washington, the State Supreme Court unanimously ruled against the Christian owner of Arlene’s Flowers for the second time in an accusation of discrimination for declining to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding.  This, after they were forced to reexamine the case in light of the SCOTUS ruling in favor of Colorado Christian cake artist Jack Phillips.  The Court ordered them to make sure their decision was not influenced by animus against her religious beliefs, and – what do you know?! – turns out that after a thorough self-examination, they found they harbored no anti-Christian prejudice at all. Her attorneys say they are planning an immediate appeal to the Supreme Court.


Ironically, since it was Phillips’ SCOTUS win that forced the Washington court to reconsider its ruling, there is news that Phillips is being sued for the THIRD time – the same lawyer who failed last time is taking another swing at him. 


As noted in this article, there is no shortage of bakers in Denver who will make a gay wedding cake, and Phillips is not taking any active role against same-sex marriages.  The radical activists are just out to keep harassing him over and over for his personal religious beliefs until they either drive him out of business or the SCOTUS finally does its job, fixes the giant muddy mess it created by inventing a new right that conflicts with the First Amendment, and clarifies its ruling, preferably by bringing its gavels down forcibly on the heads of these aggressive lawyers. 

For a good background in how we got here and what needs to be done to correct it, I recommend this piece by Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of Liberty Institute, which fights to protect religious freedom rights.




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