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August 9, 2021

You don’t have to wait until 2022 for some big political drama and major elections. Sept 14 could be an election that will deliver a Cat 5 hurricane, a 10 on the Richter Scale earthquake, and a F-5 tornado all on the same day. It’s the date of the CA election to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. I recently spent a few days out there working with the campaign to recall him and traveled the state from top to bottom. I was asked why it even mattered to me since I didn’t live there. First, there’s my personal disgust with someone who wears the title “governor” but who abuses the trust he was given by acting in hypocrisy and hubris. As someone who was a governor for nearly 11 years, I am appalled if someone believes being governor is equivalent to being a King and who arrogantly imposes rules on others he doesn’t apply to himself. No true leader asks others to do what he is unwilling to do. After imposing strict mask requirements on gatherings and closing restaurants for indoor dining, he hob-knobbed with mask-less swells at the most expensive restaurant in CA, the French Laundry. “Rules for thee, but not for me” has been his motto and practice. Maybe it’s time CA voters send the guy who dined at the French Laundry to the cleaners.

But there’s another reason what happens in CA matters to me and should matter to you as well. It’s been long said that whatever starts in CA becomes a trend across the country, whether trends in entertainment, fashion, language, music, or even politics. The same state that gave us Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom also gave us Ronald Reagan. But CA holds distinction as the most important agricultural state in the nation. The farmers and ranchers of CA, mostly in the San Joaquin Central Valley supply over 17% of the entire nation’s ag products, and produces over 400 different commodities. It’s truly the salad bowl of the world. But the overreaching taxes and idiotic regulations and restrictions that CA farmers and ranchers live with along with the lack of leadership in ensuring a stable water supply means that it costs a lot more to grow and harvest food in CA than anywhere else in the country. And that means that a man in Mississippi standing on a concrete floor all day lifting heavy things and sweating through his clothes, will go home bone-tired and sit at his dinner table with his wife and kids and the cost of the food on his table costs more than it should—and CA politics are to blame. You might live in one of the other 49 states beyond CA, but you are directly affected by the nutty policies imposed in CA when you buy food, fuel, or even footwear. And now, Gavin Newsom’s CA has really gone too far. They want to impose strict limits on how many pigs or chickens can be kept in a space because CA wants pigs and chickens to have more space. The same state that turns a blind eye to homeless people packing into a public park or business district and who doesn’t believe we ought to control the border and limit illegal immigration, wants to make sure Porky Pig and Foghorn Leghorn have room to roam. And that means bacon prices are likely to increase by as much as 50%. It was bad enough that Gavin Newsom was a gun-grabber and shut down churches but not strip clubs. But now he’s really done it. He’s messed with the price of bacon and where I come from, them are fighting words that’s a food fight for sure!

I felt pretty good that even liberals in CA would vote to get Gavin Newsom’s noose off their necks, but now I’m really confident. On September 14, voters will be able to tell Gavin Newsom not to let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!

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  • Edna Nelson

    08/13/2021 06:50 PM

    My question is re Jan 6. I have heard that people who entered the Capitol defecated on desks, marred statues and did all kinds of damage. Is that true? I have seen nothing in the media about this specifically Thanks

  • Mike Messina

    08/11/2021 10:54 PM

    Hey Mike,
    I am grateful for your excerpts and find them refreshing and a positive approach towards reclaiming our land of the free and all it's blessings. Too much chaos in politics . It's like the cart before the Donkey. When will we get lawlessness out of the main stream politics ? Keep on their backs until we relentlessly recover. Let's get Donald back ! Thanks.

  • Cherri Karr

    08/10/2021 02:43 PM

    I receive your newsletter and appreciate updates. I do NOT understand why President Biden is allowed to NOT follow the Constitution he swore to uphold nor does he protect the citizens of the United States of America he swore to protect. As citizens, we have to trust senators and representatives who were elected to do the same. If NOT FOLLOWING the constitution is breaking the law, they need to be held accountable in my opinion and be impeached.

  • Pat Morris

    08/10/2021 11:31 AM

    Love your column, Mike.
    You nail it every time.

  • Carol R Bowles

    08/10/2021 04:06 AM

    Thank you for providing much-needed humor. Your newsletter is enjoyable to read.
    California was my home state, and seeing how left-wing it has become saddens me.
    I live in the state of Kentucky since the 70 . I just want for my grands. Freedom is something I grew up with and I hope it will still exist for future generations.

  • Michael McMahan

    08/10/2021 03:15 AM

    I’m confused on how the recall vote will operate. I understand the election will have all (42?) candidates on the ballot. I understand there are two questions on the ballot. To paraphrase: 1. Are you in favor of the recall - yes / no; 2. Who do you vote for to be Governor.

    HERE IS MY QUESTION: If you vote NO on the recall, will you also be able to cast a vote for Newsom? (If you can still vote for Newsom after casting a NO vote on the recall, isn’t it improbable that he can be replaced?)

    Can you please shed some light on this?


    M.T. McMahan

  • Charlotte Hansen

    08/09/2021 08:26 PM

    I've been praying for this recall every day, and for Larry Elder to win now that he's entered the race. Our state, and indeed our nation, are in such deep trouble, I feel only the Lord can help us now! Thank you for this great article, sir.

  • Diane Friedrick

    08/09/2021 07:31 PM

    Dear Gov Mike, since the onslaught of the corruption in the Democratic party, I (as well as 75million others) have been waiting for the beginning of one of the elected officials being held accountable for their actions. We all know the guilty parties, they've shown their hand even before the election. But not one has been brought to justice. and that my friend is the frustration in watching the left destroy all we know is right and good.

  • Ann Williams

    08/09/2021 07:21 PM

    As a California resident, I so hope that you're right and that Gavin Newsom will be left ~ out in the cold, that is!

  • charlene LOPEZ

    08/09/2021 05:40 PM

    I'm with you...... Hope Larry Elder wins. the way I would have voted for you for president..Also i think we are cousins..My birth name was Margaret Huckaby from Arkansas..My father was Otis Huckaby.....He was not a good father and I was consequentialyl adopted to parents in Texas
    and renamed.