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July 18, 2021

For reasons that make no sense, Democrats are dead set against requiring a person to have a photo ID in order to vote. The “idea” of an “ID” is simple enough—you should vote, but your vote should be protected by making sure you are the person doing the voting. If someone votes your ballot, they are stealing it from you.

I’m fairly well known and most places I go, I’m recognized and called by my name before I even sign in at the front desk. This happens at the airport, at a doctor’s or dentist’s office, and at a bank when I wish to withdraw funds. Even so, without a photo ID, I couldn’t see a doctor, fly on a plane, or pay for groceries with a check. I couldn’t take out a loan, check into a hotel or rent a car, or pick up baseball tickets at the will-call window. In most cities I couldn’t even enter a large office building. So why the heartburn about having a photo ID to vote?

The argument that it’s racist to require the ID for voting is not just laughable—it’s insulting to people of color to assume they are somehow less capable than white people to function in our current world. Black or brown people are as smart as I am, and I know they too go to doctors, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and fly on planes. To suggest that obtaining or using a photo is just too complicated for a black or brown person is outrageous and denigrating. Do Democrats really think so little of minorities? It’s not racist to ask ALL people, whatever color they are, to have a photo ID when they vote. It is 100% racist to insinuate that a minority person is too dumb or lacks the basic life skills to obtain or use a photo ID.

Vice President Kamala Harris insulted people in rural America this week by saying that a photo ID would be too much to ask of people in rural parts of the country, because if we had to make a photo copy (or as she said if we had to Xerox our ID or go to Kinkos), we wouldn’t have the ability to do that.

She needs to visit rural America more. She might be surprised to find out we have electricity, running water, paved roads, cable tv indoor plumbing, and yes, even connections to the INTERWEB! We even wear shoes and store-bought britches. Heck, a bunch of us have even been to an airport and flown on those big jet planes. And we even have toilet paper. If we run out, we have the NY Times, since the Sears catalog no longer gets printed. I’ll bet she doesn’t even know that we quit using horse drawn carriages years ago and drive big ol’ fancy cars like the folks in California. Now I admit, we ain’t all as fancy as the folks in CA where she comes from. We still sometimes use plastic straws, eat real ribeye steaks instead of tofu, and believe that church is more essential than a casino or topless bar. And if the VP wants to come down for a visit, we can show her that all our folk no matter what color—know how to get and use photo ID. And we also know how to get and use a cast iron skillet and this might really mess her up—we know how to get and use a rifle, shotgun, or pistol. Most of us would never think of using those things on people unless they are dumb enough to try and invade our homes or threaten our families. And then it’s not us that will need a photo ID. It’s the dumb son of a gun who tried to break into our house. He’ll need a photo ID so the authorities can notify the next of kin.

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Comments 1-10 of 113

  • Judy Pevonka

    07/27/2021 10:06 AM

    I read a book on Roger Ailes start up of Fox News and was surprised to find how leftist that Dems have always been: it was enlightening. As far as Kamala Harris is concerned, I think she has failed so far in any part of her job. I think she is drug-addled and it's more than marijuana, and she does not appear to have any moral compass. Mike, is there not a way for those of us with like-minded beliefs to start our own country. Because I was working until 2015, I really had no time to really listen and now I am so fearful and praying to God constantly.

  • Sheryl Nash

    07/26/2021 12:45 PM

    Photocopies of IDs should NOT be accepted! Only ORIGINAL IDs should be accepted. Otherwise all the Xerox machines on the west coast would be burning up! Psalm 109:6 ??????

  • Betty Tackett

    07/26/2021 09:50 AM


  • Lisa Jump

    07/25/2021 08:37 PM

    Love your Newsletter. I read it every day. Thank you, Thank you Thank you.
    Loved seeing you at Heritage Hills Baptist Church in Nashville. I was with S. Baptist Disaster Relief Childcare Team. We did Childcare for the Convention. God Bless. Prayers for Sarah. Love her too.

  • Cheryl Thames

    07/25/2021 06:44 PM

    I took a trip from Fort Worth to Waco this past weekend. Most of that trip along I-35 is farm and ranch land. We drove past a farm implement store and I commented someone should take pictures of those combines, harvesters and tractors and send them to VP Harris. I am sure she would be shocked to know that those poor dumb rural people can actually operate such sophisticated machines. I’m pretty sure some of them require computer knowledge. I’m also pretty sure Ms. Harris would not have a clue on how to operate one. It’s a shame more people in DC have not enjoyed rural life.

  • Joanne Smith

    07/25/2021 05:07 PM

    I think they do not want ID'S for voting because they plan to run Every Body thru the Election polls .....more than once! Criminals, Illegals, any long as a Democrat-Socialist-Commie vote is promised.
    Thank you Mike Huckabee!


    07/25/2021 04:45 PM

    I live in rural America. I have numerous degrees including PE for Professional Engineering, MBA, and so on. Kamla will never ever speak for me and is incredibly incompetent for her "position " in our government. Impeach her.

  • Nancy Whaley

    07/25/2021 04:33 PM

    Dr. Fauci is a liar and has been from the beginning..... IT IS TIME PEOPLE REALIZE THIS.....

  • Jeanne Gilmer

    07/25/2021 04:25 PM

    The Leftists must think the American people are really, really stupid if they think we can't see through their rhetoric about photo-IDs being an improper requirement for voting. They know that photo-IDs are a very powerful way to stop voter fraud and it's very clear they want it gone so they can steal more elections. I believe all states should require photo-ID (to include proof of citizenship), get rid of mail-in ballots, and require absentee ballots to be verified in-person. Paper ballots should replace all voting machines that can be hacked. A time limit should be placed on ballot counting. To me these seem to be reasonable ways to ensure election integrity.

  • Cheryl Caponigro

    07/25/2021 02:40 PM

    It scares the heck out of me that one day, in the near future, Kamala will be president. ???????