August 7, 2020

From Carol:

If you won the lottery, would you mail in your ticket or take it in person? Some things are important enough to do in person. For me voting is one of them.

From the Gov:

I couldn't have made the case for in-person voting better than you just have. Everyone pushing for mail-in ballots should have to answer your question.

Then, there was this, from Kathi:

Governor, I agree with your entire column up to the point that you started mask pandering by telling people to mask up and go vote. A virus with a 99+% recovery rate no longer requires and actually never did require a mask. Free Americans need to be free to vote as free Americans, and that includes having the CHOICE to mask up or not. I ask you to please #StopMaskPandering! #StayFree

From the Gov:

Kathi, if (when!) you go to the polls, and they insist that you put on a mask before you can come inside --- and they will --- what are you going to do? Elbow your way inside and demand a ballot? I guarantee, that will not get you anywhere. You will be made to leave, by force if necessary, and your voice in the 2020 election will not be heard.

No, if the mask issue is all-important, you will just have to vote absentee or, in the states that institute it, with a mail-in ballot. I suggest you think about Carol's letter, above, before deciding.

Is winning that one "mask" argument on that all-important day so vital to you that you will risk your vote not counting, or walk away rather than vote at all?

If you don't like the intrusion of "mask" rules, remember that if the Democrats take the White House, we will face intrusion into our lives such as we have never seen. If you don't want to put on the mask for any other occasion, we can have that discussion, but in this one case, I will say again, put on the doggone mask and vote.

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  • Lorraine Stewart

    08/08/2020 12:56 AM

    I don't mask because I can hardly breath with it on for more than 15 minutes - but Lord giving me strength, I will put it on when it is required and not a minute before, and I will vote for Trump with all my scrawny, old lady might!!!!

  • Dennis Flannery

    08/07/2020 12:07 PM

    Governor: You expressed your outrage at Joe Biden's comment, back in April, that President Trump would try and delay the November election (that's what President Trump talked about recently). As a Christian, where is your outrage that President Trump said that Joe Biden would hurt the Bible and Hurt God? A twice-divorced, adulterous person, who rarely goes to Church, is using the Bible and God to discredit a practicing Catholic? I'm offended, as a Christian, that either side would use Religion to try and discredit an opponent. People are worshiping a false prophet! PAX TECUM