July 23, 2021

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  • Bible Verse of the Day - Proverbs 3:5
  • Featured Article: Kamala Harris: take another look as Biden falters
  • “Pride Goeth Before A Fall” News
  • Leftists Turn On Their Own
  • "Misinformation On Steroids"
  • America The Beautiful
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Welcome News
  • Serious Situation


Mike Huckabee


“Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase."

Proverbs 13:11

Featured Article: Kamala Harris: take another look as Biden falters

By Mike Huckabee

“So when I was a young girl, Uncle Sherman taught me to play chess. He said, ‘You need to know, life is like that chessboard. There gonna be all kinds of players on that board. They’ll have all kinds of different moves. You have to think strategically. You have to learn to think about what that tenth move will be before you make that first move. And if you’re smart,’ he taught me, ‘that pawn can take out that king.”

--- Kamala Harris, July 2019

With President Biden in the news because of the horrendous, incomprehensible performance he gave at a townhall meeting on Wednesday, it seems like a good idea to take another look at the person who is positioned on that chess board to take his place. We’ve known her lately as someone who seems in over her head, who is given huge areas of responsibility and then ducks them, who giggles and cackles uncontrollably and inappropriately. Who is she, really? How did she get to this position on the chess board, and what does it mean for the country if (when) she “takes out the king”?

On October 14, 2020, Trevor Loudon at THE EPOCH TIMES had a detailed article about her background, and it seems like a good time to revisit that.

Loudon, an author, filmmaker and public speaker from New Zealand, wrote the book “ENEMIES WITHIN: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress,” and also filmed the 2016 documentary ENEMIES WITHIN. Here’s a trailer from that movie.

Of course, we knew Kamala was raised around radical leftists; her father was an professor in the Economics Department at Stanford University, where he used to say he was too far left even for them, and her mother was a longtime political activist, first in India and later in California. "Uncle Sherman" was an activist lawyer. Recall that Kamala, on the campaign trail, spoke of being wheeled through protest marches in a stroller, calling for “Fweeedom!!” (We don’t know if THAT story is true, but we do know for certain that her parents and their circle of acquaintances were radical left activists.

But there’s much more here, about specific organizations, their heroes (such as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara), and their ultimate aims. RedState has a good summary, which also first appeared in October 2020, of the information turned up by Loudon. (All of it was available to the curious BEFORE the election, even though the mainstream media seem to have put it in the same category as Hunter Biden’s laptop and pretended it didn’t exist.)

The RedState piece was written by retired U.S. Navy Capt. Joseph R. John, who’s formerly with the FBI is currently chairman of the Combat Veterans for Congress PAC.

It’s not disputed that Harris got into politics after having an affair with then-California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, Jr., who was 60 and married at the time. We know he guided her fledgling political career, which led to her being elected attorney general of California. But aside from that, I wonder how many know that when Brown ran successfully for mayor of San Francisco, he strongly endorsed Marxism and was, in turn, endorsed by the Communist Party USA. In the RedState article it states, “Willie Brown is widely regarded as one of the Chinese Communist Party’s best friends in the San Francisco Bay area.”

I don’t want anyone to be tarred with guilt by association. For example, Van Jones is mentioned in Loudon's piece and is perhaps overzealously described as a Communist, but the fact that I count him among my friends --- a brother in Christ who has been a guest on my TV show --- should never convince anyone that I share his views on politics or economics. He might be far to the left on those issues, but if Communists are atheists, he isn't either of those things.,as%20we%20continue%20to%20turn%20…%20Continue%20reading

That said, Kamala Harris has been steeped in radicalism her whole life through her closest connections. (Imagine if a conservative candidate and his family and friends had associated exclusively with John Birchers and such.) Read on to learn about the Chinese Communist ties of Kamala’s husband Doug Emhoff and also of her younger sister Maya, whose close associate is one of Kamala’s major financial sponsors, the wealthy leftist Steve Phillips. (How is it that so many leftist, even Marxist, men marry very wealthy women?)

If Harris had been appointed to a federal position that required confirmation, Loudon’s article postulates, she would not have passed the background check because of her 40 years of close ties with Marxists, Communists, Maoists and Communist China. But as an elected official, she is not subject to the security clearance process. (I would add that this observation applied to Barack Obama as well.) As the article states, “Harris would never have been approved for acceptance to any of the five military service academies, been appointed to a U.S. government sub-cabinet position, or would have been approved to fill a sensitive position for a high-security defense contractor. Yet if Joe Biden were elected, Harris would be a heartbeat away from the President.”

The article goes on to cite not only Harris’ ties to the Communist Chinese, but Hunter Biden’s business dealings there. (Remember –- this came out BEFORE the election, but only conservative media were focusing on it.) As RedState says, “If the American voters read the background information [in Trevor Loudon’s article] about Kamala Harris, they would never support her election as Vice President of the United States. Joe Biden...will continue to decline in cerebral awareness; he will never be able to fill out a four-year term of office. If Biden is elected, the Socialists, Marxists and Communists who control Kamala Harris are planning to enact provisions of the 25th Amendment in order to remove Joe Biden from office, so Harris can become the first Communist President of the United States.”

Obviously, Bernie Sanders, as a Democratic Socialist, wouldn’t have been able to win the general election, but “moderate” (ha) Joe Biden, with a female and black running mate to check a couple of boxes, had a much better chance. So that’s how Kamala’s chess piece ended up where it did on the board. The moves started much earlier.


“Pride Goeth Before A Fall” News

By Mike Huckabee

I’ll never understand why some athletes want to be on the US Olympic team and represent America when they seem to hate America so much that they can’t even stand to show respect for their own flag and National Anthem. If they’re such good athletes, surely some other nation they like better, like China or Cuba, would be happy to have them.

Outspoken leftist activist Megan Rapinoe has had a particularly radicalizing effect on the Women’s Soccer Team, which might explain why they virtue-signaled by taking a knee in solidarity with BLM before their game Wednesday against severe underdog Sweden. Maybe it caused them to develop trick knees because when they got up off their knees, they proceeded to get kneed with a 3-0 loss to Sweden that ended their 44-game winning streak.

I hate to see any American athletes lose, but critics are saying that this is what happens when you get arrogant and put politics ahead of performance. Let’s hope that athletes, who tend to be a bit superstitious, will take this as a warning about where political grandstanding leads. Turns out there are worse things than having to listen to “The Star-Spangled Banner” and look at the American flag while receiving a gold medal. Like sitting on the bench and watching someone else get a gold medal while you listen to their anthem and look at their flag.

What Happens When You Elect "Progressives"

By Mike Huckabee

A video taken at a TJ Maxx store in suburban Los Angeles has gone viral because it gives the perfect illustration of what happens when you elect “progressives” to run anything.

The video shows a shoplifting gang who fill their arms with clothes still on the hangers and just walk right out the door with them. Nobody tries to stop them, and they don’t even bother to run. Why go to the effort of running? Thanks to leftist district attorneys deciding not to prosecute shoplifters, the police see no point in even bothering to arrest them. So the left has not only defunded the cops, they’ve effectively legalized crime, and the criminals know it and are running amuck.

If anything, it might be even worse in San Francisco, which, not surprisingly, is even further to the left. They also recently had a viral video of a brazen shoplifter denuding the shelves at a Walgreen’s. Walgreen’s has closed 17 stores in recent years due to out-of-control shoplifting. A number of other stores are also taking drastic measures to try to cut down on theft, which is four times the national average. Law-abiding residents also suffer from this, through higher prices and fewer retailers.

Wednesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law targeting organized retail theft rings. It’s telling to me that they actually had to pass a new state law to make theft illegal. It also says quite a bit about California’s leadership that the law doesn’t target thieves so much as it targets being organized.


"Misinformation On Steroids"

By Mike Huckabee

I don’t always comment after President Biden makes one of his ill-advised live appearances, except maybe on some of the content. I don’t like to comment on how he comes across on a personal level because I worry that it will seem (A.) sad, (B.) cruel, and/or (C.) terrifying to think this is the President of the United States, with his hand on a nuclear button that he might mistake for the TV remote.

But I can’t ignore the donkey in the room when so many other people are pointing it out, so here’s some of the reaction to this week’s townhall that CNN did its best to stack and stage manage, all to no avail.

Okay, that aside, let me just say this about the content of his comments: It’s incredible to think that this White House is colluding with social media, violating the First Amendment, and politicizing and weaponizing our intelligence and law enforcement agencies, all under the guise of “combatting misinformation,” when that townhall was a veritable open fire hydrant of misinformation. To cite only two examples:

1. If requiring ID to vote is “Jim Crow on steroids,” then how many people got into that townhall with the President without having to show ID? Are CNN and Joe Biden racists? I guess it might bolster their argument that requiring ID suppresses turnout, since longshot photos of the event revealed that there was hardly anyone in the audience.

2. Biden seems to think that the recent spike in violent crime, gangs and shootings in Democrat-run cities is not the fault of defunding the police, letting all the criminals out of jail because of COVID, opening the borders up to Mexican gangs, stopping deportation of illegal alien criminals or leftist DA’s refusing to prosecute thieves, rioters, looters and other menaces and instead prosecuting cops. No, it’s entirely the fault of some gun dealers not running background checks.

I’d call that “misinformation on steroids.”

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about New River Gorge National Park, visit its website here.

Unemployment Claims

By Mike Huckabee

Thursday, it was reported that US unemployment claims jumped to a nine-week high of 419,000, well above the 350,000 estimate.

Analysts say this doesn’t mean the recovery is faltering. Many of the claims were in states where auto plants shut down temporarily in summer to retool for the new models. So let’s see what the numbers are in August. Or better yet, September, when the government finally stops paying people more money to stay on unemployment than they’d make if they took jobs.

Welcome News

By Mike Huckabee

Some welcome news at last from the Biden White House on Cuba. It would have been more welcome if it had been stronger, happened two weeks ago and not had to be forced out of them, but you can't have everything.

Serious Situation

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s some info about a potentially serious issue that’s flown largely under the radar until now:

China is buying up vast amounts of US farmland, which could lead to our biggest adversary having near monopoly control over our food supply. You’d think we would have learned what a bad idea this is during the pandemic, when Americans woke up to the fact that we’d let China have near-monopoly control over our medicine supply.

This is so concerning that there’s actually bipartisan support in Congress for limiting the amount of US farmland that China can control. But New York Democratic Rep. Grace Meng is opposing it by arguing that because it’s targeted at one country, it might stoke Asian-American hatred.

I don’t think this should have to be said to anyone with an IQ higher than a bowling ball’s, but the bill is not targeted at Asian-Americans, who can buy all the US farmland they want. It’s also not targeted at Chinese people, who are suffering under the CCP themselves. It’s targeted against the Chinese Communist government, which has earned any bit of hate it receives. Even so, the bill isn’t born out of “hatred,” but common sense: you don’t let an aggressive, unscrupulous adversary seize monopoly control of your food supply. Even a bowling ball could comprehend that.

Speaking of farming, fed-up farmers along the Texas border are demanding that the Biden Administration reimburse them for the costs of all the damaged crops, destroyed fences, dead livestock, stolen vehicles and other property losses, as well as the threats to their families’ safety, caused by the huge influx of illegal immigrants and human traffickers under Biden’s…“watch.”

So far, the White House has yet to offer any concrete response. Maybe they’re too busy trying to come up with a response for why they’ve spreading so much panic about COVID while letting thousands of unvetted and unvaccinated illegal migrants pour in, or why they’re allowing that while going to such great lengths to block any refugees from Cuba’s communist oppression from coming in. Best suggestion I’ve heard for the latter: instead of paddling for Florida and getting turned back by the Coast Guard, Cuban refugees should sail for Mexico and just walk into America from there.

For more news, visit my website here.

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  • Bruce Marconett

    07/24/2021 01:18 PM

    I am really dismayed and disappointed in some of the advertising on some of your Facebook posts...not limited to, but especially things like Runway pics showing too much female body parts, or Topless women with Only Body Paint!! This devalues your message!! Please Clean it up!!

  • Beth Mitchell

    07/24/2021 04:03 AM

    After reading the report on the Texans who want to be reimbursed for all the damages done to their property, live-stock, stolen vehicles, and threats to their safety, makes me wonder why did President Biden say he thinks VP Harris is doing such a "great" job? (I do know the reason why, but still...) Thank you for all your work and God bless you and your wonderful team!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/24/2021 03:05 AM

    Unemployment rises. Democrats lie through their dentures, their fake, phony teeth 24/7. Unemployment will stay up& RISE as dictators in the democrat China, Cuba loving American(for now) government officials keep folks DEPENDENT, LAZY& COMPLACENT until they PULL it out, right from under neath them. What THEY GIVE,THEY TAKE AWAY. It’s all about power&control,eroding America, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, & WHO is fighting FOR our One Nation Under God? ??. Patriots? You calling, writing emailing visiting bombarding your representative&DEMANDING they actually FIGHT FOR?????

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/24/2021 01:04 AM

    Elect progressives. NOT Rocket Science! Just look back &watch videos of Obama, holder, Hillary, rice, lynch, Lerner, husband bill, Obama’s gangster Administration, FBI for starters! Watch Waters incite violence behind a microphone & Schumer as well! Democrats proudly come like ??to kill, STEAL& DESTROY like Minneapolis Chicago Portland NY, torching,destroying looting rioting & murdering! And WHO STOOD TO STOP IT, or STOP the Democrat mayor,governor Senator? Newsom,Cuomo, useless, lazy, complacent power&control democrats still employed& paid!! It’s unbelievable! WHEN Patriots are we going to 2Chronicles 7:14?

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/24/2021 12:56 AM

    Megan; pride before a fall. ????The anti-Americans by rule & regulation should move OUT of our love it OR LEAVE IT ????& MOVE TO, LIVE, PLAY FOR Venezuela Cuba,Russia,N.Korea. NO traitor should, by rule play FOR ????If you don’t pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America & to the republic for which it stands, One Nation under GOD, indivisible with Liberty and justice for all.( imperfect, BUT a beacon of LIGHT!). Not Rocket Science.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/24/2021 12:47 AM

    Biden falters. ThisIS NOT rocket science. This IF you were paying attention & listening saw it coming back when doobie smoking, Muslim supporting, Kenya dad, step dad obama ran for office & said early on he was going to “Transform “ America. Unfortunately many ignorant Americans didn’t understand the definition of Changing America from the inside out. Now, after some read your wisdom of how that Jamaican Indian demon COULD NOT pass the smell test, you understand HOW AOC, the squad, Waters, Bernie etc., got IN our government changing America from the inside out! ????NOW is the time for all good men&women to come to the aid of their country! NOW, call, write email visit bombard your representative&DEMAND they FIGHT FOR our One Nation UNDER God!!! 2Chronicles7:14

  • Holger Latt

    07/23/2021 10:42 PM

    One question-Many years ago (1950-1960), I read that there was a federal law that sated that no foreign nation, company could own no more than 20 % of a US company. What happened to that law? Communist China owns the United States-40% of US loans is carried by communist china.

  • Holger Latt

    07/23/2021 08:34 PM

    Dear Mike Huckabee: 2 questions-How can a person be far left ( your friend Jones ) What does he say about himself- Does Mr. Jones accept Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord. Communists do not accept Jesus. Would like to know what Far left really means? To me Far Left means that " No views but my own, and no freedoms for anyone that disagrees with me". I would like you to answer my questions. Thank you, H. Latt, USA retired

  • William Fuhrer

    07/23/2021 06:20 PM

    During President Donald Trump a new piece was put in the chess game the COURT JESTER Nancy Pelosi and the JESTER tried to take out the KING

  • Stephen Russell

    07/23/2021 03:45 PM

    Names for new NFL MLB NCAA Teams:

    To reflect Reality vs other names
    Apache, Mescalero, Navajo, War Hawks,