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August 10, 2023



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Psalms 1:3


Violence and threats are NOT the answer

The FBI was investigating 75-year-old Craig Deleeuw Robertson of Utah for making assassination threats against President Biden and other Democrats when he allegedly threatened them with a gun during a raid on his home, and the agents shot him dead.

The threats Robertson allegedly posted on Facebook were graphic and disturbing, although whether they were serious threats or the toothless ravings of someone with mental problems is unclear. The shooting is under investigation, and maybe we’ll learn more. Unfortunately, even if this is just the tragic results of the deranged rantings of a single individual, I’m sure the media and the Democrats will use it to depict all “MAGA Republicans” as violent terrorists. It's a sad reminder for everyone to calm down and, as the old saying goes, "Make sure brain is engaged before starting mouth."  Violence and threats are not the answer for either side of the political spectrum.

Prices are up

Thursday morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the July inflation figures. The Consumer Price Index rose 3.2% from one year before, which is higher than the 3% recorded in June. As CNBC astutely noted, “The numbers are moving in the wrong direction.” Thank you, Sherlock. Anyone who’s filled up a gas tank in the past month knew that.

Prices are higher on virtually all necessities of life, including shelter (up 0.4% from June and 7.7% from last July), food (up 0.2% from June) and energy (up just 0.1%, which makes me suspect nobody at the BLS fills up his own gas tank.)

If those numbers seem awfully low compared to the prices we’re all paying, remember, those are just the increases since last month or one year ago. Those numbers are on top of the increases from previous months or years, so they represent a lot of compounded inflation. To make it clear, the RNC tweeted that since Biden took office, prices overall are up by 16%, food is up 19%, electricity is up 23% and used car prices are up 30%.

Yes, that sounds a lot closer to reality.

Polls show indictments against President Trump have been followed by a boost in his poll numbers

Polls show that once again, indictments against President Trump have been followed by a boost in his poll numbers.

One poll in New Hampshire found that 62% of the state’s Republicans would support him even if he’s convicted, and 57% would support him even if he were sent to prison.

There’s also a lot of chatter recently about voters feeling “indictment fatigue.” Democrats hope this means that they are turning away from Trump because they don’t want to have to deal with all these legal issues. There may be some of that, but I believe more and more Americans are starting to wake up to the obvious partisan motivations of the prosecutors and the flimsiness of their charges and are fatigued with partisan prosecutors abusing their power to "get Trump." Studies have shown that social media posts about the indictments have been dropping with each new charge as people realize what a joke it is and are shrugging it off (not to say it doesn’t represent genuine peril for Trump, especially with the legal systems and jury pools so stacked against him.)

The Dems have been railing about what a monster and criminal Trump was from the moment he came down that escalator, and we’ve since learned what a crock most of their accusations were, with the “evidence” manufactured by his political opponents. Now, they seem to be indicting him for everything he does: Make a phone call? Indict him! Possess his own presidential papers? Indict him! Speak out about what he thinks was a rigged election? Indict him! Defend himself against being repeatedly indicted? Indict him! All while they completely ignore real criminals committing real crimes. No wonder people are fatigued with this charade.

Long before Trump came on the political scene, I was writing about how we have way too many laws, so many that every citizen breaks ten before breakfast without even knowing it. The Democrats are determined to prosecute Trump for every one of them. But the only thing that makes our society livable is that we don’t prosecute every piddling infraction of some arcane law, or worse yet, one of the millions upon millions of regulations with the force of law.

In the United States of America, there should never be such a thing as a “regulation with the force of law,” a de facto law made by a bureaucrat who was elected by nobody.

With their mindless fury against Trump and their ever-more-obvious partisan abuse of the legal system on full display, Democrats are showing Americans that we have too many laws and that the people in charge of prosecuting them have too much power and not enough impartiality or judgement. That’s something they shouldn’t be demonstrating if they want to stay in power because nobody who wants less of that kind of abuse of government power is going to vote for a Democrat.

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A stark portrait of the immense damage that the Biden Administration has done to America via nonexistent border security

Over the weekend, several separate stories came in that when you put them together, reveal a stark portrait of the immense damage that the Biden Administration has done to America via nonexistent border security. Now that the damage is hitting staunch Democrats in northern blue states, maybe they’ll finally take their blinders off and think a little harder before voting for more of it, but I wouldn't count on it.

The saga begins with this story, about Biden traveling to Arizona over the weekend, where he dispensed enough bull manure to fill the Grand Canyon. There’s plenty to criticize here, like the fact that he’s abusing federal power to usurp land rights from the state and local ranchers, and empower Russia and China by limiting our ability to mine for needed minerals there. Even more galling, he claimed to be doing this to fight the “climate crisis,” yet he announced it by flying there on Air Force One and taking a huge CO2-spewing motorcade to several events, including a number of vitally important campaign fundraisers.

But we’re talking about his border policy disaster, so let it be noted that he came to Arizona, a state that’s been devastated by the massive influx of illegal immigrants, drugs and cartel members under his “watch,” and didn’t even say a word about it.

Meanwhile, it’s not just border states anymore that are suffering due to Biden’s open border. The “Sanctuary City” (Liberals never imagined anyone would take them up on that!) of New York City is strained to the breaking point by streets filled with illegal migrants. Now, parents are furious at Mayor Eric Adams over plans to build a tent city for 57,000 of them, with migrant housing taking over space now used as parks and sports fields for kids.

And while Democrats have long painted Trump as a horrible racist for saying that other countries weren’t always sending their best people to the US, Americans got a frightening look at what he really meant this weekend. Fox News obtained surveillance video from the Texas border, showing three men moving through the brush wearing body armor and carrying rifles. They’re believed to be Mexican drug cartel members. Or as Democrats would call them, “Dreamers.”

You might recall that one of the very first things Biden did upon taking office was to order a halt to all border wall construction, even in areas where it was nearly completed. In their very first instance of being concerned about such a thing, Democrats claimed the wall was a waste of taxpayers’ money – even though stopping construction cost more than finishing it. But the wall started under Trump and “Trump BAD!” so the wall had to be bad, too, right? After all, walls only provide security when they’re around the homes and neighborhoods of rich liberals.

Well, the Washington Post estimates that just so far, Biden has given $66 billion of the taxpayers’ money to Ukraine for the endless war with Russia. estimates that that’s nearly enough money to build a security wall along the entire US border with Mexico -- and then add a second one.

Finally, speaking of how border security barriers are baaaaad, but barriers around places where Democrats live are good, this might be the ultimate A-B comparison to illustrate the hypocrisy.

Also worth pointing out: the two migrants that Democrats are trying to claim were killed by the floating barrier Texas Gov. Greg Abbott put in the Rio Grande actually drowned while trying to cross upriver and their bodies were carried by the currents until they were caught in the barrier. Never let the truth get in the way of a good propaganda narrative.

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Green Energy Proterra gives Solyndra a run for its money

Democrats have a completely unfounded belief that liberals in Washington who have law or poli-sci degrees and have spent their entire lives in politics and government should be in charge of deciding what new technologies are funded or suppressed. As a free market Republican, I think that the market is the best source of innovation and the government should get out of the way. But time and again, Democrats waste billions of our tax dollars, backing stupid ideas (electric cars, anyone?) and showering money on their cronies and backers, only to see these companies go belly-up when some superior technology pops ups and they can’t compete if they aren’t being propped up with heavy federal subsidies.

My favorite example has long been the solar panel company Solyndra, which got $500 million in taxpayer-backed loans under Obama and was going to revolutionize energy and create those famous “green jobs” Democrats are always going on about. After building a lavish headquarters building, Solyndra went bankrupt. But now, I might have a new contender. Remember this name: Proterra.

Proterra is a maker of electric buses that stood to make millions from the “green energy” tax credits and grants in Biden’s money cannon laughably known as the “Inflation Reduction Act.” Biden even took a virtual tour of their facility in April 2021. He declared that they were “getting us in the game” and predicted their EVs would “end up owning the future.” Because predicting future trends in automotive technology is one of his fields of expertise.

This was good news for Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, who was on Proterra’s board and owned 240,000 shares of their stock. Amid ethics complaints, she sold it weeks after Biden’s tour for a cool $1.9 million. Biden continued to praise Proterra throughout the next year. But his predictive abilities proved no better than Al Gore’s. Proterra customers, like one Michigan school district, had trouble with their school buses’ batteries and drivetrains, and they spent more time off the road than on.

Granholm was lucky she cashed out when she did, since on Monday, Proterra’s shares dropped by 60% after it was announced that they are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Proterra blamed "various market and macroeconomic headwinds," although I suspect that the real problem with headwinds is that they cut the driving range of EVs in half.

Hey, here’s a crazy idea: if the market wants more energy efficient buses, how about if politicians who know nothing about automotive technology shut up and let people who do compete to come up with the best product to fill that demand? And if there is no demand, then stop flushing our tax dollars down your low-flow toilets to try to create one.

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Why nobody believes the New York Times anymore

And now it’s time for reason #53,512 why nobody believes the New York Times anymore. Today’s reason: the Times tried to aid radical leftists who are attempting to topple the conservative majority on the Supreme Court by throwing fuel on their baseless ethics charges against Clarence Thomas, in this case by claiming he accepted an expensive Super Bowl ring as a gift from billionaire Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Cue the howls of the outrage mob and calls for Thomas to resign or be impeached!

But hold the phone: sources close to Thomas say that’s not a real Super Bowl ring, it’s just a cheap replica. You can buy one on eBay for 12 bucks. Thomas reportedly used it as a paperweight. Mark Paoletta, author of a book about Thomas, said, "I expect the New York Times to issue a retraction on this falsehood, and an apology to Justice Thomas." And I expect the New York Jets to win the Super Bowl before that ever happens.

I guess it’s understandable that the Times wouldn’t know the difference between a real Super Bowl ring and a fourth-rate facsimile, since they no longer even know the difference between being a real newspaper and a fourth-rate facsimile.

GET THE BOOK: The Three Cs That Made America Great sounds a needed alarm to Christians and conservatives to answer the call to action and push back against the forces that desire to move America from its heritage and founding principles.

BUY IT HERE: The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution - Mike Huckabee

Here’s a new trend I really like

First, Elon Musk said he would pay the legal bills of anyone who sues because they lost their job over something they posted on Twitter. Now, the people who organized the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse have formed Themis Alliance, a nonprofit to help regular people who’ve been victims of cancel culture fight back.

Board member Jillian Anderson said, “Witnessing the media’s immense power, I was personally driven to support Kyle and his shattered family, victims of relentless smears by mainstream media. This experience led me to help create Themis Alliance, providing a voice and platform for those silenced by the woke mob and cancel culture. Together, we’ll empower the voiceless to reclaim their narratives.”

Excellent! Keep hitting them in the pocketbook, it’s the most vulnerable part of their anatomy.

A story largely being ignored by the mainstream media:

Gold Star families and wounded veterans are fed up with President Biden meeting with them and making it all about himself by lying about his son being killed in Iraq.

Well, it’s official:

In Portland, violence by Antifa against journalists is legal. They can even disrupt the trial, threaten journalists in the courtroom, and suggest they’ll dox the jury members, and they still walk away with no consequences.

In an obviously related story, between 2020 and 2021, the county where Portland is located lost over $1 billion in revenue as a result of people fleeing the state.

House J6 Committee destroyed evidence about Capitol Hill security

If you’ve been reading this newsletter, you already know that the now-disbanded Kangaroo Kommittee chaired by Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi failed to preserve the records of its investigation into January 6 as it was required to do.  Conveniently, it even destroyed its records of communications with the White House.  (Surprise!)  But this report from FOX NEWS has more details...

Georgia Rep. Barry Loudermilk, who chairs the Subcommittee on Oversight for the Committee on House Administration (tasked with addressing the security failures), says he was told the “Blue Team,” the part of the J6 committee specifically directed to investigate the security failures at the Capitol, was essentially shut down by the committee in order to focus like a laser beam on blaming President Trump.  (Again, surprise!)

Loudermilk’s subcommittee did get a lot of material, presented in a completely haphazard fashion, but he has not seen “anything from the Blue Team as far as reports on the investigation they did looking into the actual breach itself.”  That’s apparently gone.  He also doesn’t have video of all the depositions.

Thompson is disputing the claim that they were required to keep those records.  “He’s saying they didn’t have to,” Loudermilk said.  “It was clear in law they had to, and...if there was any question, the fact that they used the videos in the hearings would dictate that it had to be preserved.

“The more we go in, the more we’re realizing that there’s things that we don’t have.  We don’t have anything about security failures at the Capitol, we don’t have the videos of the depositions.”

One thing Loudermilk did come across that he said wasn’t turned over to his subcommittee:  a letter from Thompson to White House counsel Richard Sauber and DHS discussing an “agreement” between the J6 committee and the Executive Branch to interview personnel whose names were later redacted.  Loudermilk can’t help but wonder what this was about.  “Did they not want us to know that there were documents that they had sent back to the Executive Branch?”

Of course they didn’t.  And it’s obvious that if the J6 committee was dealing with security failures, it was to cover them up, not investigate them.  As Loudermilk put it, “We’ve got enough to know there was a huge intelligence failure.  I think Chairman Thompson’s response to me is indicting of him.  It’s almost like saying, okay, yeah, we decided not to give you stuff.  And I’m reading it as, Oh, you decided not to give us the things that you didn’t want us to see.  I mean, that’s kind of the way you have to look at this.”

Not just “kind of” --- it’s the only way you can look at it.  Perhaps they don’t realize that it’s backfiring when they continue to insult our intelligence.

BREITBART makes it clear:  Last year, incoming Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy demanded that the J6 committee preserve all of its evidence, records and transcripts.  The committee apparently did not preserve the raw evidence that its attorneys spent months --- and millions of taxpayer dollars --- collecting.  You can bet that if this material had supported their goal of blaming Trump for everything that happened on January 6, they would have kept every last scrap of paper.

Mark Levin pointed out on Tuesday that this destruction “effectively denied former President Trump of access to evidence that might potentially help his defense in the criminal prosecutions that the committee itself had urged the Department of Justice to launch.  And it also prevented other witnesses from clearing their names.”  Can you cay “obstruction”?

Joel Pollak at BREITBART noted the irony of Trump being charged with mishandling documents when it’s the J6 Committee that actually DESTROYED documents.  As far as we know, the DOJ is not investigating Thompson or anyone on the committee for destroying those documents.  And we won’t be hearing any differently as long as the current crew is in charge, mark my words.  For now, Democrats get to destroy documents and obstruct justice to their hearts’ content, and they act accordingly.

Just as the J6 committee has worked to control its J6 narrative, so the WASHINGTON POST has quietly, gradually tweaked its own reporting on the Hunter Biden scandal so as not to have to issue major, earth-shattering corrections.  Their top fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, has been busy since Devon Archer’s testimony making updates to stories they reported in 2020 and 2021.  This piece from THE NEW YORK POST --- who got their reporting on the Biden story correct from the start, despite it being branded “Russian disinformation” --- is really quite hilarious, and you know they must have enjoyed playing “gotcha.”

It was Paul Sperry at REALCLEAR INVESTIGATIONS who noticed what Kessler was doing with the Hunter story at WAPO, gradually adapting their narrative rather than admitting they were wrong.  And Kessler continued to downplay Hunter’s business associations as much as possible.

The transcript of Archer’s recent testimony, however, shows that the NY POST, not WAPO, had it right in the first place.  Miranda Devine’s reporting was confirmed.

“Most facts were always there,” Perry wrote.  “It was only when the facts were amplified by government hearings, reports and depositions, as well as other news sites and Twitter, that Kessler revised his analysis --- while still resisting calling his revisions ‘corrections.’”

“Despite the rolling disclosures reaching a critical mass,” he continued, “the [WASHINGTON] POST has not published a separate news story examining its own errors, which misinformed voters ahead of the November 2020 presidential election and continued to mislead the public deep into the Biden presidency.”

Sperry notes that the clearly partisan Kessler, who portrays himself as “a neutral arbiter of truth in journalism,” wrote the book “Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth:  The President’s Falsehoods, Misleading Claims and Flat-Out Lies.”  As I said, this piece is hilarious.  Highly recommended.


For the past couple of days, GATEWAY PUNDIT has been breaking a story about massive 2020 voter fraud in Michigan, allegedly involving thousands of criminally falsified voter registration forms, and federal officials keeping it on the lowdown, as the saying goes.   Here’s their Part 1...

“It should be noted,” they wrote, “that after documenting these crimes and investigating for weeks, the Michigan police turned over their investigation to the FBI, who promptly buried the findings.  [Editorial aside:  Well, of course they did.]  Once again, the FBI apparently took no action --- more on that in an upcoming report.”

So, here’s that report, Part 2…

Their report claims that one company that appears to be implicated in the fake registration strategy is GBI Strategies, with offices near Muskegon.  When police went there, they found “semiautomatic guns, silencers/suppressors, burner phones, a bag of pre-paid cash cards, and incomplete registrations, in an office space that was styled as an eyeglass store that had gone defunct.”

One very educated estimate (from a former Michigan secretary of state) put the number of ballot applications mailed out to people unqualified to vote in Michigan at over 800,000.  This would include non-citizens, underage people, and those who had moved or died.

LEAVE A COMMENT HERE: House J6 Committee destroyed evidence about Capitol Hill security - Read Mike's News Analysis - Mike Huckabee

Detailed analysis of “secret” Trump memo reported by NEW YORK TIMES

By now you’ve no doubt heard about the “secret” controversial memo leaked to THE NEW YORK TIMES concerning a possible plan involving alternate slates of electors for the vote count in DC.  The reporting on this from the left has been gleeful.  This memo was written by Kennth Cheseboro, assumed to be one of the unnamed “co-conspirators” in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment of Trump on charges relating to January 6.  In the TIMES story and subsequent coverage --- as well as the indictment --- the term “fake electors” is used to describe these alternate electors, which as the term is generally understood are not “fake,” or unconstitutional, or even anything new, as Hawaii chose a slate of alternate electors in one very close election in case the count flipped.          

And if we understand, Cheseboro wasn’t talking about using them to “overturn” an election, either, but to buy time until the Supreme Court might look at the case.  In light of the preceding story about alleged voter registration fraud involving hundreds of thousands of applications in a swing state, it seems reasonable to at least ask the Court to take a look at some of the worst allegations.

“I recognize that what I suggest is a bold, controversial strategy,” he wrote in the memo, “and that there are many reasons why it might not end up being executed on Jan. 6.”

Since this was presented simply as one possible strategy from an adviser and nothing came of it, it’s hard for this non-lawyer to understand what might have been criminal about it.  And I have to wonder what we’d see if we could read the internal memos of, say, the Gore team when they were actively challenging the vote count in Florida.  But, of course, we didn’t get to see THOSE…

We’ll be looking at what the most brilliant legal minds have to say about this and come back with more tomorrow.  In the meantime, of course, the left will be spinning it like crazy.


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  • Georgr W Trever

    08/11/2023 07:41 AM

    Maybe if Trump spent his time in the court room, he would win like Biden staying in his basement.

  • Paul Kern

    08/10/2023 09:09 PM

    The Left would call this a " nothing burger" to deceive the sheeple. I knew this early on as the Epoch Times did some great reporting. One item on record is thousands of ballots came directly from Communist China! The group mentioned us still active

  • gregory smith

    08/10/2023 08:47 PM

    there's so much to say about this

  • larry rippere

    08/10/2023 06:23 PM

    Food prices up 19% since Biden took office...??? Maybe in backward, depressed Arkansas?
    Here in CA, the land of FRUITs and nuts, yummy nectarines were $.99/# when Biden took office - now $2.97. That is NOT 19%, Dude!!!

  • Stephen Russell

    08/10/2023 03:57 PM

    J6 Comm:

    Deny evidence for later use in court
    (have to have copies someplace else right)