September 10, 2020


September 10, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


Investigative reporter Paul Sperry has just come out with a “developing” story about investigators learning that Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan set up a task force to target then-candidate Donald Trump. Such a task force would certainly explain a lot of what happened with the “Russia Russia Russia!” story, and we’ve been hypothesizing something similar for quite some time, as it's obvious that Brennan’s in deep. Former CIA analyst Larry C. Johnson reported on the task force about a year ago. Here’s what Johnson has to say about it now, in light of Sperry’s latest revelation.

A retired CIA colleague told Johnson in October of 2019 that Brennan had set up a task force, hand-picking the group himself instead of going through the usual posting. Apparently not everyone accepted the invitation, which “could be a problem for John Brennan,” Johnson wrote.

"I am not talking about an informal group of disgruntled Democrats working at the CIA who got together like a book club to grouse and complained about the brash real estate guy from New York,” Johnson said, though I imagine they did that sort of thing, too. “It was a specially designed covert action to try to destroy Donald Trump.”

The way Johnson explains it, a CIA task force, as designed and first used in 1947, can be “expanded” to include personnel from other intel agencies such as the FBI, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and NSA (National Security Agency). It operates outside the CIA organizational chart. A typical and appropriate use for it might be to go after foreign terrorists or drug traffickers; it would certainly NOT be used to go after a U.S. presidential candidate! But Johnson was told that’s exactly what Brennan did, with the blessings of then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. (The director of national intelligence coordinates the various intel agencies.)

Johnson’s friends in the CIA have told him that the task force was operating in early 2016 and possibly even in summer 2015. (This would explain a lot of what we’ve already learned from the reporting of Lee Smith and others.)

According to Johnson, the anti-Trump task force included CIA case officers (“handlers” for overseas spies), intel analysts and administrators. Importantly, personnel from the FBI might also have been invited, including Michael Gaeta, the FBI’s “handler” for “confidential human source” (SPY) Christopher Steele, a former member of British spy organization MI-6.

CIA case officers on the task force would have been able to work with foreign intelligence, such as Steele in MI-6 and diplomat Alexander Downer from Australia. They could have used someone like Joseph Mifsud to target George Papadopoulos. They could also have used the NSA to do “targeted collections”; that is to say, to intercept their communications. Let me again stress, all of these activities are legal when used against foreign terrorists or drug traffickers; they are NOT legal when used against a U.S. citizen, and most especially against a major party nominee for President.

Johnson hopes there’s also been an investigation into the so-called impeachment “whistleblower,” ERIC CIARAMELLA (yes, we still dare to use his name around here), to see if he was a part of the task force or perhaps reporting to them.

If this is the way Brennan were using a CIA task force, it was illegal. But even with all he was trying to do to tie Trump to the Russians, he was never able to do it. And no one ever will –- because (say it with me) Trump wasn’t conspiring with the Russians.

Moving ahead to Paul Sperry’s tweet, it makes news because he says not only that Brennan did this, but that “investigators “HAVE LEARNED” he did this.

I assume he’s referring to John Durham’s investigators. Here’s what Sperry tweeted:

"DEVELOPING: Investigators have learned that Obama CIA Director John Brennan ran a secret task force out of Langley with its own separate budget to investigate Trump campaign and alleged ties to Russia. Taskforce set up before FBI officially launched its own probe on 7/31/16.”

Ah, it had its own separate budget. Your tax dollars at work.

Another journalist, Adam Housley, responded, “He’d been doing this well before Trump. As I have reported. Remember I’ve been saying John Brennan ran his own op and had been doing that. I’ve reported/said this for 3 years...”

According to the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, Brennan was questioned by Durham’s team at Langley, his old stomping ground, but Brennan’s spokesperson has said he was told he’s not “a subject or a target” of Durham’s investigation. At the same time, according to ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes, Brennan is NOT in the clear, as he lied under oath to Congress about not including the Steele “dossier” in the Intel Community Assessment of Trump/Russia collusion in January of 2017. (Recall that he laughably said it was not in the “corpus” of information they used.)

If investigators have suddenly found evidence of Brennan’s task force, he can become a subject or target with the snap of a finger. Brennan, who loathes President Trump and has even called him a traitor, is up to his eyeballs in this. And it seems these off-the-book task forces were his M.O., even before he cranked one up against the future President. It’s almost inevitable that some participants are going to skate in this, but let’s hope that justice will finally be served to the one who led the whole thing.


As reported in the DAILY WIRE, Attorney General Bill Barr gives us reason to anticipate more criminal indictments in the Durham investigation.



My new book with Steve Feazel, “The Three C’s That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution,” is available for order now at Amazon, and you can now read a free excerpt from it at the link.

I hope you’ll get the book, read it, and pass copies on to all of your friends and relatives who think they’re well-informed about history and current events because they watch Rachel Maddow and Stephen Colbert. You can explain to them that all those pages in the back with the little numbers on them are footnotes that list the original sources for historical facts. They’ve probably never seen anyone cite an actual historical fact before.



I almost hate to get out of bed these days because apparently, each new sunrise between now and the election is going to bring yet another phony, anonymously-sourced anti-Trump “BOMBSHELL!” fable that some Democratic Party mouthpiece with a byline has been sitting on for two or three years, waiting to launch it within two months of the election. And the rest of the media will dutifully rush to jawbone over it, as if it were the most important story of the day, thinking it’s somehow going to convince Trump voters to violate every principle they hold and go vote for Biden, despite having had four years to watch how Trump actually governs while fielding endless daily attacks of fake news and made-up quotes.

Wednesday’s came to us courtesy of Bob Woodward, who used to be a journalist in the Watergate days of 45 years ago, but has since given us widely-denounced potboilers like the John Belushi hatchet job “Wired;” “Veil,” the CIA expose in which he claimed to hear former CIA Director William Casey’s deathbed confession, even though he was barred from the room and Casey could no longer talk; and now, two anti-Trump books. The controversy du Wednesday came from Woodward’s claim that in a March 19th phone call, Trump told him about the coronavirus, “I wanted to always play it down.” He conveniently didn’t play up the rest of the quote: “I still like playing it down because I don't want to create a panic."

Woodward concludes his book with this quote: “Trump is the wrong man for the job.” You know, like reliable, objective journalists do.

At this link, Matt Vespa covers the latest hair-on-fire “controversy”….

…and also points out that no matter what Trump did, the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) would have said he was wrong. If he had played up the dangers, they would’ve accused him of inciting panic. If he didn’t, he would be accused of not taking it seriously. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci responded to Woodward’s claims by saying that there was never a time that Trump contradicted what the top doctors were telling him. It was a new disease and it took awhile for people to learn what we were dealing with. At least Trump’s instincts, like shutting off travel from China immediately, were correct, even while Biden and other Democrats were calling him a racist and a xenophobe for doing it.

Of course, Biden immediately cited the book to slam Trump because if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Joe Biden, it’s that he never waits to find out whether an accusation is true or not before he condemns someone for it. Exactly what you want in a guy who has his finger on the nuclear button.

But Woodward himself is also facing backlash, with questions like, “If you had evidence that Trump was downplaying a deadly airborne disease months ago, why did you wait until close the election and the release of your book to tell anyone?” I guess for the same reason that Democrats who now claim they would have taken it more seriously than Trump were denouncing him for overreacting while telling everyone to ignore it and come on down to Chinatown. Or as late as this summer, telling people that it was fine to ignore safety procedures and go to BLM protests.

As long as we’re playing 20/20 hindsight and blaming political opponents for deaths, here’s a MUST-READ article by Matt Margolis that blows away the laughable claim that if only Biden had been in charge, the pandemic wouldn’t have been so bad. No, it’s not about the H1N1 pandemic that happened under Obama/Biden and that only good luck and the grace of God kept from killing millions of Americans because of their lack of action. This is about the VA scandal. Remember that?

Did you know that more than 300,000 veterans died because of the long waiting lists for care at VA clinics under Obama/Biden, which is 120,000 more Americans than have died of the coronavirus nationwide? Did you know that the problem was improving until they took over, and then it got worse (processing times increased 40% from 2011 to 2013)? Did you know that people who caused the problem and falsified records to cover it up were not investigated and even got promoted while there were complaints of retaliation against whistleblowers who exposed it in 28 states? And this problem was definitely fixable, because when Donald Trump was elected, he FIXED IT!

I hope I don’t have to deal with fresh garbage deliveries by the media every day between now and the election. I think most people have figured out this game by now. At this late date, we’ve lived through this so many times already that nobody’s going to vote for the donkeys because their sheep in the media keep crying wolf.



The liberal media want you to believe that former Vice President Joe Biden would challenge Beijing if he is elected as president — but no amount of media spin can transform a serial China appeaser into a bold American leader.

According to a New York Times article published last week, Biden has taken a “journey” with respect to his position on China, adjusting his view of the communist regime over the course of his lengthy political career in Washington.

“As a United States senator, he spoke of transforming China through trade,” the Times article states. “As a presidential candidate two decades later, he denounces it as a ‘dictatorship.’” The article attempts to convince the reader that Biden has matured on foreign policy, and that he now has what it takes to stand up to Beijing after decades of rolling over for our rival.

Biden’s so-called “journey,” however, is more of a lengthy jog on a political treadmill — lots of motion, but going nowhere.

As the American people have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, Biden couldn’t even bring himself to condemn the Chinese regime for its mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak. And Biden has even echoed Beijing’s propaganda criticizing President Trump’s emergency travel restrictions, which have helped save countless American lives, as being “xenophobic.”

“This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia — hysterical xenophobia — and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science,” Biden said Jan. 31.

Moreover, the Democratic presidential nominee has vowed to reverse President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the corrupt World Health Organization, ignoring the fact that the institution has played a key role in facilitating China’s coronavirus cover-up campaign.

In fact, the WHO publicly disseminated a Chinese study about the pathology of COVID-19 that falsely claimed the virus can’t be transmitted between humans. Why would America trade President Trump’s courage for Joe Biden’s capitulation to the communist dictatorship?

“Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China,” the health organization tweeted Jan. 14.

To make matters worse, Biden recently pledged to “reevaluate” President Trump’s strategic counter-tariffs on Chinese goods if he gets elected this November. The Trump policy is designed to correct Beijing’s years of dishonest trade practices that have stolen millions of jobs from American workers.

Biden doesn’t even comprehend the geopolitical threat China poses to the U.S. Just a year ago, the former vice president passionately insisted that the world’s second-largest economy is not “going to eat our lunch,” airily dismissing widely held concerns about the rise of the communist nation.

“They’re not bad folks, folks,” Biden said at the time. “They’re not competition for us."

Of course, The New York Times went out of its way to point out that Biden has labeled China a “dictatorship,” as though this obvious statement of fact proves that the Democratic presidential nominee has no illusions about the regime’s brutality. But pointing out China’s tyrannical tendencies and recognizing the foreign policy threat it poses are two very different things.

There are around 200 sovereign states in the world. Many of them are dictatorships that pose no challenge to the United States.

China, on the other hand, is determined to undermine America’s hegemony and fundamentally change the world order — and it’s well-positioned to achieve those aims if American leaders don’t assert our country’s interests.

Donald Trump has done just that since taking office, securing a historic Phase One trade deal with China that went a long way toward restoring parity to our trade relationship. We need to keep the pressure on until we finish the job. After years of being played as chumps by China under past administrations, President Trump has put America — and American workers — first.

The liberal media are desperately trying to redefine Biden as a leader who can challenge China — but erasing history is no easy feat. Beijing Biden does not have what it takes to stand up to our biggest geopolitical adversary, and his own actions during this election season show it.

President Trump has put a stop to the long-time swamp policy pushed by politicians like Joe Biden, who have left cookies and warm milk out for the Chinese as if they were Santa Claus when they were actually acting like burglars in the homes of America’s middle class.



The Arab League refused to pass a resolution submitted by the Palestinian Authority to condemn the normalization deal brokered by President Trump between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

The story notes that “an Arab League condemnation of the Israel-UAE deal seemed unlikely from the start, since several Arab states such as Egypt and Bahrain have expressed public or tacit support for the deal.” There are also quotes from PA officials, thundering their usual threats and condemnations for not giving them what they want. But in the greatest sign for peace in the Middle East in a long time, their fellow Arabs didn’t seem to care very much what they had to say.

I tell you this because this is the type of story you’re not hearing about because our media are obsessed with reporting mean things Trump allegedly said years ago according to anonymous sources they can’t reveal. When you’ve got “news” like that, Trump achieving a growing peace in the Middle East is hardly worth mentioning.



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  • Bruce K Fleming

    09/18/2020 09:42 PM

    Sorry, "off" the resolute desk.

  • Bruce K Fleming

    09/18/2020 09:37 PM

    Get your stupid, self centered, prideful foot of the resolute desk!

  • Pam Richenberg

    09/12/2020 11:18 AM

    I am tired of hearing all these findings with nothing being done!


    09/12/2020 09:50 AM

    I don’t understand why we read so much about these law breakers but we hear nothing of what AG Barr is doing about it.

  • Richard A. Geldhof

    09/11/2020 09:57 AM

    Good post today Gov. Huckabee about coronavirus and whose to blame when. I remember in late December 2019 when Biden didn't think much and was telling people they didn't have to worry about the pandemic in China he told folks to go to New Years Eve parties. Dr. Faucii, the infectious disease expert reiterated the same message. Nothing to fear they said. I didn't believe them. I was a volunteer ticket taker at an International destination in Grand Rapids, Michigan and since it was and international destination for world travelers I was concerned why Chinese tourists all wore masks starting in October, By mid-January 2019 larger groups of Chinese tourists wore masks while visiting. When I asked why a young boy ran past my monitor desk and began gasping and coughing at guests, I motioned for him to come back. He was coughing without covering his mouth. When I told him to cover his mouth he came closer and coughed in my face and the Chinese gasped. I got a bath of his snot in my face and excused myself and cleaned off my face then instead of taking tickets I pulled out my phone and started dialing 911. The woman in charge of that boy screamed at me for dialing police. I said what he did was assault and battery and that she was irresponsible. I was accused of being rude, but she said nothing. She didn't apologize.

    A young Chinese man said I wouldn't let anyone do that to me. I asked why he was wearing the mask. He began to speak and said the virus in China was killing lots of people and we came here to get away from the sickness. He then said six of their group wasn't there today because they were deathly ill in the hotel rooms - one the hospital. Later that day another man said bodies were piled high against buildings and houses for disposal to ...and just then another big man came up behind and clapped his hands over his mouth. Pilots and astronauts have seen cremation pyres from high altitudes above the earth and everyone in America should thank President Trump for halting air and ship travel, because he saved millions of lives without causing a panic. Don't let anyone sneeze in your face - it can kill you. Biden and Faucii were not experts - the carnage started with ignorance of them.

  • Karen Powers

    09/10/2020 08:28 PM

    Obama putting his feet on the presidential desk is disgusting. This means he wasn’t raised well. You can talk about Trump all you want to, and his words, but this is a way of showing how well bred you are.

  • William Fuhrer

    09/10/2020 06:40 PM

    Mcconnell said IT'S NOT YOUR DAD'S DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Maybe the HOSTILE TAKEOVER to Socialism started with the election of President Barrack Obama. Who would have thought that J. Edgar Hoovers MASTERS OF DECEIT would have infiltrated the FBI an Democratic party to the present degree

  • Charlotte Collins

    09/10/2020 05:27 PM

    A very insightful article! Thank you!

  • Firewagon

    09/10/2020 03:24 PM

    " It’s almost inevitable that some participants are going to skate in this, but let’s hope that justice will finally be served to the one who led the whole thing." Hope, as they say, does spring eternal as long as there is breath. That statement, however, has to rate in the top five of the most reprehensible, laughable, condemnations for receiving 'justice' after nearly four years of investigations that revealed the level of corruption that was evident all the way up to the former occupant of "The People's House!" A 'military hero' in General Flynn had his life destroyed by being accused, NOT convicted, of lying to the FBI. Yet, these instigators of 'sedition' against a sitting President of The United States will "skate?" The longer this goes, the more likely it is that the 'criminal Clinton's' remark on Benghazi, "at this point, what difference does it make," will be the 'Get Out of Jail FREE' card!

    Finally, Mike, I recently mentioned the website suspending our ability to comment on articles appearing there. They publish a majority of leftist propaganda from about all sources, and now there is no pushback from the conservative side. An egregious example is this article from the NY Times: Perhaps you can provide a response to additional sites that could see the perspective from our side? God Speed with God's blessings, me man!

  • Floyd A Unger

    09/10/2020 02:53 PM

    Thank you Mike Huckabee

  • Pat J Green

    09/10/2020 02:47 PM

    I believe that anyone who worked to overthrow the elected Government of the United States needs to be charged with treason tried and punished as such. Trying to overthrow the will of the people is about a wrong as it can get

  • Charles Fikes

    09/10/2020 01:52 PM

    Thanks Mike for your news/information.

  • Linda Wolfe

    09/10/2020 01:43 PM

    I'm not sure is this is correct or not, but years ago I saw on the internet that Brennan had converted to muslim. If that's the case, he is bound to be good buddy's with obama. Anyone with o.oo1 % of a brain knows obama is a muslim. Never forget tomorrow marks the 19th year that 3000 Americans were murdered by yes, muslims. Do I hate these people NO but it is time to call evil what it really is EVIL ! Do people even realize their children are being taught to hate this LAND THAT WE LOVE ? We need to guard our hearts & minds lest our GREAT LAND turns their backs on the the GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob that this nation was founded on ! WE MUST HUMBLE OURSELVES AND PRAY, TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS OF KILLING BABIES, SEEK HIS FACE AND HE WILL HEAL OUR LAND. GOD HAVE MERCY ON AMERICA .