June 29, 2019

While the Democrats keep attacking President Trump for allegedly not caring about health care costs or availability, he just keeps doing things like this:

This week, a young woman diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer who was once on the verge of ending her life thanked Trump for her being alive and healthy after his signing of the “Right To Try” bill removed FDA roadblocks to her trying a cutting edge treatment that was not yet approved.  Read her inspiring story at the link.

Trump is also helping make it easier for people to receive donor kidneys…

Also this week, Trump signed an executive order requiring hospitals to disclose costs of tests and procedures upfront to eliminate expensive “surprise” charges.  For instance, patients will now know in advance if a hospital charges $3500 for a test they could get in a doctor’s office for $500.

You’d think this would be universally celebrated by liberals who say they want to make health care costs more transparent and affordable.  But wait: Trump did it, so it must be bad!  And so we get this contrarian headline from the New York Times:

“Why Transparency on Medical Prices Could Actually Make Them Go Higher.” 

This is why I say that if Donald Trump personally cured cancer, the headline in the New York Times would read, “Trump Puts Thousands of Oncologists Out of Business.” 


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  • Richard Howard

    07/01/2019 12:56 PM

    Many health issues that Global Populations face can be eliminated with education and implementation of alternative diets and added exercise. I am living proof. I died 9 years ago at the age of 69 and promised God if He spared me ... I would learn how to get healthy and stay healthy, Naturally. It worked and now I want to share it with others. The USA is not a friendly environment for promoting and providing Natural Cures. Big Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries make way too much money from prolonged, artificial treatment rather than 'Natural', permanent cures. I will be promoting Natural Health and Wellness from Colombia South America, then on the World Stage as we develop our 'Global Quarry Projects' to Rescue and Restore both At Risk Humanity and Scarred Environments.

  • Sheri Hennig

    06/29/2019 02:31 PM

    Opening via FB had a pop up saying congratulations, I won a FB prize.

  • Greg Baker

    06/29/2019 11:23 AM

    Why this hasn't gotten any media attention shows exactly where their bias is. This is GREAT news for many people and is helping to bring better healthcare and transparency for consumers. Thank you President Trump!