August 29, 2020


August 29, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


After a momentous week like this past one, it’s time to kick back and enjoy an all-new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN! We’ll talk to former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker about the lawlessness that’s happening in his state since the Democrats took it over just last year. Dr. Rick Rigsby will share some of the best life advice you’ll ever hear. I’ll talk about my new book, “The Three C’s That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution,” with my co-author Steve Feazel (which you can pre-order now at Amazon.) We’ll also meet an inspiring Huck’s Hero, share some laughs with comedian Jonnie W., and top it off with great music from country star, Kelly Lang.

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Ordinarily, I would have written extensively about Friday’s 57th anniversary of the March on Washington led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. He was a huge inspiration to me as a kid growing up in the South, and his dream of a land in which all the races live together in peace, judged by the content of their characters and not the color of their skin, was an inspiration to my life and those of countless others.

Unfortunately, this year’s observance of that anniversary in Washington, organized by Al Sharpton, in many ways betrayed the spirit of the Rev. King’s message with gratuitous racial slanders for political purposes (i.e., Sharpton calling the President “Bull Trump” – Bull Connor was a Democrat, it needs to be noted again and again) and divisive, anti-American rhetoric. Some speakers couldn’t have perverted the Rev. King’s message more if they’d literally declared that we must judge people by their skin color, not their character.

One praiseworthy exception worth mentioning is the Rev. King’s 10-year-old granddaughter, Yolanda Renee King, who said, “My generation has already taken to the streets – peacefully and with masks and social distancing – to protest racism.” I wish some of the adults there had her wisdom and sense of responsibility.

Before anyone starts accusing me of only saying this because I’m white, read the words of this longtime Democratic Tennessee state Representative and veteran of the civil rights movement who calls it “appalling” and “heartbreaking” to associate the non-violent protests of the Rev. King with “burning and looting and stealing.” He said, "It's like we're trying to live up to the worst of stereotypes, the worst of behavior, the worst of perceptions.”

As I often like to remind people, especially those who forget or try to obscure this fact, the Rev. King was, first and foremost, a great preacher of the Gospel. Some of his most inspiring words came in the form of sermons. I urge you to honor his legacy by reading those, not listening to people who would distort his message for their personal political motives. You can start with this, the final sermon he ever gave on April 3, 1968 in Memphis. You will search in vain to find any encouragement of violence or incitements of race hatred in it.


CNN’s Don Lemon let the cat out of the bag that Democrats needed to start saying something about all the rioting, looting and violent assaults in Democrat-run cities because it was hurting their polling. I guess they were fine with it as long as they thought they could blame it on Trump the same way they tried to blame him personally for every death caused by an international pandemic released by China.

And so, just like clockwork, Joe Biden emerged briefly from his basement to tut-tut that rioting and violence are, kinda sorta, you know, not good.

As Mike LaChance at Legal Insurrection observes, “This is what it took for the Democrat nominee for president to finally speak up about the riots. Not the destroyed lives, businesses, or neighborhoods, but bad polling. That should tell you everything you need to know.”


My wife Janet and I were very lucky that we were able to exit the White House grounds safely Thursday night as part of a large crowd. Sen. Rand Paul and his wife Kelley left on their own and were soon surrounded by a hostile mob. The police officers who saw what was happening and stepped in to protect them deserve a medal, as President Trump said.

At this link, Mrs. Paul describes what she calls the most harrowing night of her life, inflicted on her and Sen. Paul for no other reason than that they publicly expressed their support of the President.

The mayor of DC who allowed this should resign in disgrace. And so should the writer at the Associated Press who wrote that the Pauls claimed they were attacked “without evidence.” Okay, how about this for “evidence” that the violent, threatening mob was a violent, threatening mob?

If anyone asked me for evidence that that A.P. writer is an idiot, I would simply have to produce his own article.


Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway movement, was sitting just two rows in front of me at President Trump’s speech Thursday night. I’m sickened to have to report that he was also among those attacked by leftist thugs when he and a friend returned to their hotel. He said it was almost identical to what Jussie Smollett reported, except this attack really happened.

Straka noted that he hadn't endured an anti-gay attack like that in 10 years, and worse, they couldn’t even fight back because the media would accuse them of being racists. He wrote, “At least back in the day when gay-bashing was common, the media didn’t blame the gay people.”

Sadly, that’s because the media, like much of the Democratic Party leadership, have thrown in their lot with a group of radical leftists who don’t care about gay rights, women’s rights, black rights or even human rights. The only right they care about is their own delusion that they have the right to exert power over everyone else. If you disagree or challenge them in any way, they will attack you with anything from vile racist, sexist or homophobic slurs and profanity to physical violence. And if you fight back, as Brandon says, you’re a “racist,” even if you’re black and the person you’re fighting is a white punk calling you the n-word.

I hate to see this for a number of reasons, but one of them is that I consider real racism to be a terrible sin that’s an insult to God, who created us all in His image. That’s why exploiting the condemnatory power of the word by falsely affixing to people who simply disagree with your politics is also a sin and an insult to God.

And if you’re surprised that a conservative Christian would be defending a gay man against homophobic attacks on him by alleged “social justice workers,” then you need to stop watching fake news sources.



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  • Linda S. Elliott

    09/01/2020 03:04 PM

    Thanks Gov. I read both your morning and evening commentaries. I always come away knowing something I did not know before. Keep up the good work.

  • Norman North

    09/01/2020 01:21 AM

    RE: Tactics of the Left
    Tonight I wrote Tom Cotton to complain about our Congress going on vacation while Americans fall apart due to the pandemic. I explained to him that our banks need to stop overdraft fees during the pandemic when everyone is thrown out of work. How can these people sleep at night?
    I also gave him a suggestion on how to deal with these far left individuals who violate the rights of law abiding citizens. If he passing my suggestion on to the President, I think you will see a surprise involving the use of marshal arts. Stay tuned! If they adopt my idea, the trouble makers will never be the same when the event is over.

  • Don Craig Lindholm

    08/31/2020 04:25 PM

    So long as violent extremists continue to plot attacks on our homeland and our interests,
    Democrats will maintain a vigilant focus on counterterrorism.
    Democrats recognize that the threat landscape has evolved dramatically since September 11. Our
    counterterrorism priorities, strategies, footprint, and tools should shift accordingly, including to
    respond to the growing threat from white supremacist and other right-wing terrorist groups

    This paragraph is from the Democratic Party platform; Why no mention about the left wing groups that are tearing up the big cities, I guess that is OK?

  • Renee Kendrick

    08/31/2020 03:07 AM

    God is not the Author of confusion but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.
    1 Corinthians 14:33

    There are many devices in a man's heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand. Proverbs 19:21

  • Renee Kendrick

    08/30/2020 07:59 PM

    America a cashless society? Yeah, right! One if the listed items for an emergency survival kit is CASH! How are people supposed to purchase items or rent hotel rooms after a natural disaster (earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc) if the electronic payment systems of surrounding area businesses are affected by the outages of a disaster where the extensive damage occurred 50 or more miles away?

    There has to be balance among the chaos! Going totally electronic is a total bust for this large nation!

    Being unable to give back change (coins) on cash purchases is ridiculous. The major retailers are trying to keep as much money as possible. They need to round down the purchases to the nearest dollar! Better yet, they need to TRAIN their employees how to MAKE (AND COUNT) CHANGE for all paper currency...without a calculator.

    This is happening because the generation that is so codependent on electronic devices are entering the workforce. And they want the same pay as experienced/educated long-time workers? HA! HA! HA!

  • Renee Kendrick

    08/30/2020 07:23 PM

    Had to endure the path of Laura this past week due to an outpatient medical procedure of a family member the day before the storm. This was the second procedure for the family member in ten days. Well, the person had to be tested for Covid19 before both the same hospital...even though no symptoms were exhibited by the individual. Going a bit overboard in my opinion! Just another way to get money from the insurance company! After this occurrence, I have no doubt that the numbers of cases are being fluffed!!! (Wouldn't be surprised if the number of deaths are, too.)

    The president needs to clarify that the insurance companies are to pay for Covid19 testing one time per patient. If the medical facilities want to continue testing when there are no symptoms, then they have to absorb the costs!!! Paranoia (and possibly fraud) certainly exist in this crisis.

    On the subject of Laura, there was minimal damage where I was staying. Power outages are the main concern for the residents. This means gasoline for generators that has to be put in gas cans. I witnessed several people filling gas cans IN THE BACK OF THEIR VEHICLES after the storm rolled through! Really people! That is a BIG NO-NO!!! Signs are posted at the gas stations about placing gas cans on the ground but very few people have enough sense to exercise safety in it! DUH! No one would have any recourse if an explosion happened. The gas stations are protected because of the signs.

    I certainly didn't see any price gouging on gasoline where I was staying either. Hooray for the gas stations!

    A great big THANK YOU to the out-of-state electrical companies who sent employees to help restore power! Your hard work and dedication to the cause is very much appreciated by the residents of the affected cities, towns, and rural areas in LA and TX!

    A huge THANK YOU to President Trump for his trip to survey the damage. He genuinely cares about the people of the USA!!! Glad he is our president!

  • Joan Kugler

    08/30/2020 07:19 PM

    Mike - Is America really as racist as we are being led to believe in network news reports? It is getting so you don't know what to believe any more. Living in the Midwest and of an older generation I am sure that we are naïve but it seems to me that we don't see it here as in the larger cities. I understand blacks not wanting to be shot by cops but whites have been shot by cops also. But those incidents don't seem to be publicized. There are good black and white cops but we seem to only hear about the white cops shooting black thugs. And it would seem that in most instances, the black deserved to be shot or would not have been shot if they had followed the policeman's orders. Why do some blacks feel that they have the right to defy law and order? We have good friends who are black and realize that not all blacks are arrogant, prideful, determined to have their own way just as there are whites who are the same. BUT why do blacks feel that they are being taken advantage of and mistreated. I feel that we are only hearing about a small majority who are more vocal that the silent majority who are peaceful, law-abiding citizens. Why do some blacks think that everything "white" must be bad?

  • James Schaffner

    08/30/2020 06:22 PM

    It seems like the phrase, "Trump's America" is on the latest edition of the DNC talking points. I'm hearing it a lot on TV.
    But is it really true? Of the 100 largest cities in the US, 64 are run by Democrat mayors. I looked up how long some of these cities have had Democrat mayors:
    • Atlanta - controlled by Democrats since 1880. (140 years)
    • Baltimore – controlled by Democrats for all but eight of the last 89 years.
    • Minneapolis - Democrat mayors since 1945 with the exception of 1 one term Republican in 1957. (71 years)
    • Chicago - Democrats have been in charge of the nation’s third-largest city exclusively since 1931 (90 years).
    • Detroit has been run continuously by Democrats since 1962, including 39 years of stewardship by African-American mayors between 1974 and 2013. (58 years)
    • Los Angeles, 13 of the past 15 mayoral terms have been held by Democrats. Their control of the city began in 1961 and was interrupted by Republican Dick Riordan’s two terms from 1993-2001. (51 years)
    • Philadelphia - Democrats have held control since 1952. (68 years)
    • Seattle - last Republican Mayor 1969 – (50 years)
    • Portland Oregon, last Republican mayor 1980 – (40 years).
    • New York, where Rudy Giuliani’s two terms as mayor from 1993-2001. Prior to that, the last Republican mayor was in 1945. (75 years)
    • Kenosha, Wisconsin - John Antaramian - Democrat mayor for the last 20 years.
    • District of Columbia – Last Republican mayor 1910. Democrat mayors since 1967. (53 years)

    As of January 2020, there were 24 states with Democratic governors and 26 states with Republican governors.
    So, it would appear to me that this is NOT "Trump's America".....Yet!! :-)
    Hopefully one day soon it will be!

  • John Gentry Canfield

    08/30/2020 05:47 PM

    Dear Mike,

    Thanks for just being there. God grant that you may be here many years longer.

    i'm a faithful Republican, have been since I could vote. So I'm also a conservative Christian who abhors violence for its own sake.

    I've recently written my senator (Mitch McConnell) and urged him to speak to our President to go beyond the offer of Federal assistance to stop the violence in Dem-run cities, and do what he has said he has the capability for.

    Are the cities of the west coast ('left' coast) of the United States to be left to completely collapse under the dead weight of worthless, and worse, harmful governance of people who would destroy our entire country? Is there any hope of restoring Portland or Seattle to the jewels that they once were? I've never had the privilege of seeing the Space Needle, of visiting Chinatown, or taking a tour of Los Angeles. Are the good people of Southern California, like those Christians under the loving pastorate of Dr. MacArthur's church, doomed to watch their mission fields crumble about them?

    Please Governor Huckabee, can't you use your influence and unite people for the righteous goal of bringing a peaceful end to these atrocities?


    John Gentry Canfield
    My Mom was a Gentry, she's with Jesus now!

  • Vernon Thompson

    08/30/2020 02:56 PM

    Floyd George (Minneapolis, MN). Rashard Brooks (Atlanta, GA), and Jacob Blake (Kenosha, WI) are at the heart of the protests and rioting we have seen across the country. All three have something in common;
    • All three have criminal records.
    • All three were involved in incidents requiring police attention.
    • All three resisted arrest.
    • All three ended up dead unnecessarily.
    If they had surrendered to arrest we would all now be hearing about police violence because of what effort it took to subdue them! This is the excuse the Professional Black Athletes are using for the Black Lives Matter protests. I am not sure if they realize that they are biting the hand that feeds them. I predict they will pay dearly unless they focus on the real problems! The real problems center around inner city Black on Black crime fueled by the breakdown of the family and related issues.

  • Rob E

    08/30/2020 01:31 PM

    Review for book, "Team Jihad"...Great warning!
    Chapter One opens with the quote from Carlos the Jackal, "Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the U.S." I would add that part of that coalition is the mainstream media which is enabling the process.

    Infiltration by communists and Islamists into our institutions is quite clear. "Name-calling, intimidation, and the suppression of facts" is the game plan of the Left. However, the one thing that this "unholy alliance" fears most is knowledge. Exposing the ideology of Sharia and the subversion tactics of the cultural Marxists who unite to defeat our civilization becomes blatantly obvious.

    We need to mainstream this book and its contents. Buy it, read it, share it for the sake of Western Civilization.

  • Dennis Stangeland

    08/30/2020 10:12 AM

    Governor Huckabee,
    I really enjoy your daily verses and so do a large group of friends that I forward the message to!
    Keep them coming!

  • Robin Rebhan

    08/30/2020 09:45 AM

    It just amazes me as to how the democratic party can condone the lawlessness in this nation. And then expect that this lawlessness will some how help get them elected.


    08/30/2020 08:47 AM

    After watching the videos of people harassing people eating and after the President's Acceptance
    Speech, I noticed something that those people doing the harassment are copying the same tactics found in Germany in the 1920's until the downfall of the National Socialist Party ,better knowing as the NAZIS. Their arm movements are completely the same. If you read the the Book "Mein Kampf" you will notice all the same movements being followed to the letter. If you go to Europe and especially in Germany, you will see in clear sight. The people belonging to that movement if you traced back you will see their grandfathers and grandmothers where members and did the work. If you really knew your history you will see the removal of not just Jews, but other races and people that includes german people themselves including people with "SPECIAL NEEDS" and people who did not fit the "ARYAN STANDARDS OF FITNESS, ABILITY TO WORK, BODY TYPES AND OTHER REASONS. Remember this "HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITSELF IF YOU DO NOT LEARN FROM THE PAST"

  • Debi

    08/30/2020 07:50 AM

    I have a picture of BLM buses ?? lined up at truck stop In FLorida to back up Rand Paul saying they are organized and sent in from out of state. So can be prosecuted

  • Mike weiss

    08/30/2020 05:17 AM

    Hi governor, the Democrats did not take Wisconsin over! We held the majorities in the assembly and the senate. The governor and ag were the two positions turned over. Not all is lost. We are not as bad off as some will have you believe.
    Go trump!! Four more years!

  • Linda Olds

    08/30/2020 02:40 AM

    I'm sure now that the Dems have disgusted so many people with their policies and tactics that voters are 'walking away' from them in droves.
    President Trump will win the election. The problem is that the Dems know this too. They will use tactics with mail-in voting to keep a winner from being declared in time, in an attempt to make Nervous Nancy president. We can't even depend on the Supreme Court, as the Chief Justice is siding with the left on many decisions. This is a nightmare.

  • James Evart

    08/29/2020 10:53 PM

    The RNC did a GREAT JOB as did our President, but then again, he ALWAYS DOES. One thing that I would be proactive about is securing protection for voters at the poles and ALL people at ANY political convention or gathering until after the election.
    I offer our Commander In Chief condolences over his brother's death but, throw down the media and go for the jugular of the left and anyone else who is an enemy of the state. I also would have asked why New York and other BLUE states did not use the field hospitals and hospital ships sent up for them and instead sent virus POSITIVE patients to seed rest homes, killing thousands of elderly, instead of using the field hospitals set up for them which might have brought our President some credit for being as proactive as he is. The wholesale greed for power by the Left goes beyond caring for other people's lives and livelihoods to the point of immoral shame, as if they have any shame. The actions of this Democratic Party is shameful and degrading beyond words.

  • Stephen Russell

    08/29/2020 07:47 PM

    Speaking events security future:

    Disrupt rioters comm lines
    Cut Soros funding ties
    name names
    Bounty for by locals ?
    Use parking garages nearby for VIP use
    More security
    Cordon off Exits & Entry ways
    Use water cannons & sonic weapons
    Bikers for Trump.
    Go Remote 2 way video feed
    Reduce audience size alone

  • Park Alan M.

    08/29/2020 06:10 PM

    Governor Huckabee, thank you for your thought provoking and insightful daily write-ups -- I look forward to them. Were you the author of the term "Zoom Gloom" to describe that miserable DNC? It was a clown show. Gold bless you!

  • J Harold Mohler

    08/29/2020 06:07 PM

    Your commentery was great as they usually are!! I hope that the grass roots people soon stand up for law and order and decency like life used to be!!

  • Jerry Korba

    08/29/2020 06:07 PM

    Time has come and gone its time to make these mobs a Terrorist groups and hope the FBI are getting evidence and photos of these terrorist and getting a case against them and one by one by one every day bring them to justice with out bail. These mobs only know strength like the mobs in Iraq Iran Syria ect. they need to be met with great force and long consequences to deter future terrorism. The mobs are like Isis it will continue to take more space if not stopped now. The country is in a hostile take over wake up.

  • Lucy Spencer

    08/29/2020 05:49 PM

    Mike, why don't you and all the other commentators start telling the truth - the democratic party and all the leftists have been infected by Satan. All the crap they are spewing is straight from his mouth. Stop pointing out the obvious and just tell it like it is.

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/29/2020 04:35 PM

    Thank you

  • William Fuhrer

    08/29/2020 03:41 PM

    Black Lives Matter are very open that they are marxists. It disturbs me that sports owners know this and kneel before marxists