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June 28, 2023

The Supreme Court continues to hand down decisions as it approaches its summer break.

This morning, the SCOTUS ruled 6-3 that North Carolina’s supreme court did not overstep its bounds in striking down a congressional redistricting plan as overly partisan. The ruling is being interpreted as a loss for those who want elected officials to have power over redistricting without interference from judges.

Monday, the Court rejected a bid by the Republicans in Louisiana to reverse a lower court order to redraw its Congressional map to add another black majority district. This is the second such ruling from this court, and another in Alabama is still in the wings. I don’t know why, in the year 2023, people are still demanding that voting lines be drawn by skin color, or why the Court is still upholding that idea, but it is. I just hope that the GOP is recruiting some really good black conservatives to run in those districts and make the case to black voters that things never improve when you just keep reelecting the same people who’ve only made your life miserable for decades.

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