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July 29, 2022



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Proverbs 3:5-6 NKJV

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 VP Biden met with 14 of Hunter's business associates, in White House

Still more information about messages on Hunter Biden’s laptop shows conclusively that President Biden has lied repeatedly about never speaking with his son about his foreign business dealings. He absolutely did, and it’s time to stop humoring those shills for the administration who try to tell us differently. They’re lying, too.

Joe Biden, while he was Vice President, apparently met with at least 14 –- no, that is not a typo –- business associates of Hunter's. In the White House. They came from the U.S., China, Mexico, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

In a meeting with FOX News Digital in October 2020 --- right after the laptop story broke in the NEW YORK POST --- former Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski said, “I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. Yet I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true, because it wasn’t just Hunter’s business; they said they were putting the Biden family name and legacy on the line.”

Hunter obviously expected a reciprocal relationship with those he favored with White House visits. In a petulant email to Miguel Aleman Magnani of Mexico, who had visited the West Wing, Hunter fumed, “I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing White House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration and you go completely silent. I don’t know what it is that I did but I’d like to know why I’VE DELIVERED ON EVERY SINGLE THING YOU’VE EVER ASKED [emphasis mine] and you make me feel like I’ve done something to offend you.”

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz of the House Judiciary Committee questioned a senior Biden ‘Justice’ Department official on Thursday about why the FBI seems so committed to protecting Biden. When Gaetz asked Assistant Attorney General for National Security Matthew Olsen if he knew where Hunter’s laptop was, Olsen avoided answering the question, using the fallback argument of “We’re not going to talk about any ongoing investigations.” When pressed on whether that meant there was indeed an investigation, he said he couldn’t talk about “any potential ongoing investigations.”

Here’s a full transcript.

“The Biden family crime spree is ongoing,” Gaetz told Sean Hannity Thursday night. “It’s unfolding before our eyes.” On Thursday, he said, they learned more “about the people inside our own government who are helping them.”

Hunter did sell influence to foreign governments, obviously. Gaetz alleges that both Hunter and then-Vice President Joe Biden had their respective roles to play. To have a sustainable business plan, “dad” had to continue playing his role, which involved meeting with Hunter’s associates. Gaetz said FBI whistleblowers are telling them that “any time there’s derogatory information that comes forward about Hunter, they just label it ‘foreign interference’ and they stick it in a drawer.”

Gaetz said the CCP is now benefiting, as with the end of the China Initiative. “Make no mistake,” the following analysis says, “the DoJ’s decision to end the China Initiative is a capitulation to those who believe that promoting ‘tolerance’ is more important than countering espionage.” Especially since no evidence of bias underlying China Initiative cases has been found.

Importantly, Gaetz said “we can directly tie” actions in U.S. foreign policy, such as the granting of business licenses, to Hunter’s –- and his father’s –- international travel. He said the Chinese are laughing at us, that “U.S. policy is suffering as a result,” and “they take over our government without firing a single shot.”

In light of that, Biden’s reported weakness with Chinese President Xi during a disastrous two-hour phone call --- his failure to bring up fentanyl or a possible Wuhan lab leak, for example –- makes absolute sense. What else would we expect? And the people who pushed the hardest for him to be President knew good and well that he was compromised with China, long before his 2020 run for President. With help from their friends in the media, they put one over on the voters.

Of course, Biden himself lied to voters about this, during the presidential debates in 2020. When asked about Hunter’s business dealings, he said from the podium, “My son has NOT made money in terms of this thing about --- what are you talking about? --- China….The only guy that made money from China is THIS guy [pointing at Trump]. He’s the only one. Nobody else has made money from China.”

Of course, we all know today that this is an outrageous lie. You know, it’s too bad that truth in advertising doesn’t apply in politics. One thing about President Trump that I really miss: he came as advertised. He was NOT a politician. You know where he stands. What you see is what you get.

So, where is the Hunter Biden investigation going? Sources told FOX News Digital that the federal grand jury looking into his business dealings wrapped up in late June but said no charges have been filed. And according to FOX News’ Jesse Watters, who calls the laptop story “too big to touch” by federal law enforcement, the U.S. attorney in Delaware hasn’t even interviewed Tony Bobulinski. We have no comment that’s printable.

But we do have links to a couple of absolute must-read commentaries, the first from Lee Smith, called “The National Tragedy of Hunter Biden’s Laptop.” In it, he calls the 51 former intel officials who signed the letter tagging the laptop as “Russian disinformation” as “the pillars of America’s intelligence community [who] became the curators of the Biden family’s scandal.”

Smith also says that THE NEW YORK TIMES and the WASHINGTON POST have yet to apologize for originally calling the laptop “Russian disinformation” because “they were and remain proud of their role in helping push Trump out of Washington.” (In other words, they’re proud of their own election interference.) And most of the media –- along with the federal bureaucracy, as in the Treasury Department –- are still covering for Biden.

And as for the federal investigation of Hunter, Lee observes, “It hardly needs to be said at this point that, contrary to media reporting on the left and right, there is no actual investigation of Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

The second must-read piece is from law professor Jonathan Turley, who makes it clear that it’s ludicrous at this point to play along with Joe Biden’s denials about involvement in Hunter’s business. The evidence, which Turley outlines, is just so incriminating. “The new disclosures only add details to the extent of his knowledge and involvement,” he says.

As Turley see it, Attorney General Merrick Garland is the one who should be embarrassed, for refusing to admit “the obvious need for a special counsel.” But I must add that there’s one thing all political hacks have in common: a superhuman threshold for embarrassment.

Miranda Devine at the NEW YORK POST, who broke the original laptop story, is also doing a great job with the latest details. “The national security implications are staggering,” she says.

Barr: yes, it's time for a Hunter Biden special counsel

Perhaps you recall when, in December of 2020, then-Attorney General Bill Barr said he didn’t think a special counsel was a good idea for investigating Hunter Biden’s business affairs and that he would not be appointing one. But now that whistleblowers are coming forward with concerns about how the FBI has tried to bury that investigation, Barr has shifted gears and believes a special counsel is needed.

“Intervening events, especially recent reports about FBI whistleblowers and the possible reach of the investigation, warrant adding the protections of special counsel status to assure that key decisions are made independently without political ‘favor,’” he told THE FEDERALIST.

Concerns about “the possible reach of the investigation”? Hmm, I wonder what he means by that.

It’s kind of amusing in hindsight to look at what Barr said at the end of 2020: “I think it’s being handled responsibly and professionally currently within the department...” Really?? It’s hard to imagine how he thought so, but apparently his eyes have been opened between then and now. On the other hand, deciding not to appoint a special counsel on his way out the door might have been his way of encouraging the DOJ to stay apolitical. But it was much too late for that.

It would surprise me if Garland heeded this advice. If he does, his choice for the job might tell us all we need to know about whether the “fix” is in.

Bad economic news

Friday morning brought the fourth consecutive day of bad economic news as the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that the personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index, a key gauge of inflation, rose 1% in June and 6.8% annually last month. That’s compared to 0.6% and 6.3% in May.

The huge rise in gas prices was blamed for higher inflation and a drop in household spending power. Energy prices rose 7.5% in June and were up 43.5% from a year before, while food prices rose 1% and were up 11.2% annually.

Still, President Biden seems baffled by why Americans seem so dissatisfied with this economy, which he apparently thinks is doing just swell. At an economic summit with Treasury Secretary Janet "Inflation will be transitory" Yellen, he commented on that, but it was so baffling, I’m still trying to figure out what the heck he was talking about. He seemed to be trying to suggest that the government needs to fight inflation by sending people more free money. I know he worked as a lifeguard as a teenager, and I wonder if he thought the way to help drowning people was to hold their heads under water.

At least, that’s what I think he was implying, but your guess is as good as mine. Here’s the verbatim quote:

"The difference between having a 5% raise in the face of inflation, price at the pump although that's down every day so far but it's like, woah, I feel worse off but then again, I didn't get a check for eight grand from the government. Does that make sense to anybody?"

No. No, that doesn’t make sense to anybody. And even when the government was giving out free checks, did anybody get one for $8,000? Bonchie at has more on this linguistic landslide.

The misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act”

Here’s some more information about the Democrat’s laughably misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act” that Sen. Joe Manchin agreed to back.

It’s the bill that will raise business taxes while businesses are struggling in a (Ssssh!!) recession, while showering $739 billion more onto leftist pet projects like “green energy” during a time when profligate government spending is fueling runaway inflation. As the story notes, critics are complaining that this is like trying to fight a brush fire by pouring a can of gasoline on it.

David Harsanyi at the New York Post has more details on how the “Inflation Reduction Act” will actually do the opposite, just as the “Affordable Care Act” made health insurance more expensive for millions of Americans.

At this writing, we’ve yet to hear from the one Democrat Senator who might have enough sense to stop this, Kyrsten Sinema. She’s gone on record in the past as opposing several provisions of the bill, and her people say she’s still going over it. I hope she kills it, but it seems unlikely that any Democrat would risk the kind of fury that would ensue if they prevented their colleagues from blowing a massive load of tax money on their cronies just before an election.


Team Biden won't admit reality

As the terrible economic numbers, rampant crime and unfettered illegal immigration prove, you can put Democrats into power, but you can’t vote reality out of existence. And things are getting so bad that even the Biden Administration is quietly having to acknowledge the glaring gap between its policies and reality.

For instance, one of the first things Biden did was to halt the construction of Trump’s border wall while reversing virtually every immigration enforcement procedure that it’s his sworn duty to enforce. The wall sat unfinished as hordes of people swarmed across the border, even though keeping it in that state was costing as much in contractor fees as finishing it would have.  Biden declared that “not another foot” of border wall would be built on his watch

Now, with the huge rise of deadly drugs coming across the border, and with blue city leaders in DC and New York whining about being overwhelmed with illegal immigrants (thanks to the much-maligned but brilliant plans of Texas and Arizona to bus just a small part of the problem they inflicted on border states up north for the people who caused it to deal with), there is indeed another foot, and it’s the one in Joe’s mouth.

The White House has quietly approved a plan to complete four major gaps in Trump’s wall near Yuma, Arizona, which has become one of the busiest illegal crossing corridors. Border agents have stopped more than 160,000 crossers there just in the first six months of 2022.

I suggest you click the link because it’s filled with quotes from Biden on this issue that will amaze you by how transparently dumb and clearly wrong that they are. Biden called the border wall “racist” and “xenophobic,” he insisted that drugs and human trafficking came in primarily through legal ports of entry, he said most undocumented people simply overstayed legal visas, and that the slogan “Build the wall” was “divorced from reality.” Sounds as if he’s the one who was totally divorced from reality, but reality is now forcing him into a shotgun wedding.

Of course, Biden didn’t bow to reality on his own. Sen. Mark Kelly, an Arizona Democrat facing reelection, had to hit him over the head with it.



Other "reality comes calling news"

And in other “Reality comes calling” news, having depleted our Strategic Petroleum Reserve by releasing 260 million barrels of oil to artificially and temporarily lower gas prices (and selling some of it abroad in places like China), President Biden is now making plans to refill the SPR in late 2023. But he wants to make the repurchase deals now.

As Fox reporter David Asman points out, that means he’ll be paying prices in the mid-$90-a-barrel range. Two years ago, Democrats refused to let Trump restock the SPR, claiming he wanted to “bail out big oil.” The price then was $18.84 a barrel. Biden will be restocking it at five times that price.

I’ll say it again: Don’t expect Joe Biden ever to write a book called “The Art of the Deal.”

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We’re all certainly aware of inflation, and the public has wised up to “shrinkflation,” where you pay the same price for a package that contains less product. But have you heard of “disqualification?” Virginia Postrel reports that that’s the latest tactic businesses are using to hide that you’re getting less for your money: by reducing the quality of what you’re paying for. 

She cites many examples all around us, such as coffee shop napkins getting so small and thin that they’re unusable, hotels no longer offering free coffee or snacks, bathrooms not being cleaned as often, and fewer workers at counters creating long lines. And airlines are five times more likely to misplace your bags than a year ago. It isn’t technically costing us more money, but it does combine with higher prices and smaller portions into a smorgasbord of ways to make our lives more difficult and annoying.

I think the word “disqualification” is perfect, though, because if you’re a politician who presides over inflation, shrinkflation and recession that you deny is a recession, that definitely should be a disqualification for office.




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Comments 1-8 of 8

  • Joseph Orsini

    07/29/2022 08:52 PM

    BLAME for our many problems need to be shifted from Biden
    to BIDEN'S POLICIES which are being supported by DEMOCRATS

    If not, Republicans will NOT win in November.

  • Carmine Fea

    07/29/2022 07:11 PM

    Gov.. Huckabee; Bill Barr deserves no favorable consideration of his conduct as attorney general. Barr was a coward, was mostly afraid to voice comments positive for President Trump, scared to death of being impeached by Pelosi. I believe Barr's early resignation was because Pelosi threatened to impeach him. Now, Barr is a tough guy, writes a book with a title that makes him sound like a tough guy.

  • Samuel L. Smith Sr.

    07/29/2022 02:30 PM

    The bottom line comes down to that the lefties are sure they will come out of power come November they are doing ever thing they can now to take this country down so they can bring a one world government. Having the GOP take back both chambers is good, yet all the Rino"s need to come out also and both chambers need to have the votes to be able to over ride any veto Biden may do.

  • JC Holland

    07/29/2022 02:14 PM

    Governor: Why does any patriotic American care what Rhino Barr has to say? He knew all about the Hunter laptop before the election and did nothing. He is bought and paid for by Soros. Everything he refused to do proves that. Trump made a huge mistake with him and Wray.

  • Sharonn Faulkner

    07/29/2022 01:45 PM

    I love David Asman. He is a wonderful Catholic and Patriot and when I used to watch CNN (back around the beginning of the War on Terror) I exchanged emails with him and he was a delight.
    He is another Mike Huckabee.

  • Carl Serkland

    07/29/2022 01:43 PM

    Is it too late to have an "after-the-fact" (ex-post facto) impeachment of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama for their parts in pushing through the Unconstitutional, Senate-written tax bill known as Obamacare?
    A study of the Congressional Record shows that, on November 19, 2009, SA 2786 was introduced to “Strike all after the enacting clause and insert the following:” in HR 3590, at which point the “Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009” became the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”
    Further study of the legislative history of this Act indicates that there were NO amendments subsequently made by the House. This means that, though this DELIBERATE MISUSE of the Senate’s amendment process, it carried a House bill number even though the entire operative text of the bill ORIGINATED in the Senate. This interpretation of the Senate’s ability to propose amendments to House bills leads to the conclusion that the first paragraph of Article I, Section 7 of the United States Constitution poses no limitations whatever on the Senate’s ability to originate “Bills for raising Revenue,” since they can use it to highjack a House bill to create their own bills to impose taxes at the whim of the leaders of the Senate. The subsequent passage by the House and signature by the President show that no one in Congress wants to give up this chicanery. To claim otherwise strains credulity past the breaking point. If it is allowed to stand, there is no actual limit on the Senate’s originating “Bills for raising Revenue” as forbidden by the Constitution. I cannot believe that the authors of the Constitution contemplated that kind of abuse of the Constitution by those who have sworn an oath to uphold and defend it.
    As Vice President at the time, Joe Biden was President of the Senate and whoulc have had sufficient oversight to stop this. As Speaker, Nancy Pelosi had the responsibility to be sure that bills brought to the House were proper. As POTUS, B. H. Obama, a self-described "Constitutional Scholar" should have rejected this bill instead of signing it. And, of course, the late Harry Reid was (ir)responsible for introducing it. Each of them deserves censure for their parts, and SCOTUS should review the legislative process (where is as lawyer that will bring this case to them?)and invalidate PPACA and all the folow-ons that depend on it for their existence.

  • R Reedy

    07/29/2022 01:26 PM

    And, in addition to the laptop suppression, there are the prosecutions of the Jan 6 defendants that look very unfair. Can this get more visibility? Also, maybe we will find out why those email servers were never looked at.

  • Anne Turner

    07/29/2022 12:36 PM

    Everyone refers to Biden doing this or doing that. Surely we know by know that .Biden is a confused old man who is not, , himself, doing anything. Decisions are being made by Obama, and/or unelected staff. I cannot imagine how frustrated any other world leaders become when the try to hold a conversation with him. My guess is that the interpreter has an earpiece and is getting instruction about how to clean up Biden’s words. However, most of these world leaders probably speak enough English not to be fooled. We are a laughing stock. No other country woukd stand for a leader like this.

    I guess I won’t be able to vote for Manchin.
    Biden’s interpreter