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October 30, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read.




Yesterday, I said that Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for Governor in Virginia was snake-bit. Maybe I should’ve said, “alligator-bit.” He’s also in danger of getting trampled by a Republican elephant named Glenn Youngkin.

Friday, in a transparent political dirty trick that blew up in the McAuliffe campaign’s face like a loaded cigar, a photo went viral of five alleged “white supremacists” in white shirts and carrying tiki torches and posing in front of Youngkin’s campaign bus. McAuliffe’s campaign officials tweeted it far and wide, calling it “disgusting and disqualifying” and claiming it proved that Youngkin appeals to radical racist white supremacists. Except there was one problem with that accusation (and I don’t mean that one of the “white supremacists” was black, for some reason.)

Internet sleuths quickly went to work identifying the people in the photo. Turned out it was a false flag operation to smear Youngkin, and the “white supremacists” were all former state Democratic Party staffers, allegedly including Virginia Young Democrats financial director Camden Layton and state Party staffer Colleen Wachenfeld. McAuliffe’s aides and supporters quickly deleted their accusatory tweets, but too late: they’d already been archived by conservatives, who rubbed their noses in their desperate rush to promote a slanderous hoax. Here’s Kyle Becker’s article tracking down some of the cockroaches that scattered when the lights got turned on.

The disgraced Lincoln Project took “credit” for the vile stunt, although many suspect they’re just taking the fall to protect McAuliffe. The LP issued a statement claiming that the slanderous falsehood was justified because Youngkin didn’t publicly condemn "Trump’s assertion that the Charlottesville rioters possessed ‘very fine’ qualities.”

Two points in response: (1.) Youngkin is a businessman who only entered politics in 2020, three years after the Charlottesville riots. (2.) That quote is also a hoax. Trump said clearly at the time that he assumed there were very fine people on both sides of the debate over whether to remove Confederate historic monuments, but that white nationalists should be condemned totally.

Somehow, it seems fitting that the “Lincoln Project,” a group of NeverTrumpers who claimed to be standing up for decency but mostly are known for lies, shady financial dealings and covering up their co-founder’s sexual grooming of young males, are trying to justify a slanderous hoax by citing a previous slanderous hoax. Listen closely and that whirring noise you’ll hear is Honest Abe spinning in his crypt at the thought of these people misappropriating his name.

Virginia voters should ask themselves how incompetent a Democrat has to be not to be able to pull off a slanderous accusation of racism against his Republican opponent? That’s pretty all they’ve got; you’d think they’d have it down to a science by now. At least it made for great fodder for the Babylon Bee.

Related: You’d think that in a nation that’s allegedly such a hotbed of racist racism, there wouldn’t be a need to generate fake racist incidents and hoax hate crimes. It’s almost as if the left needs to keep this narrative alive by any means possible. But for those keeping score, here’s a web page that lists all the high-profile alleged hate crimes that made big splashes in the media and turned out to be hoaxes. It begins with the year 2000, but they really ramp up starting around 2015. At this writing, the count is up to 175. I wonder if the Youngkin bus photo hoax will make it 176.

2. 800: It was reported that for his trip to Europe that will include a stop at a “climate crisis” conference in Glasgow, President Biden brought along a staff and entourage of 800 people, and he was seen traveling around Rome in an 85-vehicle motorcade.

Environment-saving tip: “Zoom” isn’t just something you can do from behind the wheel of a fleet of SUVs or in a big jet airplane. You can also use Zoom to hold international conferences without having to leave your home or office and generate massive amounts of CO2.

On the other hand, if I were doing the kind of job Biden and his people are doing in their offices, I’d want to zoom as far away as possible, too.

3. THE NYT BUBBLE: Nobody lives inside a thicker bubble of liberalism than the “journalists” of the New York Times. So when, in a recent podcast, they compared President Biden’s desire to pass a massive $3.5 trillion expansion of the welfare state to LBJ’s “War on Poverty,” they actually meant that as a positive. To them, the “War on Poverty” was a smashing success, and its only flaw is that it just didn’t create a big enough cradle-to-grave welfare state.

Outside of the Times’ impenetrable liberal bubble, many of us have been talking for years about the tragic failure of the War on Poverty, and how it ranks in success even below the War on Drugs. Out here in Realityville, we can see the devastating effects of that massive expansion of government dependence: the erosion of families; skyrocketing illegitimacy rates; chronic unemployment; substandard schools; dangerous, inferior public housing; drugs, gangs and juvenile crime that plague kids brought up without an intact, supportive family; and much more.

At the link, Hannah Cox of the Foundation for Economic Education takes a closer look at the “War on Poverty,” a “war” on which we’ve spent $22 trillion (adjusted for inflation, more than we’ve spent on all military wars since the American Revolution) while the poverty rate has remained virtually unchanged since the 1960s. She also talks about the real solution to eradicating poverty, and it’s not having the government run every aspect of our lives and send the bill to our grandkids.

It’s probably too much to hope that the New York Times “journalists” will read it, so they can realize that for most Americans, dubbing Biden’s spending plan “War on Poverty II” is not an endorsement, it’s a warning label.


5. BILL MAHER HAS HAD ENOUGH: Even Bill Maher has had enough of Democrats pushing endless fear mongering, lockdowns and other restrictions over a pandemic that he says is “over.”

On his HBO show Friday, he blasted people who treat facemasks like a magic amulet and wear them when walking outside alone; said it’s “ridiculous” to fire someone who’s willing to risk his life as a cop or firefighter because he doesn’t want to take a vaccine; pressed Democrat Sen. Chris Coons on why the government refuses to recognize “the best kind of immunity,” natural immunity; and said it’s a “joy” for him to perform in red states and a “pain in the (bleep)” to go to blue states because Democrats won’t give up their outdated COVID restrictions.

I think it might be more accurate to say that Democrats don’t want to give up all that power, having used COVID as the excuse to grab it. But when even Bill Maher is so fed up that he’s cursing blue states and calling red states a “joy,” I’d say that the public’s patience is reaching the wafer-thin point.

5. SCOTUS SAYS NO: Once again, the Supreme Court refused to accept an emergency appeal of a vaccine mandate. The SCOTUS rejected an appeal by Maine health care workers of an order that they get the COVID vaccine or be fired, with no religious exemptions provided.

Trump appointees Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, who were painted by the media as religious fanatics, both joined the liberals in rejecting the appeal, with Barrett saying the Court was being asked to grant “extraordinary relief.” Some might say that this is an extraordinary circumstance and that’s why they’re there, which was the attitude of the dissenting Justices, Gorsuch, Thomas and Alito.

Gorsuch wrote that he would have sided with the health care workers, and that "This case presents an important constitutional question, a serious error, and an irreparable injury. Where many other States have adopted religious exemptions, Maine has charted a different course. There, healthcare workers who have served on the front line of a pandemic for the last 18 months are now being fired and their practices shuttered. All for adhering to their constitutionally protected religious beliefs."

This leaves health care workers who object with no further government protection options, But if they are truly dead-set against the vaccines (and they are healthcare professionals, so you’d think someone might consider respecting their opinion), they might have to change jobs, or move to another state. The coming months and even years could spell dire shortages of healthcare workers, police and other first responders in blue states and an abundance in red states. But then, that’s already happening on every level, so all this may do is speed up the process.

7. HAPPY HALLOWEEN: It’s Halloween weekend, and I hope you have a happy and safe holiday. But in some places these days, Halloween safety doesn’t just mean having reflective costumes or checking your kids’ candy before they eat it. For example, here are some handy tips from Consumer Reports on how to protect your car from Halloween vandalism.

Welcome to Halloween in post-“Defund The Police” America!

8. CUOMO UPDATE: If you’re wondering why I hadn’t mentioned the story about former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo being charged with a misdemeanor sex crime for forcibly touching a female staffer, it’s because he actually hasn’t been, at least not yet.

The charging summons was “prematurely issued” by the Albany City Court after a sheriff’s investigator filed paperwork to begin the process of obtaining a criminal complaint. But no final decision has yet been made by the sheriff or D.A. on whether to file the charge against him. So stay tuned, but he's a Cuomo in New York, so don’t hold your breath.

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  • Dan Elswick

    11/10/2021 09:30 AM

    Governor Huckabee,
    Are you still supporting this organization (IFCJ)? I keep seeing their commercial and your endorsement.

    Their salaries are just wrong for a so-called charity!

    121 employees received $13 million in compensation which equates to an average compensation of $107,400. 27 employees received more than $100,000 in compensation with the 10 most highly compensated reported to be:

    $2,949,100: Yechiel Eckstein, President, CEO, and Founder (deceased 2/19)
    $ 625,980: Yael Eckstein – Farkas, President and CEO
    $ 517,100: George Mamo, COO (thru 8/2019)
    $ 364,900: Robin Van Etten, Global COO
    $ 200,118: Damon Card, VP of Information Services
    $ 193,886: Robert Dalton, VP of Major and Planned Giving (thru 10/2019)
    $ 192,637: Laurel Simkovich, Controller
    $ 183,535: Christine Allen, Major Gift Officer
    $ 176,151: Kristin Henning, Director of Financial Operations
    $ 169,346: Katherine Rovani, Director of Operations
    $ 154,541: James Ray, Director of Estate Planning

  • Thom W Schotanus

    11/01/2021 08:44 AM

    Given the fact that a normal vaccine approval process takes 4 to 7 seven years to truly study long term effects I cannot understand how any thinking person can say with a straight face and no guilt that this experimental thing is "safe and effective". That fact alone should provide the SCOTUS with enough concern to at least allow people the choice to inject or not to inject. I have heard at least two doctors interviewed on Cortes and Pellegrino state that phrase, safe and effective. May God protect the innocent.

  • Joan Kugler

    10/31/2021 11:06 PM

    While Younkin is ahead in Virginia polls and we all wish him the best of luck, how can we know that the election will be fair and not tainted by the Democrats?

  • Bonner Smith

    10/31/2021 05:52 PM

    Romans 12:12 was unreadable black on black. Surely you have an editor responsible for the final draft of your newsletter but both the emailed copy I received and its website version had this unreadable illustration.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    10/31/2021 11:28 AM

    "If you’re wondering why I hadn’t mentioned the story about former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo being charged with a misdemeanor sex crime for forcibly touching a female staffer, it’s because he actually hasn’t been, at least not yet"

    He will never be charged because you rinos and jackassed live under a completely different set of standards and morals than you force us peasants to live under


    10/31/2021 10:28 AM

    800 people on the taxpayer's dime, when does this stuff ever end???
    And, I'm not sure "WE THE PEOPLE" can afford another "war on poverty" , in fact, I know we can't. Thanks LBJ, another loose cannon.

  • Dan Elswick

    10/31/2021 08:22 AM

    Do not count a republican win until the fat lady sings and dominion runs its algorithms.

  • PAUL Schaber

    10/31/2021 08:20 AM

    The main street media is running scared due to what they did in 2020 is now coming back to haunt them and they have also awaken DADDY AND MOMMIE BEAR and the Teachers and School Board Members can hear the those claws coming looking for them too. The Great protector
    (AG GARLAND) is hiding and making all sorts of excuses to not be the next on the list.

  • Geoff Jones

    10/31/2021 01:10 AM

    I believe this short video could be applied to today's "woke" agenda.
    Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity

  • Sharon Taylor

    10/30/2021 11:57 PM

    Absolutely loved the "if the Apostle Paul were alive today" segment - right on! Keep up the good work!