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April 2, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • Why facts no longer matter to those in power
  • Joe Biden tries to destroy Georgia's economy
  • The "Excluded Workers Fund"
  • A Majority of Americans
  • NEW Podcast Epsiode
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



Why facts no longer matter to those in power

By Mike Huckabee

On Thursday, I talked about the destructive new ethnic studies program that has just been unanimously approved by the California State School Board and the ways in which it’s setting kids up to be indoctrinated, all the way from kindergarten to graduation. I described the “long game” that some are playing to tear our country apart from within.

Later that day, by coincidence, Dan Bongino in his podcast brought up a video interview from the 1980s featuring a former KGB propagandist who defected to Canada, Yuri Bezmenov, who warns of just this sort of thing being done in America over several generations. Here is that interview.

It’s sadly true: Some of the most “well-educated” people in America are so doggone dumb (and so thoroughly brainwashed) that we can argue the facts till we’re blue in the face and it will have no effect on them. Fortunately, you and I still have some functioning brain cells, so let’s look at what Bezmenov is saying.

He’s talking about how Communists subvert American ideology in a totally non-sneaky way. It’s right in front of us. “All Americans have to do is “unplug their bananas from their ears” and it will be obvious. It’s not like James Bond and the spy-themed entertainment that he says Americans are so enamored of, “that sells more deodorants.”

Most of what our enemies are doing is not spy stuff, he says, and “has nothing to do with intelligence at all.” Only about 15 percent of “time, money and manpower” is used for espionage. The rest is part of a very slow brainwashing process –- like the “long game” I was talking about being played in California schools –- that they call ideological subversion.

They have another name for it as well: “active measures.” It’s psychological warfare.

The goal is to change Americans’ perception of reality so thoroughly that “despite an abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions.”

Bingo. Ding-ding-ding! We are entering that place, RIGHT NOW.

He breaks the process down into four stages:

1. Demoralization. Communists have this down to a science; Bezmenov says it takes about 15-20 years to demoralize a nation. That’s the length of time it takes to educate one generation, to expose them to “the ideology of the enemy.” He says that in America, “Marxist-Leninist ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students, without being challenged or counterbalanced by the basic values of...American patriotism.” It’s now being done mostly by Americans to Americans. (I would add that, ironically, many are getting hugely rich doing so, on books and workshops about Critical Race Theory and class and gender "equity.") The result: “half-baked intellectuals” in their 60s who now are in positions of power --- government, civil service, business, mass media and education. “You are stuck with them,” he says.

These people are “programmed to think and react to certain stimuli,” he adds. The process is “complete and irreversible.” They have their own perception and their own logic. “YOU CANNOT CHANGE THEIR MIND, EVEN IF YOU EXPOSE THEM TO AUTHENTIC INFORMATION, EVEN IF YOU PROVE THAT WHITE IS WHITE AND BLACK IS BLACK.”

"Even if I take [a programmed person] by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it.”

Since there is no way to reach these people, he says, the only way out of this mess is to bring up a new generation that is well-versed in American values and doesn’t think this way. His message to us listening in the 21st Century surely is this: that it took a long time to get here and it’s going to take a long time to get out. Start NOW.

He says that when those “useful idiot” Americans experience with shock what it’s like to be trapped within real Marxist-Leninism, there will be revolt, but rebellion will be put down. “There will be no place for dissent,” he says. Dissenters will be “squashed like cockroaches.”

2. Destabilization. Bezmenov says this process can take just two to five years. The enemy concentrates on “essentials”: economy, foreign relations and defense systems. They eliminate the principle of free-market competition and cozy up to Marxist-Leninist powers. He says that when he first came to America, he would never have believed the great success Marxist-Leninists would achieve in these areas. Imagine how stunned he would be if he could be here now. (He died in 1993.)

3. Crisis. This leads into a radical changeover of structure, power and economy and typically takes “up to six weeks.”

4. "Normalization.” He’s using this word cynically, as in Soviet propaganda. That’s when the tanks role in, as they did in Czechoslovakia and the new rulers said the situation was “normalized.” The government really has become Big Brother and those in charge function pretty much like “benevolent dictators.” I would add that they’re benevolent as long as everyone goes along and racks up the required number of social credits.

"This is what will happen in United States if you allow all the schmucks to bring the country to crisis.” They do it by promising “all kinds of goodies” and “paradise on earth.”

We’ve been at war, he says, an “undeclared total war” initiated by the “world Communist system,” or call it a “world Communist conspiracy.” We must turn this process around, because this is the last refuge of freedom and unlike him, we “will have no place to defect to.” That is, unless we want “to live in Antarctica with penguins.”

So, what has to happen? The first essential is “a very strong national effort” to educate children in American values and patriotism and teach them the real danger posed by socialist/communist ideology. If young people fail to grasp this, he says, “nothing ever can help the United States.”

Fortunately, he says, at least part of the American population gets what is happening, and they have to FORCE their government to stop “aiding Communism.” This effort has to go beyond the typical letters and petitions, he says, because “there is no other problem as burning and urgent.”

At the time of this interview, Bezmenov is warning about the “murderers” in the Soviet Union, which did implode soon after while Ronald Reagan was President (thank you!). As we look at what is happening in our country and world today, his warning applies to the growing power of China –- particularly American business’s dependence on that market –- and the global Communist system. If China and Russia ally themselves, our situation is even more dicey. Bezmenov says we're at war, though many don't realize it, and we have “precious little time” to save ourselves and future generations.

The priority now: our education system. Whether or not you have kids in school, you are in this fight, and it is a FIGHT. Readers ask me all the time what we can do –- start here. That goes double for folks in California. Become an activist. Run for school board if you can, and support strong candidates. Make demands. See that the "woke" go broke. We have no choice but to take our classrooms and our culture back.


Joe Biden tries to destroy Georgia's economy

By Mike Huckabee

Just as Democrats clammed up about Trump “putting kids in cages” now that President Biden is cramming kids into those same cages like some people pack their carry-on bags, they’ve also gone from screaming that Trump is a “lying liar who lies” to not caring a whit that Biden is turning out Whoppers faster than the Times Square Burger King.

Anyone who really knows Joe Biden would be flabbergasted at his claim of bringing truth and honesty back to the White House (his career highlights stretch from plagiarizing another pol’s speeches and life story to claiming he decided to run for President when he heard Trump say there were “very fine people” among neo-Nazis, a repeatedly debunked piece of fake news.) But his jihad against the new Georgia election integrity laws has resulted in a flurry of falsehoods that’s stunning even for him.

Then he compounded his unpresidential rhetoric by promoting a boycott of Georgia based on those falsehoods (FYI: Georgia is not only a state he’s supposed to be the President of, it’s one where a majority of voters reportedly backed him – unless he knows something we don’t.) Remember when he also claimed he’d be a “unity” President who wouldn’t misuse his position to attack his political opponents? I guess that was another lie.

Wednesday, Biden declared that he would “strongly support” moving the Major League All-Star Game out of Atlanta in retaliation for the election law, which he has branded as “sick” and “Jim Crow in the 21st century.” (Another lie: some of the bills’ provisions merely return to norms in place before the 2020 pandemic, not the Jim Crow era.)

Okay, since he’s actively trying to destroy Georgia’s economy (and not in the usual way Democrats destroy economies), let’s break down his problems with the Georgia election law and show that they are one lie after another.

* Biden claimed that the law will make it hard for working people to vote by shutting down polls at 5 p.m. Except it doesn’t do that. It only allows early voting sites to close by 5, but they don’t have to, while it actually expands early voting. That lie (or possibly in Biden’s case, brain glitch) was so egregious that even the Washington Post fact-checker gave it “Four Pinocchios.”

* He claimed that the law bans providing water to people standing in voting lines. False. It bans campaign workers from giving money or gifts such as food or beverages to voters inside or near polling places. But voters can bring their own food and beverages, or order them delivered, or poll workers can set up self-service water dispensaries. This is virtually identical to laws in multiple states that ban electioneering at the polls and that Democrats have never challenged.

* The biggest lie that’s being used as the basis for attacking all voter ID laws is that they suppress minority voting. I told you already that a new Rasmussen survey of likely voters found that 75% of likely voters approve of requiring voters to show ID, and that includes 74% of whites, 69% of blacks and 82% of all other minorities.

Maybe that’s because an eight-year study of voter ID laws between 2008 and 2016 by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that they had “no negative effect on registration or turnout, overall or for any specific group defined by race, gender, age or party affiliation.”

The study found that this was not due to anti-voter ID law campaigns boosting turnout. In fact, “no statistically observable change in voting behavior could be attributable to voter ID laws.” They also found no significant drop in registration rates in states that imposed voter ID laws or that purged ineligible voters from the rolls (I admit that surprised even me: I assumed that removing dead people would reduce Democratic turnout.)

Voter ID laws also had no significant impact on campaign contact, frequency of campaign signs, volunteering for campaigns or levels of donations to campaigns, which were all nearly identical in states with or without voter ID laws.

That leaves only the Democrats’ specious claim that such laws are unnecessary because they catch so few people who are voting fraudulently. But the study said that’s difficult to verify, since election fraud often goes undetected, and when it is detected, prosecutors often opt to take no action (tell me about it!) Meanwhile, voter ID laws deter people from even trying to vote illegally, so there is no fraud to record.

And with that last sentence, I think we’ve finally hit on the real truth about why Biden is so adamantly opposed to election integrity laws that he’s willing to lie his facemask off to block them.


The "Excluded Workers Fund"

By Mike Huckabee

Democrat legislators in New York are finalizing a bill to give payments of more than $27,000 each to illegal immigrants and ex-convicts. They call it the “Excluded Workers Fund” and claim it’s needed because illegal immigrants and ex-cons were disproportionately harmed by the pandemic shutdown because they couldn’t establish a recent work history to qualify for unemployment payments. You can go to the link and read the details, but trust me: it won’t make any more sense if you do.

The story notes that not a single Republican is on record opposing the measure, but says that’s possibly because they couldn’t stop it anyway, so they will just let it pass in as crazy a form as possible to use it as a campaign issue against Democrats. Although I seriously doubt that they’re going to have a shortage of crazy Democrat bills to run against in New York.

In what I can only assume is a related story, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo just signed a bill to legalize the possession and use of marijuana by anyone over 21, even in public places. He must be hoping that New Yorkers will roll up and smoke their newspapers instead of reading them.

The law will allow New Yorkers to smoke pot in any public place where the smoking of tobacco is allowed. Wait until all the potheads learn that thanks to New York liberals, there are no places left where the smoking of tobacco is allowed.


A Majority of Americans

By Mike Huckabee

For all the talk from top level Democrats about blowing up the Senate filibuster so they can pass HR1 (the “For The People Act,” aka the “Legalize Vote Fraud Act”), polls show that majorities of Americans not only support election integrity laws like Voter ID, they oppose ending the Senate filibuster by over a two-thirds majority.

And you might be surprised to hear this, but Sen. Joe Manchin isn’t the only Democrat who doesn’t want HR1 to pass. As Stacey Lennox reports at the link, some others are starting to wake up to the unintended consequences that might affect their own political futures and getting cold feet, but they’re too terrified of their far-left Twitter mob wing to say so out loud.


By Mike Huckabee

On this week's episode of "The People's Podcast," Governor Huckabee discusses the latest on the immigration crisis at the border, explains why President Trump's economic and immigration policies are so much better for America than what President Biden is doing now, and reflects on how Operation Warp Speed saved lives by making the COVID vaccine a reality so quickly (which is something you won't hear the Left acknowledge any time soon). And later, Governor Huckabee is joined by Fox News Channel's Chief Legal Correspondent, Shannon Bream, to discuss college athletics, President Biden's recent announcements, and her new book, "The Women of the Bible Speak."


A Reader Writes Back...

Great newsletter Mike. Always go to Fox and Huckabee first before watching local, state and national news so I don't have to waste my valuable time listening to a steady stream of negative fodder food to drag us down to their way of thinking. Those who constantly survive on negativity soon leave their minds behind and become sensational garbage bottom feeders where nothing is ever right or good. They've lost their objectivity to print the real truth. As a preference I watch only Fox News and Huckabee for balanced news coverage rather than the swill from CNN, etc. and right you are they are clueless and spread fiction news made up by writers who have have been blinded by their own ignorance. Mike, you put the right perspective on what's good or bad in the world and base it upon facts seen, rather than the unseen. At least we have sound minds and know the difference between right and wrong or sex of child at birth. If people can't they were robbed of a good biological education.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Gates of the Arctic National Park, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-17 of 17

  • Jack macdonald

    04/12/2021 09:02 AM

    Regarding the Infrastructure bill. Doesn't the Keystone pipeline fit the description of infrastructure?

  • Terrie O'Neal

    04/04/2021 05:23 PM

    dear mike- I have been working with the brainwashed last 3 generations. Every child looks up to their teachers. The far left - has waged war right under the noses of the parents of these children - some of whom are in their mid-50's now (the children not the parents). J. D. Farag had a good teaching on 'cognitive dissonance' - back about 3 months after the panic button was pushed on Covid- the 'fake panic button' I might add. This has worked on the supposed panic-demick- and
    it has blown me away- to read about cognitive dissonance. Reminds me of the old adage - You can lead a horse to water and you can't make them drink.- It saddens me when I work with these generations that have been thoroughly brain-washed! BUT GOD!!!!!!!!! He is going to give our country one more chance- tho heaven knows we do not deserve it. Good thing the Lord is merciful.
    Meanwhile - I will keep reaching out, and telling the truth to the brainwashed generations and to their parents. I am an incurable optomist - There is ALWAYS a BABY CLYSDALE at the bottom of the manure pile!!!!!
    Thankyou Mike for you thorough reporting and for your sense of humor and your tongue in cheek zingers. Blessings, Terrie O'Neal

  • George Reynolds

    04/03/2021 11:08 AM

    I feel so powerless, trying to influence our legislators, when both Virginia Senators and my local Representative are all Democrats. I have written Senators Warner and Kaine several times, as well as Rep. Elaine Luria, but their replies are always assurances that they are supporting the bills and the causes that I have asked them to OPPOSE. I pray every day, and I am confident that God has everything under control, but it is frustrating on a day-to-day, personal level, dealing with our so-called "representatives" in Congress.

  • Jerry

    04/03/2021 08:37 AM

    MLB could not keep its nose on its own business it had to get into politics. I have been called out I commented that when that happened I would not spend a cent on MLB. Hello Minor League and town Ball . Coke products can be sold in China where it now belongs sorry to all of the employees of these companies, they do not represent the real America it will be easier for older citizens to look for alternative products because we already have used these products as a been there done that the only good coming from large corporations turning its back on America is maybe a company will emerge or its competitors will become stronger if you don't like America go to China and take the biden's administration with ya.

  • Jack macdonald

    04/03/2021 07:36 AM

    Why can't our vaunted FBI tell us whether the laptop they have had in their possession for over a year is Hunter Biden's? Is this similar to the secret service attempt to cover up the gun issue? How corrupt do our federal agencies have to get before they undergo a complete top to bottom purge? I am one citizen who is fed up to my eyeballs. Barr, Frey, Durham et. al? You have to be kidding! They can't spell integrity.

  • Renee Kendrick

    04/03/2021 05:00 AM

    If the DIMS are so gung-ho about wind and solar power, let them put the wind"mills", solar panels, and electric cars in DC first. Let them live and operate totally on their Green New Deal for at least a year before sending it to the rest of the country. See if their severely seared brains will wake up to reality. To paraphrase an old song for the DIMS to add to their repertoire, "Let all the earth be green and let it begin with me."

  • Firewagon

    04/02/2021 07:57 PM

    "Some of the most “well-educated” people in America are so doggone dumb (and so thoroughly brainwashed) that we can argue the facts till we’re blue in the face and it will have no effect on them." FOX's Juan Williams is an excellent example. I have watched Juan over the years and can almost give you a word-for-word response that he will make to almost any question. People continue to express their desire that Juan is taken off of programs like The Five, etc., but I always say to them that without Juan and his denial of any common sense suggestions how would anyone know which side the true 'crazies' were on? You are simply pounding your head against the wall in attempting to have a logical discussion with the illogical!

    Bezmenov says, “Marxist-Leninist ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students, without being challenged or counterbalanced by the basic values of...American patriotism. "The result: “half-baked intellectuals” in their 60s (Juan Williams and others on both the Left and Right - my add) who now are in positions of power --- government, civil service, business, mass media, and education. You are stuck with them.”

  • Jerry

    04/02/2021 07:13 PM

    After trump scared the communist with America first program the communist high jacked the election put the border line imbecile in charge and went into hurry up offense to murder all America first policies the communist will use every negative American policies it can and then retire Biden to the happy farm. Most of the indoctrination started decades ago in the colleges and universities then trickled in to high schools and lower levels of education. The China virus is a good cover to get the communist movement in full gear soon to hit overdrive. I have commented on this a year ago and since have called this movement a communist take over from with in. We were warned by the Russians 60 years ago. The Hollywood scene the CCP used the homosexual population there to control who and what was going on the big screen then the CCP got minorities hooked on big government then the msm took it from there we are on the shores of a communist takeover I would thank all whom got us instead I will say pound sand u bastards

  • James Evart

    04/02/2021 05:08 PM

    I can just see AOCX wondering what comes after a trillion.

  • ken moore

    04/02/2021 04:21 PM

    facts do not matter in areas there is no truth Biden is much worse than any communist government

  • Paul Russ

    04/02/2021 03:04 PM

    The Republicans and conservatives in American need to learn that it does no good to talk with leftists. This was well illustrated during negotiations with the North Vietnamese during the "Paris Peace Talks". Communists will talk until hell freezes over which gives them ample time to destroy you. (Russian [Soviet] troops amassing on Ukrainian border - who would have thought?)

    So it is time for conservatives to stop whining and actually DO SOMETHING.

  • William Fuhrer

    04/02/2021 02:21 PM

    PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP'S GREATEST FAILURE: President Trump's taunting of the liberal media to be the best and brightest investigative reporters they can be made them into reporters that can lob mush balls at liberal democratic socialists that believe in voodoo economics and that MONEY GROWS ON TREES

  • Gina Hauser

    04/02/2021 02:20 PM

    Thank you Mr. Huckabee!! I ?? You and your family, and may God bless and protect y’all!! Please continue to spread the truth and wisdom our Country desperately needs now!!

  • George Edwards

    04/02/2021 01:54 PM

    Lets face it they're not Democrats they're Demon-Rats! They are working against everything that is good for a prospering AMERICA. It is much more involved than that but I'll leave it at that because I don't want to wind up writing a book here.

  • Donald Buchholz

    04/02/2021 01:54 PM

    The above references to Yuri Bezmenov and his interview is a must for all to see. I saw that first in Sept 2008. I immediately realized it was over for the election at that time and McCain should throw in the towel. I mean with one of the candidates being mentored by John Marshall Davis and having a shaky full of holes resume, something bigger than normal was up.

    I am not a defeatist but we have to figure out a way to pernitrate the numbness of many peoples conscience. I don't claim to have the answer, and I search for it and pray that we stumble up on an answer soon. The only answer I can come up with is to turn it over to the Lord God and have patience for his answer.

    Donald Buchholz

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/02/2021 01:26 PM

    Thank you

  • ken moore

    04/02/2021 11:19 AM

    school's not open that state needs to sell the buildings fire the teachers for not reporting to work the busser and anything supporting public education and refund the moneys to the taxpayers