March 28, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  Here's how the left "fights for the middle class." Make it stop. -- President Trump calls into Sean Hannity's show -- Laura Ainsworth: Miss Mannerly's column   --- 9th Circuit rules against Kate Steinle's parents -- Obamacare back in the news -- Attempt to override Trump veto fails -- A New York Measles Outbreak -- Fight PAC   -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


Whenever campaign season comes around --- and, sadly, we’re already well into it --- the left starts talking about “fighting for” the middle class. They love to say that the right cares only about the wealthy, and that it’s up to THEM, the big heroes on the left, to protect the middle class, even to SAVE the middle class. This time around, the blather will be worse than ever, because now that Robert Mueller’s team has failed to link President Trump with “collusion” (conspiracy) with Russia, the left is having to suddenly pivot to health care and other “middle class” issues.

They’re used to turning on a dime, but this time they’re swiveling so fast, they’ll need chiropractors on their campaign staffs.

It’s not just the candidates doing this; the “journalists” have a huge reason to do it, too. For example, Rachel Maddow had no choice but to drop her nonstop ravings about catching Trump on “collusion,” as the news of that fiasco was so unwelcome to her viewers, her ratings dropped by half in one day. Time to change the subject!

Don’t believe this leftist tactic for a minute. They have to get off the special counsel report and so are moving to the usual drivel they always use to try to dupe the middle class. But every time the left actually tries to do something that supposedly benefits the middle class, the middle class gets poorer.

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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President Trump calls into Sean Hannity's show

By Mike Huckabee

Last night, President Trump gave Fox News’ Sean Hannity his first interview since being cleared of “collusion” with Russia by the Mueller report.  At this link, you’ll find a recap of the major points and video of the interview if you missed it. 

Trump made it clear that now that the investigation is over, he is going on the offensive to get to the bottom of how it was launched and why partisan investigators were allowed to use known unverified evidence to get FISA courts to grant warrants to spy on American citizens. Mincing no words, Trump called it “treasonous” for “dirty cops” in the FBI to abuse their power to try to undermine and overthrow a legitimately-elected President from within. He made the point that if Republicans had tried to overthrow Obama like that, they’d be in jail for life.



Laura Ainsworth: Miss Mannerly's column

By Laura Ainsworth

Dear Miss Mannerly:

I understand why you generally steer clear of talking about politics in your column, as all mention of politics, sadly, tends to lower the level of discourse among people who might (conceivably) get along otherwise. Still, I must beg your indulgence and ask a question that touches on politics.

Let me start by saying I would like my President to be polite, charming and well-mannered. That’s in addition to making good decisions, of course. But if I have to settle for one or the other, which seems to be the case here, I will take the good decisions every time. My fear is that, since so many people are swayed by charm, we will get another bad-news, “progressive” President based on appearance and not substance. My fear is not unreasonable, as this worked in favor of the man who became our previous President, and for his re-election.



9th Circuit rules against Kate Steinle's parents

By Mike Huckabee

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco unanimously ruled that the parents of the late Kate Steinle can’t sue the city for negligence over the death of their daughter at the hands of an illegal immigrant who was released from jail by the sheriff’s department in defiance of ICE’s request that he be held for them to pick up for deportation for the sixth time.

One of the judges was nominated by President Trump, and he was sympathetic to the family, but he said that unfortunately, under the existing law, the sheriff was within his authority to order his office not to cooperate with federal authorities.  In short, California has legalized criminal negligence by authorities that results in the death of US citizens.  He said that can be changed only by California’s state and municipal political branches of government, “or perhaps by Congress.”  

Well, we know it won’t be changed by the California (sanctuary) state government, and certainly not by San Francisco’s (sanctuary) city government.  That leaves it to Congress, where the House is now run by Democrats, who would rather abolish ICE than deport violent criminal illegal aliens.  So if you want to see justice for the Steinle family and restore safety and sanity to our immigration policies and criminal law enforcement, then I’d urge you to vote Republican in 2020 as if your life and the lives of your family depended on it.




Obamacare back in the news

By Mike Huckabee

Obamacare is suddenly back in the news, and Democrats who can’t wipe the egg off their faces over the Mueller report are gladly seizing on it to change the subject. 

After a long period of inaction on the subject, the Trump Justice Department has sided with a Texas district judge who ruled the entire Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court ruled that Congress had the power to enact it if it were classified as a tax (citing the mandate requiring people to buy insurance or pay a fee to the IRS.)  But the Texas judge agreed with the states challenging the ACA that when the Republican Congress partially repealed Obamacare by eliminating the individual mandate, that rendered the entire bill unconstitutional.

There are other conflicting rulings, and this will end up back in the Supreme Court again.  Knowing the SCOTUS’ history of bending over backwards to find any way to justify protecting the ACA, it’s unlikely they’ll uphold the Texas judge. 

But with the Trump DOJ arguing that he’s correct,  Democrats immediately played the “Republicans don’t care about people” card, claiming that they want to scrape the ACA’s protections for Americans with preexisting conditions.  This would be easier to counter if the GOP Congress had done what it promised and passed a full “repeal and replace” bill rather than cutting away at it in bits and pieces.  Americans are justifiably concerned with rising health care costs and how to cover people who need medical care they can’t afford. 

Nobody wants anyone to go without needed treatment, and finding market-based ways to cover those who can’t afford coverage while bringing down costs for those who can should have been the focus from day one.  That’s what I was advocating ten years ago, but back then, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were in charge and they locked out the opposition and forced their plan onto everyone (déjà vu!)  We got a Trojan horse bill designed more to destroy private insurance and lead us into single-payer government health care than provide the best coverage for the lowest cost.

What we should do now is finally have that discussion about how to cover those who need help while providing choice, quality and affordability to everyone else.  But with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats back in charge, a presidential election season looming, and the Trump DOJ arguing for the entire ACA to be tossed out, what we’re likely to get instead is at least two more years of hearing that Republicans want sick people to suffer and die, while Democrats refuse to work with them to prevent that from happening.

And some people really think the government should be in charge of ALL their health care?   


Attempt to override Trump veto fails

By Mike Huckabee

Tuesday, a House attempt to override President Trump’s first veto failed.  It didn’t reach the two-thirds threshold needed to block him from using an emergency declaration to shift funds from other things to build a wall or other barriers on the southern US border. 

Trump expects opponents to run to a federal judge next to try to stop him, but he also expects to win that fight in the Supreme Court.  I guess he’s no more tired of fighting than he is tired of winning. 

As for claiming that there is no emergency, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen recently said we are on track to intercept 100,000 migrants crossing the border from Mexico just in March.  She said, “The situation at our southern border has gone from a crisis to a national emergency to a near system-wide meltdown.  I say this with the utmost sincerity and urgency: The system is breaking.”

I keep waiting in vain for a rational, realistic response from Congressional Democrats to what’s happening at the border.  I’ll let you know if they manage to muster enough support for a two-thirds vote to override reality.


A New York Measles outbreak

By Mike Huckabee

To combat an outbreak of measles, Rockland County, New York, has issued a 30-day ban on unvaccinated children being allowed in public places.  That includes malls, restaurants, schools and even churches.  Oh, if only there were some simple way that we could protect our children from a resurgence of once nearly-eradicated diseases like measles! 

Oh, wait: there IS!  It’s called “vaccination.” 

Let’s hope that if all the medical studies finding no connection between measles and autism (and even a new study showing that unvaccinated children were MORE likely to have autism) can’t convince parents to vaccinate their kids, making those kids stay home, locked up inside the house with their parents for a month, will do it.



Fight PAC

By Mike Huckabee

As if sleazy lawyer Michael Avenatti didn’t have enough trouble with felony charges from federal prosecutors in both California and New York, now he’s under scrutiny in DC, as well.  Avenatti, who once fancied himself as a Democratic Presidential contender (and some media outlets actually fell for that) set up a political action committee called the Fight PAC to help liberal candidates. 

But FEC filings for August through December of 2018 show the PAC got $113,000 in donations and spent $101,000 on “operating expenditures” which were mostly Avenatti’s lavish expenses, such as food, beverages, transportation and five-star hotel rooms.  It gave zero to help liberal candidates.  Although, if you consider Avenatti to be a candidate, he did help himself quite liberally.

The good news for him is that if he likes free room and board, there might be a lot of that in his future.


Evening Edition - March 27

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word."

– Ephesians 5:25-26

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  • Steven Peet

    03/28/2019 03:07 PM

    As I read your article on vaccination, I can't help but note that the real problem we face is a lack of trust in our government to really have our best interests in mind. We've seen this theme encouraged by Hollywood ever since the days of Joe McCarthy that agencies like the CIA and FBI tap our phone calls and wrongfully emprison those who speak out against the system. We're also encouraged to believe that government and big corporations employ henchmen to silence "the little guy". Is it any wonder then that some parents distrust government studies supporting vaccinations as helpful? But we also know that people tend to become more like what we believe them to be. Is it any wonder then that we find corruption among our government leaders when we've all been trained to expect it of them? I've met several government leaders in my time and most were men of solid integrity; I just find it sad that the public has a hard time believing it.

  • mark poyhonen

    03/28/2019 12:10 PM

    The Firing Squad
    Mueller’s report represents a firing squad volley that missed. I don’t understand celebrating while the squad reloads. They will fire again, and again.
    The executioners are reloading with ammunition created by academia, news media, social networks, politicians, and government bureaucrats. They really could not miss.
    The squad knew they were firing lies and aimed much higher than a president – they fired on America. The impact of their reports resulted in millions of groupthink supporters. They lured mobs to witness a spectacle of execution, chanting destruction, and echoing the calumny provided by an orchestrated coup.
    The people who joined the mob are relatively innocent. They were duped and are still being duped. It is not fair to call them stupid – the perpetrators are experts in deception and they use ‘trusted’ resources to spread misinformation. They proselytize their deceit as a religion of salvation and patriotism. They know what they are doing. They will never run out of ammunition. If one lie fails, they reload another.
    The accusers own the public media, and the squad will continue to shoot until they are dismantled by truth.