September 30, 2019

Rudy Giuliani has been taking some heat lately, even from certain Republicans, for his frequent media appearances in defense of his client, Donald Trump. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Attorney General Bill Barr have expressed some discomfort with it. I’ll tell you what, though --- at a time when the media (and, of course, congressional Democrats, notably the gifted “parodist” Adam Schiff) are pushing a shamefully inaccurate account of the President’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky, and when the flow of information in our culture has been so politicized leftward, President Trump needs a strong public voice for truth and the facts, and if that has to be his own personal lawyer, then so be it.

Giuliani appeared on this week’s SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES with Maria Bartiromo, and what ensued was magnificent television that stretched through the first half of her show. Although his participation was as the President’s attorney, he made it clear at the outset that he is a former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, where he investigated many corruption cases involving both Democrats and Republicans, adding that this was at a time when “we didn’t have the standard that exists now, which is you only investigate Republicans.” Bartiromo, exasperated as we all are at this point by the two-tier justice system and the lack of accountability on the left, rose to shouting at times and did a superb job of playing Devil’s Advocate. Fortunately, Rudy had come armed with documentation, as he always does these days.

He submitted this evidence six months ago and was met with crickets, so regarding the two-tier justice system, he had this to say: “These things that are alleged of Joe Biden, if you changed the name to Trump –- is there any fair-minded person in this country that thinks that for six months I would be pointing them out, putting them on line, and the Washington Post, the New York Times WOULDN'T have made a major scandal out of this? If you think that, you’re not observing reality.”

Bartiromo asked him if the accusation was true that he worked with other pro-Trump attorneys Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing to get opposition research from Ukraine on Joe and Hunter Biden. He told her he had not. He said it wasn’t his purpose to get dirt on Biden, that, in fact, “Biden was in our way,” in that he'd had general prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired and the replacement had dropped both the Burisma case and the one into a company called AntAC, where much of the false anti-Trump dirt that was given to the Hillary campaign came from.

(FLASH! We interrupt this commentary with some background on AntAC, the "Anti-Corruption Action Centre," a George Soros-connected organization. The report John Solomon posted in March of this year is exponentially more significant now, in light of the Biden/Ukraine story.  It's a must-read.)

US Embassy pressed Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election

Interference from Ukrainians to help Hillary in 2016 was found by a Ukrainian court, and Giuliani says he has four sworn affidavits by “people who want to go under oath that say that false information...about the Trump campaign was given to the American Embassy, the DNC, operatives for Hillary Clinton and The New York Times.”

Of course, none of these attorneys –- Giuliani, diGenova or Toensing –- would have been operating in an official government capacity, but it’s hard to know what the problem is with that. As Giuliani made clear, he is a lawyer defending his client, and part of that is finding out what really happened, especially any exculpatory information.

Ukrainian officials have made it clear that they had information on Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden’s work (“work”?) there that they had repeatedly attempted to turn over to our FBI and State Department but could get no response from them. The information was finally dropped in Giuliani's lap in November, first by two Americans who said they'd been trying for a year to get it to the FBI/DOJ. Shokin, whom Biden got fired by threatening to withhold over $1 billion in aid, had sworn to an affidavit saying, in part, this:

“On several occasions, President Poroshenko asked me to consider the possibility of winding down the investigative actions in respect to this company [Burisma], but I refused to close this investigation. Therefore, I was forced to leave office under direct and intense pressure from Joe Biden and the Obama administration. In my conversations with Poroshenko at the time, he was emphatic that I should cease my investigation regarding Burisma. When I did not, he said that the United States (via Biden) were refusing to release the $1 billion promised to Ukraine.”

Then there’s another sworn affidavit from another Ukrainian prosecutor, this one saying that several days later, a PR firm and an attorney for Hunter Biden came to see him and apologized for having to exaggerate the claims of corruption about their office in order to get Shokin fired. They went on to reiterate that they wanted the Burisma case dismissed.

It doesn’t get much clearer than that. Yet the FBI did nothing. And we know Biden is not truthful when he says no investigation of Burisma was going on then.

Giuliani likened himself to Perry Mason in this situation: Mason, in order to clear his client, has to find out who really committed the murder. Say there’s a witness who goes to the police and says, “I know who really did this,” but the police don’t pay attention. Perry has to investigate the case himself. (Then he traps the murderer into making an impassioned courtroom confession, but that won't be happening here. I digress.)  Simply stated, Giuliani met with Ukrainians because they had information that could clear his client. He was defending his client on allegations that he conspired with Russia when much of the “Trump/Russia” dirt –- involving Paul Manfort, for example –- arose out of Ukraine. In fact, he was told of evidence, including witnesses, that people in the Obama administration told Ukrainian officials “to dig up dirt on Trump going back to as early as January 2016."

THAT, not the Bidens, was the larger issue for him, as can be seen in Trump’s phone call with Zelensky, in which just a few lines are devoted to the Bidens. Indeed, it seems to me, after reading the transcribed notes on the call, that the reference to the Bidens seems almost like an aside. Giuliani himself called that part “an afterthought,” pointing out that the notes contain 78 lines about “collusion in general” and only 4 about the Bidens. And, importantly, Zelensky has clearly said that he never felt “pushed” on the Biden case.

Giuliani also mentioned something important that we’ve said here: Just because Biden is a candidate for President, that doesn’t mean he gets immunity from being investigated and possibly prosecuted for serious pay-for-play and conflict-of-interest allegations. (I would note that Hillary got it, but what a travesty.)  Giuliani is right to say that Republicans in the Senate have got to step up. Where are most of them?

This interview is a must-see. For the most magnificence, be sure and watch through the fireworks in the last segment:

Sunday Morning Futures


This Just In – In what may be a political first, Joe Biden’s campaign is demanding that the media stop interviewing Rudy Giuliani.  They accuse Giuliani of spreading lies and fake conspiracy theories, which, of course, never stopped them from booking a guest before.  Rudy’s response was to point out that he brings along documentation to support everything he says.

Since Congressional Democrats have made clear their utter disregard for due process rights, I’m not surprised that they don’t even want to allow Trump the right to an attorney to defend him (indeed, Hillary Clinton reportedly made the same unconstitutional argument about President Nixon during her first major job with the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate impeachment investigation 45 years ago.)  Perhaps the best response came from Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale, who tweeted, "Can we request the removal of Democrats on TV that push hoaxes? Wait, but then who would do the interviews?"

It will be fascinating to see if any major media outlets are actually deep enough in the Democrats’ pockets to publicly admit that they take marching orders straight from their campaigns.  This is further proof of the glaring double standard that the Democrats expect everyone to observe, and how spoiled they’ve become from years of enjoying a media monopoly, that they would have a mental meltdown over the very idea that any media outlets might deign to speak to anyone who questions their official narrative.  

First, they told us it’s not improper at all for Biden to brag about having threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine to force them to fire their prosecutor who was (we are assured, entirely coincidentally) looking into a company whose board lucratively employed Biden’s son. But it’s an impeachable offense for Trump, who as chief law enforcement officer has a sworn duty to uphold the law, to request that suspected corruption in Ukraine be investigated, as required under a mutual agreement signed in the ‘90s by Bill Clinton.  So the person seeking the investigation into corruption should be removed from office for allegedly threatening Ukraine with withholding aid (which both parties deny) and replaced with the one who proudly bragged about actually doing it. The mind reels.  

Now, we’re not only supposed to accept that pretzel logic at face value, but the Democrats are stamping their feet and demanding the media stop talking to one of the main figures in the story because he’s saying things they don’t what they want us to hear.  No wonder they’re so enamored of Greta Thunberg.  It’s like an entire Party of spoiled 16-year-olds. 




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    10/17/2019 11:48 AM

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  • Glenda Miller

    10/07/2019 01:10 PM

    Great column, as usual, however, I was unable to watch the video. Did it get taken down?

  • Mike

    10/02/2019 07:05 PM

    I hope Rudy, Barr, Pompeo and many others in the staff have body guards. Would put nothing past the Democrats or Clintons when any of them get too close to the corrupt swamp creatures that have existed for far too long. Better yet, hope the above carry their own gun, as they may need it. People who are about to be exposed for the truth they don't want anyone to know about get desperate. And desperation leads to extreme responses. I pray that they who are seeking truth will be protected.
    I hope more and more people in this country are waking up to see that they should never vote for a Democrat at any political level. And there are few Republicans who should be ousted as they are Democrats despite what they claim. Shame on the Republican from Tennessee who needs to make time to vote to impeach Trump and forget the other issues. Shame on the two women who claim to be Republicans, one from Maine and the other from Alaska. Though most of the deep corrupt swamp contains Democrats they also swim with some Republicans. And then where are the rest of the Republicans? Most still remaining silent and are a door mat for the corrupt despicable Demorat party.

  • Kay DeWittI

    10/02/2019 10:50 AM

    I keep asking...when will Christians be grieved enough about how he who is in the world is getting his voice heard to be motivated to have the voice of He who is greater than he who is in the world...and supposed to be IN heard?

  • Mary Del Buono

    10/02/2019 10:37 AM

    So sad this saga goes on and on...spoiled brats...we have a country that we no harm...honor and obey our not change them mid sad...Please folks look up the paper work not listen to the lies on the Soros and lefts news sites...

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    10/02/2019 08:54 AM

    and yet republicans are doing NOTHING!

  • Helen Corey

    10/02/2019 06:56 AM

    My Republican Tennessee Senator who is retiring, Lamar Alexander, says he is “not sure, which way he’ll vote on the impeachment of President Trump. My Democrat Representative, Jim Cooper, wrote he has no time to support Justice Kavanaugh because he is focusing on starting the impeachment process against President Trump. This is the state of Congress. Both Republicans and Democrats are NOT doing the work of the people, but working for their own self interests.

  • Rhonda Kellam

    10/02/2019 06:20 AM

    Rudy better watch his back.....he could be on the Dems long hit list before long! They are absolutely disgusting...the whole mess of them!

  • rodney burke

    10/02/2019 12:10 AM

    panic is setting in. Are there Repubs scared? What might Rudi find out about them? Those who talk the loudest ahve the most to hide/lose. Anyone who objects must have something they don't want him to discover. I say "let 'er rip! Rudi" Hold nothing back, we've put up with this crap for 3 years, enough is enough! As Hannity says" Keep peeling back the onion" Soon, we will have arrests and tribunals. I have been praying for them for 2 years. "It's time." Nolan Ryan

  • rodney burke

    10/01/2019 11:59 PM

    you can see the failure of Repubs when Rudi has to act like a private attorney and do the work the FBI and DOJ should be doing. But that is Rudi. He has the goods. He works at it and I am VERY proud of him for taking the ball and running with it.
    Joe gets no pass for what he DID in the past. A crime is a crime. this whole thing in the Ukraine smells to high heaven, Now that you have mentioned Soros. yeah, it HAS to be rotten to the core!. Rudi is where he needs to be doing the job that should have been done a long time ago. I am proud of him and offer all the encouragement I can, to bring this out and those guilty to justice. We are finding out just how corrupt Joe and Barry where. Apparently with Joe, it's been going on for decades.

  • R Reedy

    10/01/2019 10:00 PM

    I also thought the interview was excellent...clear and informative. Now, we need focus and some news about administration accomplishments for us.

  • Kathy lovell

    10/01/2019 07:53 PM

    My heart breaks at the way the Democrats are behaving it's awful why don't they concentrate on doing something good for our country and supporting our president instead of running their mouth. Praying for all we're trying to help our President and Vice President and their supporters

  • Betsy Maloney

    10/01/2019 07:15 PM

    Mike, YOU'RE A CHRISTIAN - SUPPOSEDLY! STOP LYING!! Trump SPOKE the TRUTH and the printout of the phone call says it all! You want to now deny that they are both bogus?? That is an unconscionable LIE!!

    STOP LYING! You absolutely KNOW what you're doing is sinful before God!

  • J Howard Markley Jr

    10/01/2019 07:07 PM

    Excellent commentary especially the part reminding everyone of President Trump's responsibilities as the chief law enforcement officer. The schools, unfortunately, do not any longer teach our Constitution to students who probably need it now more than ever. I have made that point myself but lack the audience you enjoy. Thank you again Governor for telling it like it is!

  • Shirley Taylor

    10/01/2019 06:23 PM

    If we spent as much money on things the people of the United States need; i.e. health care, unemployment, suicide, etc. as we do on pointless crap the Democrats dig up how wonderful it would be. Such a waste of money their evil spewing is costing us the American public.

  • George O.Paige

    10/01/2019 06:08 PM

    Why do the lying left get to control the show and able to subpoena ANYONE they want? What the heck are the Republicans doing ? Silence from them "sounds"like the allegations from the left are true. With the help of the media, the money from the wealthy deep state it is putting the Republicans in a weak position. When are they going to put their big boy pants on and destroy the left?
    Surely the truth would set them free! Silence is a losing proposition.
    Get pissed and kick some asses.

  • Curt White

    10/01/2019 05:46 PM

    I’ve never read such a bunch of foolish gibberish in my life. And if you have proof of all this Mike then take it to the news and don’t just post it here for Trumps fans to read. You don’t you made 90 % of that up because you know full well that the idiots that read this will just accept it as the truth because it make Mr Trump look like a hero which is what they need to hear. Your family is fully versed in lies So keep up the good work and watch Mr Trump get his lying cheating womanizing ass thrown out of office.

  • Anita Ward

    10/01/2019 05:21 PM

    Thank you Governor for publishing truths about what is going on in our country and in the "government"! I will continue to pray for President Trump, his family and for all of the elected officials who honor our Constitution, serve for the good of our citizens, stand on the truths in the Bible and most of all, worship our Savior Christ Jesus! I will also pray for those lost and who are blinded by Satan, god of this world, to see the LIGHT and HIS TRUTH.
    Most of our elected officials (that includes many Republicans) are unadulterated crooks and have no regard for the people who elected them because after they're elected, they only 'serve' to enrich themselves. I thank God there are a few elected officials who actually care about America, our citizens and honor our Constitution and I thank them!
    Sir, please don't stop publishing the truth!
    I don't know how long people will continue the insanity that is being displayed everywhere before God says enough and calls HIS believers to meet HIM in the sky, but it seems that event is growing closer at a very fast rate every day. I pray people wake up before it is too late! ('Many are called, but few are chosen'. I struggled with the meaning of that passage for a few years, but now believe it means, all are called but only those who accept HIS PRECIOUS GIFT are chosen.....)

  • David Stephenson

    10/01/2019 05:06 PM

    With Comey Jr. heading up the FBI, I do NOT see any difference in the FBI. The State dept is STILL CORRUPT & so is the CIA. The DOJ is still a JOKE. Go Mr. Mayor, at least we have someone who is a fighter helping our President.

  • Carolyn J Blue

    10/01/2019 05:05 PM

    Keep the pressure up Rudy! We the people are sick and tired of the Democrats and the “fake” media calling the shots and expecting to get what ever the want. Republicans stand up and start talking louder, harsher, absolutely no backing down and put those bullies in their place! ????

  • Mike

    10/01/2019 05:05 PM

    I am like others among your readers - WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS? Every since the President was elected, almost all the Republicans have remained silent and place the President out front by himself. What are they protecting? I say they mostly are protecting the Democrats whether they think they are or not. And they protect indirectly the fake enemies of the people- the mainstream media. And most of all the Republicans are indirectly or maybe directly betraying 63+ million voters who voted for President Trump in 2016.
    And I have to very much agree with several other readers who commented that the Democrats are creating the headlines and scandals, all the while already trying to fix the 2020 election. We know they will commit voter fraud and have illegals vote and any other thing they can. Is anyone watching for this?
    The Democrats are truly the party of evil (against our nation and Americans) and in these days and times we are truly in a battle of good vs. evil, but then if you know the Bible, then you shouldn't be surprised at all that is happening. Disheartening to see those within trying to drastically change or fundamentally transform our nation, but I have to keep reminding myself that God is ultimately in control and all that is going on is of no surprise to those who are believers.

  • William Schlumpf

    10/01/2019 04:59 PM

    Yes they are unhinged. They know they are getting perilously close to being fully exposed. It is critical that those who are targeted don't lose it also. Trump especially must keep his cool as much as possible under the relentless pressure or else he could succumb to the trap they have repeatedly set for him since he assumed office. Not that he shouldn't strike back but he must be careful he doesn't slip up and do any that even comes close to skirting the law. That's what they are waiting for. They shamefully slandered Goldwater , they harrassed Nixon until he broke, they tried to do the same to Bush 41 and Bush 43 but failed. They want to break Trump also but have been thus far unable to do so and are themselves self destructing. The complicity of the leftist media and the 'crats
    Is the big story here and 50 years from now when Adam Schiff is long forgotten that will be the story which will be remembered.

  • Beverly I Neasbitt

    10/01/2019 04:55 PM

    I am very happy to have your reports and insight to the miserable chaos that the Democrats are wreaking on our country. I am 86 and have never seen such hatred and meanness spewed daily! Something terrible has happened to the Democratic Party. I pray that God will watch over you and our wonderful President Trump who is the only politician who kept his campaign promises! God bless you both!

  • Mary Mendicino

    10/01/2019 04:52 PM

    How much more are Americans going to take of this nonsense? Some thing has to give....and quickly!!!!

  • Vernon Thompson

    10/01/2019 04:51 PM

    They may well regret forcing him to testify. I'll bet he takes a few with him.

    It is time to end the two tier justice system!