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February 1, 2021

Recently, we ran a poll that asked, “Now that Joe Biden has been inaugurated, do you accept him as President of the United States?” As reported on Saturday, with over 122,000 votes cast, the results are in:

YES: 4 percent

NO: 94 percent

UNDECIDED: 2 percent

So, 94 percent of the respondents to our poll do not accept Joe Biden as President. We are shocked --- shocked! --- that so many of our readers are domestic terrorists! Why, you’re probably already plotting right now to storm Washington DC and take the Capitol Building by force.

Do we really need to keep thousands more National Guard troops on duty indefinitely, just to keep the small number of QAnon crazies and white supremacists away from the halls of power? Their numbers don’t appear to be large and diminishing as their views are out of step with constitutional conservatives who reject racism and unsourced conspiracy theories. But if that’s really the fear of the left, then clear out the parking garages so the Guard can get a nap from time to time. And somebody bring them some blankets, for gosh sakes, and order them some pizzas with extra cheese! This is our national security we’re talking about.

All 94 percent of you –- and even the 2 percent undecided –- will have to be removed from Facebook and Twitter immediately. That’s not necessarily because of anything you’ve said, but about what you might say if they allowed you the forum everyone else gets to have, something incendiary that might conceivably cause OTHER people to storm the Capitol, but that YOU will have to be help accountable for, because if there’s one thing our federal justice system stands for now, it’s accountability. Just ask Kevin Clinesmith.

(Pause for insane laughter.)

So, 94 percent of respondents said they don’t “accept” Biden as President. What does this actually tell us? At the risk of sounding like former President Bill Clinton, it depends on what the meaning of “accept” is. Among those who answered our poll, that will vary from person to person. Of course, there's deep, unquestioning acceptance –- “I ‘accept’ Jesus as my Savior” –- but there's also very grudging acceptance –- “I ‘accept’ that my business has been ordered closed and there’s nothing I can do to avoid bankruptcy.” And there's a whole spectrum in between. From a random sample of the over 50,000 comments we received –- we’ll be highlighting some of those responses later in the week –- I think even the tiny amount of “acceptance” Biden is getting from the right-leaning half the country is the grudging kind. There's an outcome you deeply suspect is wrong but are powerless to do anything about, so you think the best thing for the country is just to move forward.

Here’s one example of that: “I think I fall within the 4 percent of folks who say Biden is my President, because he is currently the President of the United (?) States. He stole the election, granted, but there he sits, in the Oval Office. It pains me to even type that, but until we can legally get the Democrats out of office, I will have to deal with Biden making pronouncements.”

Maintaining even that level of “acceptance” might become increasingly difficult for Biden as he continues to act as if he had a huge mandate, issuing 40 such “pronouncements” in the form of executive orders and actions in just his first nine days in the White House. This is three times the number signed by Presidents Trump, Obama and George W. Bush at the same point in their terms of office.

For the word “accept,” the working definition that I think makes the most sense here is from Oxford Dictionaries: “believe or come to recognize (an opinion, explanation, etc.) as valid or correct.” Synonyms: believe, trust, give credence to, credit, give credit to, put confidence in, be convinced of, have faith in, count on, rely on, depend on. Informal: buy; go for; fall for; swallow; swallow hook, line and sinker; take as gospel.

The Free Dictionary has these: To regard as proper, usual or right; to regard as true, believe in; to endure resignedly or patiently, as in “to accept one’s fate” (also, to tolerate or accommodate oneself to); to receive officially, as in “to accept the committee’s report.”

It is true that President Biden sits in the Oval Office and functions, to the best of his cognitive ability, as President. It could be said that he has been received officially. Those few on the right who say they “accept” him likely also mean this in the sense that they are resigned to it, enduring it.

But going back to the Oxford Dictionary, do they believe this was the correct outcome? Do they have faith or confidence in the outcome? Do they take it as gospel? Doubtful.

Millions of Americans are going around with a dark feeling that something is amiss, that needs to be put right. It’s not the same as Hillary and her supporters carping for four years about Trump’s election being illegitimate, when Trump clearly won in 2016. The 2020 election was very different, with millions and millions of mail-in ballots, unconstitutional rule changes, razor-thin margins in key states, numerous anomalies that just haven’t been explained and much more that we’ve been over. “Fact”-checkers who try to debunk these claims by saying they “lack context” still have not really debunked them. That’s not proof the election was “stolen,” but suspicions still run very deep, and justifiably so.

In case you didn’t see it over the weekend, we’ll re-post this excellent piece from about the difference between what the so-called “debunkers” in the media say about the election and what the real story is. They really are trying to make us all say that 2+2=5.

The fact that social media and most broadcast media are censoring any talk of this makes it that much worse. Adding insult to injury by impeaching President Trump and putting him on trial after he’s been removed from office is another big banana-republic-style slap-down. We know that what is being done to Trump is also being done, in effect, to us, his supporters. We see the entire nation under siege by the left, with no sign of it letting up. Happiest of all: probably China.

When leftists keep piling on, after an election we don't trust, with one more grave injustice after another (again, I’ll cite the legal double standard and the Kevin Clinesmith case), I have to wonder if they realize what this could be building up to. Are they naive, do they just not care, or is that what they want? How long can they lie to us, lie ABOUT us, calling us deplorables, domestic terrorists and white supremacists? We can’t have upwards of 75 million people feeling abused like this at the same time Washington DC, the media, social media, the universities, the public schools, major corporations, the entertainment world, and even the justice system are telling us essentially to shut up or they will cancel us, ruin our lives. It's McCarthyism to the tenth power. Nothing like this has ever happened before in this country.

And none of of us should “accept” it.


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