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December 19, 2022

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  • Evelyn Clark

    12/23/2022 07:36 PM

    If it was an illegal thing for Mike Pense to do, why is the government now trying to make it where it cannot be done?
    Mr. Pense is going to run for president. So, this is how he does it.
    Swears by it too.
    He has already been caught in a lie. You went with it too.
    Very disappointed in you.
    This one time you must not have checked the facts.

  • Jim Greer

    12/22/2022 06:29 PM

    During your interview with former VEEP Pence, he talked about the fact that he did not have the authority to refuse to certify the 2020 election. While l understand that, l wonder if he could have delayed certification to allow time to at least check out some of the fraud claims and irregularities that arose. ln light of the recent SCOTUS lawsuit that you just wrote about - which l have wondered about myself - it would seem to have been his obligation to do so if possible.

  • Audrey Winters

    12/22/2022 08:16 AM

    Pence is a Traitor! I cannot believe you would even Consider having him on your show. What has happened to you? Were you bought out by the Evil left?

  • William Orris

    12/22/2022 07:12 AM

    Ask Mike Pence what coin he was handed and from whom at the end of the vote and confirmation of the election. Then follow up and ask his opinion on what the elbow nudge from Nancy Pelosi was intended to convey.
    Mike betrayed our country, lied and continues to do so. He knew he had the authority to secure a recount and was so weak he didn't want to take a stand against wickedness.

  • Joann Reifel

    12/22/2022 04:18 AM

    Thank you so much for having this interview with former VP Pence. I was very pleased to hear his Gospel testimony first hand and it is confirmation of my question about what happened regarding his decision re the election. Very sad that this understandably put a rift between him and Pres Trump.
    I believe God was able to use Former Pres Trump BECAUSE of the prayerful believers he invited to work within the Whitehouse.

  • Judy Radley

    12/22/2022 01:59 AM

    If the Republicans cave to the Democrats AGAIN, like they did in 2010 when the 'great deception of true republic democracy ' started with idiot BO as president, then the Republicans will gain nothing and the Dems will continue to control everything and any tiny bit of America will be gone forever. So I am not very please with McConnell or McCarthy being speaker of the house, as they are RINO's anyway, and any hope for secure, legitimate elections will never ever happen again in America, as America is all but gone now. I am glad I only have 20 to 30 years left to live, as I am truly fearful of what this nation will look like in 50 years..... I think it truly will be another Chinese territory. I cannot stand it where America has gone, unless a natural disaster or an Act of God happens, America is no longer a free nation. It has gone the way of a 3rd world dictatorship and no one can stop it now. The representatives in Congress are too old and too rigid to show backbone any longer. They are just biding their time until they get their overpriced pensions. The true Conservative Republicans need to step up and really hammer away at the fraud and corruption that has been going on for far too long in the federal government. I do agree with one of your quoted sources that the Republican House needs to use the Dems. own rules against them and as for each and every one of the Dems in Congress for THEIR tax returns going back 10 years! Make them eat their own words like Gov. Abbott and DeSantis did with the overwhelming and illegal illegals crossing the border. Make the Dems. feel the pain they have inflicted on ALL Republicans now! That's the only way the Republicans will get any respect from the public, and even have a slight chance of increasing their power over the Dems. But who will show their backbone first? The GOP needs to drag the Dems. over the carpet now regarding the farce of the Jan. 6 Kangaroo Kommitte...... The GOP has the chance to really shine by forcing the Dems. to be accountable and impeach Biden on criminal charges that makes any slight infraction President Trump did, look like a sweet walk in the park, but will they have the guts to do so? I hope so! They have the whole country of hopeful patriotic, American loving citizens, riding on their shoulders, and they better NOT let them fall, or they will fail too. If they don't have the guts or nerve to force accountability of the 'hatred for America Dems.' and even their own RINO peers, then they don't deserve to represent any one.


    12/21/2022 11:16 PM


  • Sandra Conklin

    12/21/2022 01:39 PM

    Mike Pence received a very cordial opportunity to sell his book, sanitize his reputation and tout his religious background here, but I'm not buying it. The effort to displace Trump as the candidate who should head up the Republican ticket, in spite of the fact he weathered such deceptive and vile efforts to shut him down, is shameful. Trump deserves kudos for doing so well by the American people during his presidency against enormous odds. The ongoing effort to displace him shows how much the deep state fears the reforms he would bring to weed out the corruption that has captured the nation and fostered our headlong fall into communism. God help us. I pray that Trump gets his second term, and I believe he won that term in 2020 and was cheated out of it. The current administration is destroying the nation. This is not about party politics. This is about good vs. evil.

  • Rick Wilkins

    12/21/2022 09:49 AM

    My Gov. Mike, I know there is a Tsunami of bad news to cover, but the president of Ukraine is asking for billions of more dollars for his fake war while our Texas border continues to rot. He is scheduled to speak to congress today to beg for more money. Speak on this if you have time. The Dems do sneaky stuff and often times do bad things will little or no warning.

  • Michael Lewis

    12/20/2022 08:13 PM

    Mike Pence completely invalidated his "faith" by failing to act with courage in the face of pressure from those who were in the process of stealing the seat of power for our nation. This so called "peaceful transfer of power" handed over the federal government to our enemies and this man is now trying to justify it with his Christian labeling and profit from it with his book. This interview is disgusting to say the least. On Jan. 6th, no one was asking him to decide the election. The people that traveled to the Capital that day were there to ask for a complete audit of an election that, by all standards and measures, was clearly rigged. As has been proven even more thoroughly over the last two years, anyone who does honest research knows beyond a shadow of a doubt what happened. This man has a guilty conscience for his unwillingness to take a stand for the people. As has happened in Brazil, the will of the American people was not honored in 2020 nor was it honored in 2022 and without major changes, we will never, ever see a fair and honest election again. If he truly wanted to take responsibility for his actions he should go about helping the movement that is in the process of exposing ALL of the fraud. But he's too busy pretending that he did the right thing. Personally, I wouldn't want that on my conscience on judgement day and frankly, I'm disappointed that he was given a hearing on your show because his voice is meaningless.