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August 16, 2023

With all the Trump news, this story that happened Friday got buried, but it deserves more notice. You would think the media would give it more coverage, considering it’s about shocking infringement on freedom of the press by the government, but a surprising number of media outlets seem to be okay with that these days. The story is remarkably similar to the story of Ashley Biden’s diary, which was given to Project Veritas. They returned it without revealing anything in it, yet the FBI raided the homes of James O’Keefe and other PV reporters and seized dozens of their private devices.

In this case, the Marion County, Kansas, Record newspaper got a tip that a local restaurant owner had convictions for DUI and driving without a license that could have prevented her from getting a liquor license. They didn’t know the source of the tip so they wrote nothing and turned it over to the police. But the restaurant owner made it public by complaining in front of the city council, so the paper wrote an article telling their side of the story.

Next thing the paper knew, the police department raided the office and home of owner/publisher Eric Meyer, photographing and seizing a number of digital devices. They had a warrant to seize devices used to “participate in the identity theft” of the restaurant owner. Meyer says his 98-year-old mother, who co-owned the paper, died the next day, and he blames the stress of the police raid.

Many people were already calling it an outrageous assault by government on the rights of the press. But then the story took another twist when Meyer revealed that paper had been investigating allegations of sexual misconduct and other accusations against the police chief, but had yet to publish anything. He said, “I may be paranoid that this has anything to do with it, but when people come and seize your computer, you tend to be a little paranoid.”

The paper’s attorney calls it an “illegal search” and is demanding that authorities not review any information on any devices or material they confiscated. This is a developing story, and I’m very interested to see how it develops.

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