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November 22, 2023

I hope President Biden had a happy 81st birthday on Monday. If he read any of the press about his birthday, I doubt that he did, so I’ll just wish it for him. Usually, a President’s birthday is one of those feel-good, human-interest stories to fill space. But Biden’s entry into the second year of his eighth decade was covered with the kind of stories that make you think of sharks or vultures circling someone who’s doomed. And as this story from Western Journal notes, it’s not just from conservative critics. The negative chatter is coming from Democrat voters, friendly media and even his own inner circle.

Voters are making their concerns known via dreadful poll numbers, including his lowest approval ever in a new NBC News poll, with large numbers expressing doubts that he has the physical and mental stamina to serve a second term. Even a Washington Post reporter noted that “some argue that neither Biden nor his team have effectively communicated a reelection plan, a second-term governing vision or a clear argument against Trump.”

Some of us would argue that he didn’t have what it took to serve a first term, or a first-term governing vision, or a clear argument against Trump other than that he wasn’t Trump; and that was three years ago when he was a spring chicken of 78, but I digress.

This isn’t to say that age is the deciding factor on whether someone can handle the job, but age affects people differently. Mel Brooks is 97, and he just finished co-writing and producing a new series for Hulu. But even those closest to Biden are worried that his age-related difficulties are becoming impossible to deny (not that they don’t keep trying.) 

As that story reports, their method of dealing with it is denial, blaming others for bringing it up, and rather than urging him to retire from the most stressful job in the world, to put him in sturdier shoes and not let him walk very far on camera. Thanks for thinking of what’s best for America, guys.


To put the icing on Biden’s petrified birthday cake, that very same day brought this news:

Trump released a letter from his doctor reporting that his latest physical found that Trump has lost weight, is in “excellent overall health,” and “his cognitive exams were exceptional.” Although to be fair, Biden’s cognitive exams might look okay, too, if he’d ever take any.

However, it might be tough to convince young voters that Biden’s mind is sharp after he made a baffling joke at the Thanksgiving turkey pardoning ceremony in which he seemed to mix up Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. Well, at least he didn’t drop Judy Garland into the mix. And then accuse the turkey of being an insurrectionist.


Bad Birthday Optics for Biden:

If President Biden’s handlers didn’t want people to think about how old he is, they probably shouldn’t have released a photo of him with his birthday cake topped by 81 flaming candles. It lit up the Internet and inspired meme makers with its resemblance to the Chicago fire.

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