March 29, 2019

Though Democrats refuse to give it up, President Trump is now looking at the Mueller investigation in his rear-view mirror. At a huge rally Thursday night in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he had the enormous pleasure of speaking about it in the past tense. And his audience had the same enormous pleasure of hearing him use the one word we all want to hear:


To those of us who have assumed no one associated with the fictional Russian “dossier” and the sham “Trump/Russia” narrative (hoax) would ever face the music, Trump made it clear that he was tuning up the orchestra. “All the current and former officials who paid for, promoted and perpetuated the single greatest hoax in the history of politics in our country. They have to be, I’m sorry, they have to be accountable.”

At that, the crowd began chanting “Lock then up! Lock them up!” 

He gave Democrats a stark choice: to “decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bull**** partisan investigations, or apologize to the American people.”

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Of course, the Democrats have already made their choice. But it looks as though Trump has made his, too. Consistent with what he said in an interview Wednesday with Sean Hannity, he’s ready to start declassifying documents, particularly those relating to the FISA warrant applications. HIs hands are no longer legally tied by the special counsel, and it appears he’s being advised by his attorneys that now’s the time. “We defeated a very corrupt establishment,” he said, “and we kept our promise to the American people and it is driving them crazy. Today, our movement and our country are thriving. Their fraud has been exposed and the credibility of those who pushed this hoax has been forever broken. And they have now got big problems.”

Because they refused to accept the results of the 2016 election, “this group of major losers did not just ruthlessly attack me, my family, and everyone who questioned their lies. They tried to divide our country, to poison the national debate, and to tear up the fabric of our great democracy, the greatest anywhere in the world.” He stressed that our nation as a whole was hurt by this.

He obviously knows, as you and I do, that if they are not held accountable, they’ll just continue to perpetuate hoaxes with their blatant lies, no matter what it does to the country. As Hannity said during their interview, “The deep state’s day of reckoning has now come.”

Speaking of liars, the media will face accountability as well. Not in the legal sense, as we do have a free press and anti-Trump “journalists” are free to lie about the President all they want, but in the court of public opinion (as in “ratings”). Also, the RNC and the pro-Trump super PAC America First will reportedly be hitting back hard and are already preparing some devastating :30 spots making collusion-addled “journalists” look ridiculous (which isn’t hard, besides being a lot of fun!)

Anyway, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is ready to move on to the “accountability” phase. “We’re now trying to prove who did it,” he says, talking about the origins of the Russia hoax. Some in the mainstream GOP caution that this might be a strategic blunder –- that if would be better for the President to “let it go” and concentrate on spotlighting promises kept and the economic gains we’ve enjoyed. I could not disagree more with the “let it go” part. Both messages are hugely important, and if the President remembers that, I’m sure he can walk and chew gum at the same time. Also, Trump can’t really let it go as long as Democrats won’t, and they won’t. They are doubling down on their accusations as if the Mueller report hadn’t even come out.

Trump also has to mark time while the special counsel report gets reviewed by Barr before being released. And it’s frustrating to his lawyers that Mueller was wishy-washy on the issue of obstruction. I like what Giuliani had to say about that: “It’s kind of absurd that he couldn’t decide. ‘Difficult issues of law and fact’ --- that’s what you’re paid for, pal! It’s like saying, “Well, I’m a brain surgeon, but I’m not gonna operate because this is a difficult brain situation.’”

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Should Trump really “let it go” and forgive the people who did this to him? As a Christian, I believe in forgiveness; Trump will have to make up his own mind about how much he personally can forgive. (Remember, this attack wasn’t just against him, but also his family, some innocent people and, arguably, the entire nation.) But legal forgiveness is not the same. As someone who also believes in the law and in one system of justice applied equally to all, I strongly agree that the people who did this deserve –- here’s that word again –-accountability.

Investigative reporter Jeff Carlson has a comprehensive new piece in THE EPOCH TIMES that refreshes us on all the things they need to be held accountable FOR. As Carlson tells it, “the weaponization of the intelligence community and other government agencies created an environment that allowed for obstruction in the investigation into Hillary Clinton and the relentless pursuit of a manufactured collusion narrative against Trump.” Carlson has looked at dozens of congressional testimonies, court documents and many more materials to construct an “inside look” at this scandal (which by a growing consensus is being dubbed “Spygate”).

Carlson offers valuable historical insights by looking at Eric Holder’s Justice Department of July 2011, when Inspector General Michael Horowitz was first appointed. While trying to investigate the failed sting operation known as Fast and Furious, Horowitz was delayed by Holder’s decision to place limitations on his access to information. He testified about this to Congress in 2015.

If you read his piece (link below), you’ll also learn the role then-deputy Attorney General Sally Yates played in limiting Horowitz’s oversight. Horowitz was so mad about this that he sent Congress a blistering letter signed by all the other acting inspectors general, who saw Yates’ decision as “a potentially serious challenge to the authority of every Inspector General and our collective ability to conduct our work thoroughly, independently and in a timely manner.”

The Obama DOJ had done a masterful job of minimizing oversight. As Carlson explains, it was against this backdrop that Spygate was able to take place. He goes into the whole set-up: how exactly the “Mid-Year Exam” (the Hillary email “investigation”) got started, the assembly of the team at the FBI that would examine (sort of) the Hillary case and go on to handle the Trump/Russia allegations, the unusual reporting mechanism that was set up to bypass the customary chain of command, and the DOJ’s role in limiting the “investigation” into Hillary. (Sorry, I just can’t use that word to describe the Hillary case without putting quotation marks around it.) It was just as that “investigation” was winding down that “interest from the intelligence community in the Trump campaign was ramping up,” Carlson says.

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The key player at this point: JOHN BRENNAN. “Sometime in 2015,” Carlson writes, “it appears former CIA Director John Brennan established himself as the point man to push for an investigation into the Trump campaign.” He actually formed an inter-agency task force to conduct this. Carlson goes on to outline the various set-up meetings used to accomplish Brennan’s strategy of reverse targeting, which means the targeting of a foreign individual with the intent of capturing data on a U.S. citizen.

The article is quite long and detailed; the meaty part about Brennan comes in under the subhead “CIA Director Instigates Trump Investigation.” I recommend it highly, though it may be a bit too far into the weeds for some. On the other hand, much of it will be familiar, as it has been covered here, by me. Anyone who reads this and doesn’t think these people deserve to be held accountable is, well, probably still working for the government and needs to go.


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Comments 1-25 of 92

  • Larry Crim

    04/09/2019 07:27 PM

    This can’t be to soon. The public is all aware of the Corruption, and it’s time someone took action. Looks like this is finally going to happen.

  • Alan Doud

    04/04/2019 06:26 AM

    It is scary that the democrats were able to push the order of law beyond its limits to the point of what is an apparent coup. Further any laws passed by congress future or present should not include protection of government. Nor should any privileges surpass those of average citizens, such as pensions, free education and health care. Further congress should not be allowed to give themselves raises. Since when does an employee determine their income. All must be held accountable and not just a few people they decide to sacrifice to save their hides. Obama, the Clintons and all others involved should be held as responsible as their constituents since they were the administrators. It is frustrating to realize how deeply our government has been penetrated and how few realize it and the danger of this. If they are allowed to get away with it this time they won't hesitate to control the country with a one party government.

  • Carolyn Storer

    04/01/2019 12:33 PM

    After reading your article & a “big” portion of the link, all I can say: Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive!!! Wise words of our ancestors!!! That about sums it up!!! Also, I am a Christ follower too, but I believe we are obligated to hold those accountable for wrongdoing! I will be 73 years young this year & have never seen anything so blatant in our government! Although after watching Mark Levin on Life, Liberty & Levin last night he shed a lot of light on several previous administrations that certainly weren’t squeaky clean either!!! I guess none are just as we are not until we receive Christ!! Thanks for the opportunity to vent here! Love your show when I can catch it! (Hallmark is your rival!). ??

  • Fran Matkovich

    03/31/2019 07:58 PM

    Why don’t we have a law that requires news reporters to print the truth? All the “contributors” of FAKE NEWS Should be prosecuted. News reporters should be required to judiciously check their facts before publishing!

  • Rodney Salisbury

    03/31/2019 07:31 PM

    This attach on our system of government and the ensuing abuses of power must be exposed. Democratic Leaders during the entire Obama Administration weaponized the the DOJ, FBI, the Bureau of land management, and other agencies against their political apponents. Agencies that were created to uphold investigate and uphold justice we’re used to disparage voter and cover up true treasonist acts carried out by corrupt leaders such as Hillary Clinton and many others. The American people want the scales to be balance and the blindfold placed back on Lady Justice. There is no double jeopardy as many on the left will claim when Hillary is truly investigated because she was never charged with a crime. I don’t care if she ever serves a day in prison but I want her to be thoroughly investigated for all of her shady dealing while in office. If found guilty, then she should be punished Appropriately.

  • David. Benjamin

    03/31/2019 06:05 PM

    I want to see investigations into everyone that took part in this false attack on our President. They should pay for the damage they have done.

  • Lois N Parker

    03/31/2019 05:30 PM

    Thank you for all you do. The pressure must me horrendous, at times.

  • Barney Flint

    03/31/2019 04:16 PM

    Please implore the President to declassify the FISA documents.

  • Lucinda Frerich

    03/31/2019 09:03 AM

    Examples and laws need to be enforced, if not they will continue to get a away with it! Where will our constitutional rights will be? If this doesn't work for our President, how do you expect it for our people? The fox is already in the chicken house!

  • james riley

    03/31/2019 07:46 AM

    So sad that they have moved so far away from the party of Kennedy. They are nothing more than a party of power grabbers . It makes me think just what is their end game. Shame on them .

  • bigbadjohn

    03/30/2019 11:48 PM

    I think some passports should be pulled quickly. We don't want anyone to skip out before the party starts. I don't think I need to mention names.

  • Tim irwin

    03/30/2019 11:25 PM

    What is the sentence for treason? A rope, bullet or jail time? I would like to know!

  • rodney burke

    03/30/2019 10:06 PM

    reading your column and listening to Fox and Dan Bongino, I was ready for GROSS accountability a year ago!

  • Barbara Em

    03/30/2019 09:55 PM

    APOLOGIES ARE UNACCEPTABLE! They need to go to prison!

  • Warren Earhart

    03/30/2019 06:22 PM

    Yes, they definitely need to be held accountable! Every one of them is a subversive and guilty, in my opinion, of Treason. I know you know the definition of subvert is, but I will include it here to make sure anyone reading this comment realizes the seriousness of this charge; (intending to subvert or overthrow, destroy, or undermine an established or existing system, especially a legally constituted government or a set of beliefs.) They should all be locked up, and I don't mean for forty-two months. Forty-two years would make me 'pleased as punch.' I told one of my Facebook friends that I used to work with and know personally what has happened to this country in the last 30 years makes me want to puke. Our government, our citizens, our culture is soooo far from what I experienced growing up. I know change is inevitable, but it's supposed to be for the better. That is NOT what is happening! Thank you, Governor, for standing in the gap and doing your best to spotlight the insanity that has become the Democratic Party.

  • Ronald Gustine

    03/30/2019 05:37 PM

    Forgiveness is a great idea when we follow God's way of doing it. There would be no Hell if God forgave everyone point blank. God always forgives the one who repents but never the one who doesn't repent. Why do we expect Trump to forgive in a way God never does. When we are offended by sinners we can be long suffering which is the forth area of the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22). If you notice forgiveness is not listed as a fruit of the Spirit. Out of love Mr Trump can be long suffering but forgiveness isn't an act of love when there is no repentance. Jesus called Judas "friend" but didn't say" I forgive you!" It's recorded that it had been better for Judas to never have been born. He is in Hell!

  • Mary Lugo

    03/30/2019 04:24 PM

    Accountability all the way until the Dems stop all this nonsense.

  • Janice Short

    03/30/2019 11:29 AM

    Good will prevail! Evil will be defeated! Sometimes it takes longer for evil to be defeated than we would like, but ultimately evil WILL be defeated. I believe when Christians continue to pray for evil to be defeated, the Lord answers our prayers. May the Lord keep President Trump, his family, & America safe from evil.
    Janice Short

  • Ellen Klapperich

    03/30/2019 09:59 AM

    President Trump should not let anything go. What was done is reprehensible and set our trust in our elected reeling. I myself no longer believe there is a difference between Reps. and Dems. They've all become corrupt and a danger to our Constitution and way of life. Scary times require immense prayer. May God bless and protect our republic and our duly elected President.

  • Brenda Hicks

    03/30/2019 09:57 AM

    Thank you for attaching the Epoch Times. Amazing article and I read all of it. Great to have it out there so more people can read what really happened. Now I want even more!

  • Carolyn Dianne Williams

    03/30/2019 09:47 AM

    Governor.... thank you for the truth!

    I Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for our President and his family! I praise Him for you and your family as well! I believe God placed both of you in powerful positions to fulfill His plan. Both you, and President Trump, have strong families; especially your daughters! As I sit back and look at Gods amazing wisdom, I am overwhelmed and full of praise and joy!

    I am so glad I had the pleasure of meeting you and your family while I was with the Chamber of Commerce in Heber Springs and then North Little Rock. Wonderful memories!

    Much love to you and your family!

  • Everett Coates

    03/30/2019 09:28 AM

    Mark Levin gave what Sean Hannity called a history lesson about the weaponization of federal agencies (IRA, FBI, and others). That practice extends back even into the 19th century. No one, with the possible exception of Richard Nixon, was ever held accountable for any of those crimes. Even though more people know about it this time, I expect that, again, no one will be held accountable for this even more egregious example of government-as-weapon.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    03/30/2019 08:47 AM

    The rinos constantly say "let it go" because rinos like mac lame and rino ryan would be shown as traitors to the nation. You keep "calling" for "investigation" but there are so many odumbo and hildabeast leftovers and too many rinos that it will NEVER happen The rinos constantly let the jackasses get away with whatever they want and Trump cannot fight all the jackasses and the majority of the rinos. Our 3rd world corrupt government will continue to go on with the destruction of America because THAT is what the majority of the people in this country WANT. They keep electing these corrupt "politicians" because half the people want it this way, half of the rest don't know what is going on or just don't care. That leaves the 25% of us Americans who care but the fight is not going our way. God help us!!

  • Joan Emery Romano

    03/30/2019 08:01 AM

    The law is the law and they must be held accountable for the good of the nation. Otherwise we're declaring to the world that crime is punishable depending only on WHO you are.

  • sandra adie

    03/30/2019 07:43 AM

    I would like to see our military round up the key players and put them all in Gitmo and keep them locked up until their tribunal for treason They tried to replace our Commander-in-Chief.
    I live in Canada but hold US citizenship Born after WW2 started in Detroit. I have been a fan of Trump way before he became President. I know he has a million things to worry about right now but Canada is fast becoming a threat to the US. Our PM is an Obama clone who has only ever worked as a PT drama teacher/ski instructor and for intents and purposes Soros is running this country. Our PM in 3 years has done twice the damage to our country than Obama did in 8 years. To list all of it would take up two pages suffice to say that with the thousands of refugees and illegals we have over a million of them now. He is bringing in more ISIS fighters to join the ones.already here. They have been settled in small towns and taken them over. Many Canadians do not own guns and he is going to take what we do have away soon. Our PM has turned our immigration dept over to the UN to manage and control it. Our cabinet is full of muslins and supporters of terrorists and revolutionaries and crooks. My fear for my other homeland is that these people he has brought in can easily walk back and forth across our border anywhere and create havoc then go back the way they came.Just a word of warning
    Trump's tariffs on Steel our second largest industry (we do not compete with US steel because we make a different type of steel than you do) has caused the loss of thousands of jobs to add to the losses when he shut down our energy sector and all the high taxes etc have killed businesses across Canada.
    So Trumps move helped Trudeau ruin us people He loves this as he purposefully screwed up the negotiations. He is rubbing his hands together with glee while our middle class disappears. And carbon tax starts April 1 appropriate don't you think Mike. He is using this Un hoax to the hilt to take more money out of our economy.
    His plan I am sure is to turn over our energy resources to the UN. next and before most Canadians know it we will have been taken over
    I am sad for all of this and fear the next Soros/globalist move will be to crash the stock market- Soros did this in England in the 70's that caused the worst recession ever and if this does not get rid of Trump I fear he will meet the same fate as JFK. They are such a soulless viscous group and killing capitalism in the USA is Soros's reason for living. He has 200 subversive groups working day and night involved in every level of subversive activity there is from rigging elections (right now his groups are contacting people who own 2nd homes in other states and getting them to vote in both states mainly working in NY) writing legislation for the DNC to grooming people like AOC (Justice Democrat) enough. Sorry for the rant just frustrated by the powers aligned against us but not ready to quit yet.