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May 9, 2023



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1 Corinthians 1:10


Mike Huckabee: Biden is toast, 'buttered on both sides'

In case you missed it, I was on Newsmax, talking about why Biden is toast, buttered on both sides. Here's the video:


What is behind Biden's sinking poll numbers?

For years, I’ve been warning my audiences not to put too much stock in polls, especially not polls taken far in advance of elections, which tend to be as useless as Kamala Harris. In politics, a month can be a lifetime, so imagine what a poll two years in advance is worth.

However, it can be fun to watch the panicked reactions of people who do take these polls seriously, particularly when the results pop their comfortable bubbles. Like the latest poll from ABC and the Washington Post, which I’m sure they hated having to report. It found that if the 2024 election were held today (spoiler alert: it won’t be), Trump would beat Biden 49-42%. Ron DeSantis also leads Biden by 48-41%.

This comes amid federal agencies, leftist prosecutors and big media outlets throwing everything they have at Trump and trying to puff up his every phone call and sideways glance into a felony. Still, he’s extended his lead over Biden to 7 points. But the poll gets even worse for Biden.

It also found that even among Biden’s supporters, only 32% say they would definitely vote for him. The rest say “probably” or they “lean toward him” (don’t lean too hard, he’ll fall over!) Since February, Biden’s overall approval rating has dropped from 42 to 36%, one point lower than his previous record low. His disapproval rating is 56%, with 47% disapproving “strongly.” He’s well below 50% approval with groups that normally back Democrats, such as urban dwellers, the non-religiously-affiliated, non-white adults and voters under 30, who give him a dismal 26% approval.  

In terms of who did a better job handling the economy, Trump leads Biden 54-36% (why that’s not 100-0 is beyond me.)

Maybe most devastating (because it’s only likely to get worse): 63% believe Biden doesn’t have the mental sharpness to be President and 62% think he’s not physically up to the job. Solid majorities believe Trump is mentally and physically up to it.

Former Bill Clinton strategist Mark Penn believes Biden’s poll drop was sparked by his announcement that he’s running for reelection.

I can see that. Democrats might have been willing to slap on a happy face and deny reality for another two years (after all, denying reality has become their entire policy platform), but the idea of either going down in flames in 2024, or possibly even worse, winning and having Biden for another six years, is probably terrifying even for them.


Biden gets desperate

In his latest desperate attempt to avoid fiscal responsibility, President Biden is reportedly urging corporate CEOs to pressure House Republicans to raise the debt ceiling without demanding government spending cuts.

I suggest he start with the CEOs of Disney, Anheuser Busch, Nike and various other “woke” corporations that are trying to use their money to force radical leftist change onto an unwilling America. That would help remind Republicans that the days when corporate interests aligned with Republican values are as over as the Pet Rock fad.


A deadly weekend

Last weekend was particularly deadly, and it wasn’t just the horrifying mass shooting in Allen, Texas. Sunday in Brownsville, an SUV ran a red light, flipped on its side, and plowed into a crowd of Venezuelan migrants at a bus stop outside a migrant center. Six people died on the scene, 12 were critically injured, and the death toll has since risen to eight. The driver, George Alvarez, tried to flee but was held by the crowd.

Attempts to politicize it as a hate crime are being downplayed by local authorities, with a county judge saying, “The indications are this was just a terrible, tragic accident.” An investigation is under way to determine if Alvarez was driving while impaired. Notice that nobody is trying to blame the SUV.   

That brings us to today’s MUST-READ article, by Jennifer Oliver O’Connell at

It’s about the Democrats' unconscionable attempts to politicize mass shootings to advance their agenda before they even know the circumstances. In particular, she points out how the leftist architects of California’s decline (Gov. Gavin Newsom, Reps. Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff, etc.) are already standing on the dead bodies of the Allen mall shooting to condemn Texas and its Governor, Gregg Abbott, and boasting about California’s strong anti-gun laws (yes, in California, it's very hard for a law-abiding citizen to get a gun, which explains a lot.)

As Ms. O’Connell points out, these California leftists and their media sycophants failed to mention that just hours before the Allen shooting, there was a mass shooting in Chico, California, in which five people were wounded and a 17-year-old girl died. She also reminds us of other mass shootings in California that are being conveniently glossed over while the people who are destroying that state but have higher political ambitions point the finger at red states. As she writes:  

“All this grandstanding by Newsom and Co. about Texas while conveniently ignoring what is happening in their own backyard is not only spitting in the eye of Californians but on this young girl’s grave…The local news media, which should be airing the dirty laundry of Newsom’s malfeasance and hypocrisy, instead are acting as his PR arm.”

I have my own ideas about the way to stop mass shootings, but they don’t involve more laws to disarm the law-abiding. It involves bringing back faith, moral teaching, strong families and respect for the sanctity of life, all things that these politicians have been waging war on for years. They’ve sown the wind, and now we’re all reaping the whirlwind while they blame it on the people who've been trying for years to stop them.  


FOIA request filed for Nashville shooter manifesto

The National Police Association filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the governments of Nashville and Davidson County to force the release of the so-called “manifesto” by the “trans” killer of six people at Covenant Christian School on March 27. They also seek the release of texts, emails and other communications by the murderer that might shed light on this horrific crime.

It’s been nearly six weeks, and despite numerous excuses about protecting public safety, the failure to release the “manifesto” or other information about the shooter is starting to smell of a partisan cover-up to protect the trans movement. If you don’t think that’s plausible, consider the current effort to try to find any rightwing or neo-Nazi connections to the Allen, Texas, mall mass murderer. That was only four days ago. If they found such evidence today, how many seconds do you think it would take before it was on every leftwing news website and cable channel?  

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Trump trial update

UPDATE: Here’s the latest in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of former President Trump for…whatever it is that he claims is a crime. Without issuing a formal gag order, the judge ordered Trump not to reveal certain trial information. As you might imagine, telling Trump that he can’t say something on social media is like waving a red flag at a bull. Here are the details.

Biden's Title 42 debacle

With Title 42 set to expire this week, and a surge of illegal immigrants already overwhelming border towns, the Border Patrol is warning that “the dam is about to break.” It’s news to me that we had a dam. Under Biden, our border doesn’t even have a speed bump.

At the link, Fox News quotes multiple sources as saying that the “Biden administration's top border officials in Washington, D.C., have decided to authorize all Border Patrol sectors to begin ‘safe’ mass releases of migrants to city streets” (letting them out at gas stations, bus stops, you name it) “if non-governmental organizations don't have the capacity to hold them.” The NGOs are at their limits with tens of thousands more migrants poised to come flooding in.

I must say, this Administration has a very different definition of the word “safe” than I do. In what world is releasing tens of thousands of unvetted illegal aliens into the streets of America considered “safe”?

Meanwhile, with Congressional Republicans trying to pass an emergency bill to deal with the crisis, including finishing the border wall, Biden is threatening to veto it.

FYI: Republican Rep. Thomas Massie also opposes that bill, but for a different and actually justifiable reason:

If you saw my TV monologue on Saturday (and if you didn’t, here it is…)

…then you know that I had some fun with Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s seemingly bottomless talent for fabulism, or making up jaw-dropping lies in defense of her boss. This isn’t the usual Washington spin, this is the kind of spinning that leaves you so dizzy you throw up, like her claim last week that Biden’s policies had resulted in a 90% drop in illegal immigration when they’ve actually resulted in an unprecedented surge that’s about to get even worse.

I didn’t think Jean-Pierre could top that whopper for sheer imagination, but move over, Baron von Munchausen! This time, she not only blamed the illegal immigration crisis on Republicans, but claimed that an “ineffective wall” “can’t even withstand heavy winds.”

She appeared to be referring to an incident in 2020 in which part of the wall that was under construction was blown over by high winds because the concrete it was set in hadn’t dried yet. I feel fairly confident that hardened concrete walls could stand up to even the gale force winds emitted by this White House press secretary.

Related: Karine Jean-Pierre is being razzed today for trying to compare the federal debt ceiling to a family making a car payment. She said, “If you buy a car, you are expected to make the monthly payment…It’s that simple.” Try to imagine how many people on Twitter reminded her that that’s also how student loans are supposed to work: if you borrow it, you’re expected to pay it back.


Weight loss chain Jenny Craig files for bankruptcy

After 40 years, the weight loss chain Jenny Craig is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, shutting down its locations and ending shipments of its meals. It’s reportedly a victim of changing trends in weight loss, particularly a recent boom in weight loss drugs, which might be effective but don’t strike me as the healthiest way to lose weight.

Some workers are reportedly trying to organize a class action lawsuit, accusing the company of not giving them the legally-required warning. But I don’t know what they expect to get from a company that’s shutting down because it couldn’t refinance $250 million in debt.

I hate to have to report stories like this, but I fear we’ll be seeing more of them in this economy.


Common sense from Tulsi Gabbard and some Hollywood stars

Tulsi Gabbard once again proved that she had to leave the Democratic Party due to having an overabundance of common sense.


Related: It’s good to see more Hollywood stars risking the new blacklist to stand up against woke nonsense and tyranny. The latest include “Ant Man” star Evangeline Lilly, who dared to ask why today’s society applauds masculinity in women and femininity in men, but villainizes feminine women and masculine men?

Chris Pratt also refused to back down to relentless assaults on his Christian faith.

He doesn’t seem concerned about a lot of hatred from leftist Twitter trolls. His rock is his faith. And it also probably doesn’t hurt that he’s currently starring in “Guardians of the Galaxy 3,” the #1 movie at the box office.  

ICYMI: The war on AM radio

There’s a war being waged that most of the media are studiously ignoring, and that’s the war on AM radio. There’s a big push on to eliminate AM radios from cars, on the pretext that electric cars interfere with AM frequencies (there aren’t that many electric cars – at least not yet, and I’m skeptical that there will be, once people learn more about them; plus the radios can be shielded from the interference.) Also, the government and industry entities pushing this say it’s no biggie, people can stream the AM stations over their phones (those who pay for unlimited streaming, so it will no longer be free.) Or get them from an HD radio subchannel, if you have that.

Jeff Crouere at sounds an alarm about this and what many see as the real reason behind it: silencing AM radio that’s one of the few outlets for conservative news and talk.

If you don’t think the left is panicked over minority voters getting unfiltered news from conservative radio, remember this story from last year about a leftwing Soros-back media company buying up a chain of Spanish language community radio stations whose hosts were talking too much about how much better Hispanics did under Trump. 

But rather than concentrate on the assault on conservative talk, some are suggesting a different tactic, and it’s right out of Saul Alinsky: force your opponent to live up to his own standards. We should be hammering away on the fact that in any major city, a large number of AM radio stations serve the minority community. For instance, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, listeners can pick up over 40 AM radio stations. Only four air conservative talk, while 19 serve blacks, Asians and other minority communities.

Why are liberal politicians and bureaucrats and woke corporations trying to silence the voices of minorities in our cities by killing their AM radio stations? Why are they trying to force these stations onto outlets many minorities don't have, and destroy the value of minority-owned radio stations? I think we all deserve answers to those question from these blatant racists.


Deep State Tried to Bury Biden Bombshell

Late Sunday, investigative reporter John Solomon said he’d have an update on yet another example of the ‘Justice’ Department deep-sixing information that was potentially incriminating to the Biden family, including Joe Biden.  This one dates from 2018, when Joe was marking time between his terms as Vice President and President.  JUST THE NEWS has obtained documents and interviews to back it up.

In the fall of that year, a respected former federal prosecutor went to the DOJ on behalf of a foreign witness who claimed to have evidence that Joe Biden had “exercised influence to protect” corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings in return for money for his family.

That prosecutor was retired Little Rock U.S. Attorney under President George W. Bush, Bud Cummins (full disclosure: Bud was my chief legal counsel in the Governor’s office for several years and is also a good friend and hunting buddy and he will be on my show this weekend.)  On October 4, 2018, he wrote U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman that then-Ukraine Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko was willing to travel to the U.S. to present evidence about the Bidens and Burisma Holdings.  In his email to Berman, Cummins said Lutsenko believed “VP Biden (and Sec State Kerry) exercised influence to protect Burisma Holdings in exchange for payments to Hunter Biden, (business partner) Devon Archer, and Joe Biden.”

In later emails, Cummins told Berman that Lutsenko had two “John Doe” witnesses who could corroborate all of this, including the allegation that Joe Biden personally benefitted. Cummins questioned how they knew this, but they apparently had told Lutsenko that whoever made the wire transfer had said, “This one goes to Joe Biden.”

Longtime readers of the Huckabee Newsletter will recognize the name Lutsenko, as John Solomon reported on him several years back.  Solomon said then that Lutsenko had approached Berman with the story about Biden bribery.  But now we have more:  the contemporaneous emails that tell the same story, and the specific mention of Joe Biden.

Cummins spoke with both JUST THE NEWS and the NEW YORK POST, telling them he’d been surprised that the DOJ didn’t engage and try to determine if this report was true.  He felt “stonewalled.”  He couldn’t “imagine a legitimate reason” why they wouldn’t.  I think we can all imagine an illegitimate reason.

Recall that despite no experience in the oil and gas business, Hunter and Archer had been hired for Burisma’s board in 2014.  This, of course, was when Vice President Joe Biden was the administration’s “point man” on Ukraine.

But Cummins’ story gets more intriguing.  Last year, he got a belated notice from Apple Inc. that in late 2019, federal prosecutors had obtained data from his iPhone --- with a grand jury subpoena.  He was stunned, but if he wanted to write back and ask about this, he couldn’t simply email back.  The subject line said:  NOTE:  THIS NOTICE IS BEING SENT FROM A NO-REPLY EMAIL ACCOUNT --- ANY RESPONSE TO THIS EMAIL WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE.

The sweep of Cummins’ phone had taken place in November 2019, which happens to have been during the unfolding of the impeachment case against Trump.  And you remember what that was about:  Trump daring to even mention to Ukrainian President Zelenskyy that there might be some corruption involving the Bidens in his country.

The requesting agency for this subpoena had been the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York --- the same office that’s been relentlessly pursuing President Trump for years, and also the one he had gone to with his information about the Bidens.  No wonder it disappeared into a black hole!

“It doesn’t make much sense to investigate the guy who brings you the allegation rather than the allegation,” Cummins told JUST THE NEWS, adding that in looking into this, he hadn’t approached it in a political manner but more like the former U.S. attorney he was.

As you know, the FBI received similar information about the Bidens in 2020, from a confidential human source (CHS) who also said Joe Biden was involved in a pay-to-play bribery scheme in Ukraine.  Kentucky Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, has subpoenaed FBI Director Chris Wray to turn over the “1023” interview notes.

Solomon’s report includes the timeline assembled by congressional investigators showing all the red flags received about the Bidens from 2016 through 2020.  All that time, prosecutors managed to ignore them, while focusing like a laser beam on getting Trump for nonexistent Russia “collusion.”



RELATED:  There’s even more to discredit the Mike Morell “classic earmarks” letter signed by 51 former intel officials.   As Miranda Devine reports in the NEW YORK POST, he told his fellow signatories in an email (obtained by Devine) that he’d be getting clearance by the CIA’s Publication Review Board the next day.

However, the into the hands of POLITICO and was published the next day, leaving no time to get clearance, which all former intel officials are supposed to obtain before publishing anything.  There’s also a disclaimer that’s supposed to run but didn’t: “All statements of fact, opinion or analysis expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the official positions or views of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

“Either he [Morell] lied or somebody at the CIA violated their own policies,” said Trump attorney Tim Parlatore, who’s spent the past year pursuing the 51 signatories of that letter.  If the latter is the case, “it would implicate someone within the CIA in the plot against [Trump].”

Morell’s email also makes it clear to the signatories that this letter is for Biden to use as a talking point during the upcoming presidential debate.



On Monday, as an announcement on whether to indict Hunter Biden loomed, the White House Press Office actually banned the NEW YORK POST from Biden’s one measly event of the day.  About 20 out of 50 seats were empty, but the POST, which broke the laptop story, was still not allowed in.  “We are unable to accommodate your credential request,” an email to them said.  They were told they could watch the live-stream at

Considering the event was a joint meeting with Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to talk about airline policies, perhaps the reporters should consider themselves lucky to have had a break from the day’s bull-(BLEEP).


Shocking J6 Sentence, and a prediction from Julie Kelly

Last year, a jury found 47-year-old Kentucky welder and former Army Reservist Peter Schwartz and his co-defendants guilty on all 11 counts stemming from the January 6 protest.  There were no victims of his “crimes,” and the prosecution presented no witnesses.  He’d never met or even seen his co-defendants before the trial.  Schwartz was found guilty of obstructing an official proceeding even though he never entered the Capitol building.

Schwartz told the GATEWAY PUNDIT that Juror #8 flipped him off as the guilty verdict was read.

So, why are we talking about this now?  Well, the sentencing phase didn’t take place till this past Friday, when U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta sentenced Schwartz to 14 YEARS in prison, the longest sentence of any January 6 political prisoner to date.  (And, yes, I’ll call him a political prisoner.)  His sentence is twice as long as that of the convicted murderer in the cell next to him.

The story quotes his account to Jim Hoft at GATEWAY PUNDIT of what happened that day, and it’s a must-read.  He said he and his then-wife weren’t even close enough to see what was going on, but the Capitol Police started firing rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd and the situation became unsafe.  He asked how he could disrupt Congress when Congress was already in recess when he got there.

The story includes a link to donate to Peter’s legal defense, but I’ll add it here so you can’t miss it.

As for the five Proud Boys who were convicted last week --- four of seditious conspiracy --- Rachel Alexander for WND has an eye-opening commentary on how the prosecution, at the apparent pleasure of U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly, injected politics into the proceedings to manipulate an already-biased jury.

These defendants brought no weapons to Capitol Hill and assaulted no officers, and one of them, leader Enrique Tarrio, wasn’t even THERE.  Yet prosecutors used overheated language like “storming the Capitol.”  And they repeatedly played clips of President Trump, such as the wildly misinterpreted “Stand back and stand by” to the Proud Boys, to a DC jury who obviously detested Trump.  One juror even admitted afterwards that Trump’s remarks were part of why he voted to convict.

Judge Kelly had given the jurors an incredibly broad interpretation of what “seditious conspiracy” is.  It didn’t just mean trying to overthrow the government by force, he said, but could mean just “interfering” with government by force.  And there didn’t even have to be a plan to disrupt the certification of the election, he’d told them, but only an “unspoken agreement.”

Alexander quotes the Huckabee newsletter: “[T]he language is vague enough to facilitate the criminal prosecution of public dissent.”  And that’s just what they did.

I hope you’ll read her full commentary, which outlines numerous other problems with the trial.

Alexander mentions a group called The 65 Project, which was formed to disbar attorneys who defend President Trump (!), especially in cases regarding J6 and the 2020 election.  About a year ago, she wrote this revealing must-read.  It turns out the mastermind behind this evil is...(drum roll, please)...Marc Elias.

And now that they’ve intimidated many attorneys from getting involved, preeminent J6 reporter Julie Kelly has a prediction:  that with these other convictions for seditious conspiracy on record, the chances of Trump being indicted for the same thing “increase tremendously.”  She can even envision Special Counsel Jack Smith seeking pre-trial detention (jail) for him.  Everyone who’s been charged with seditious conspiracy has been held without bail.  And, of course, they’re tried in DC courts.

If this happens, it will be the most shocking abuse of the legal system in American history, and all bets are off as to what the chain reaction will be, as we careen even deeper into true banana republic territory.  The people engineering this don’t care about collateral damage as long as they end up on top of the heap.

Keep in mind, this is just the speculation of one person, albeit someone who has followed every detail about January 6 and the subsequent prosecutions.  All she can say for sure right now is that nothing would surprise her.




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